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  • Finding Food Freedom…And The Journey of Getting There


    This post has been bouncing around in my head for a few months but I haven’t had a clear direction for how to present it…so I’m just going to go for it. I want to talk about food. And relaxing the rules around it. And about becoming less attached to comparing what you’re doing to [...]

  • Farmers Market, Food Shopping and This Week’s Dinner Menu


    I did a good bit of food shopping over the course of the weekend. Saturday I visited the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market to catch the last of the summer produce and this afternoon I made a quick stop into Harris Teeter to grab a few more things. Here’s a recap of what I bought at [...]

  • YTT Graduation Party + Build Your Own Buddha Bowl


    Last weekend was the final weekend of our summer 200-hour yoga teacher training. We formatted this summer’s training differently than our winter training. Instead of eight weekends, their training was condensed to five. Their schedule was 6-9 p.m. on Thursdays and 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Friday-Sunday. Our winter training has the same schedule but [...]

  • FAQ Friday + How I Season Protein & Veggies


    Hi and we made it to Friday. It’s been a jam-packed week over here and I’m heading into a busy weekend as well. It’s weekend four of our summer 200-hour teacher training (there are five total) and I’ll be leading quite a few of the lectures and training sessions. I’m looking forward to it as [...]

  • A Date Night at Gallery Restaurant (with 6 courses!)


    My foodie followers are going to love this post! A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an event to experience the summer menu at Gallery Restaurant. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to a teaching conflict but was thrilled to receive an email back inviting Tanner and me to come another evening. [...]

  • What I Bought at Trader Joe’s After a Three-Month Hiatus


    I just wrapped up my prenatal yoga teacher training weekend and it was such a lovely and enlightening experience. I can’t wait to write all about it in more detail in a post later this week! I’m currently parked in front of the computer with a glass of wine catching up on the internet and [...]

  • 80Fresh Review: Home Cooked Meals in 20 Minutes or Less


    This post is sponsored by 80Fresh. If you’re looking for a healthy meal delivery solution without all the prep work or a better option for singles, 80Fresh is for you. Keep reading to learn how you can get 30% off your 80Fresh subscription. Last year when I sent out my Peanut Butter Runner reader survey [...]

  • Workshop Weekend + What I Bought at Whole Foods


    We made it to Friday! While work on the back end has been really busy for the studio and my blog, Charlotte has been really quiet this week. The public schools are on spring break and it seems like half the city is gone on vacation. Before I dive into a peek into my Whole [...]

  • I Tried a Month of Purple Carrot’s Plant-Based Meals and Here’s What I Thought


    I’m partnering with Purple Carrot to share their delicious plant-based meal delivery service with you! Use the code 30DAYS to get $30 off your first order. I have so many readers, friends and yoga students who choose to follow plant-based diets. And while you guys know that I’m an “eat it all” kind of girl, [...]

  • Terra’s Kitchen Review – Fresh Meal Delivery Service

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    I haven’t had to do any meal planning for the last week thanks to Terra’s Kitchen and their amazing fresh meal delivery service. I’m excited to share this Terra’s Kitchen review with you guys today because I think you’ll love it as much as we did! I also made a fun unboxing video for you because the [...]

  • Upping My Breakfast Game


    Happy Sunday! I was in the process of editing all of my recent food photos (including vacation) when I realized that breakfast needed a post of its own. It’s been really good lately! As most of you know, I’m a pretty repetitive breakfast eater and I don’t lean towards savory very often when it comes to the first [...]

  • Charlotte Regional Farmers Market: My 6 Favorite Farmers


    I make an almost weekly Saturday morning trip to the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market where I try to buy the bulk of my meat, eggs, fruits and veggies. I have been visiting this market for over five years now and over the course of that time I have gotten to know and love several of [...]

  • This Week’s Meal Plan + Last Week’s Workouts


    Hey there. Hope it’s been a good weekend. I’ll have the weekend recap for you tomorrow but I got it together enough today to put together a meal plan for the week and do all the shopping. I’m excited about 0ur week of meals so I wanted to share the plan with you along with [...]

  • Midweek Whole Foods Haul: Summer Berries, Coconut Aminos, Kombucha and More


    I’m finally sitting down after a morning of teaching. I taught yoga at 6 a.m., 8:15 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. I haven’t done a triple header in a while but it went well! I taught my normal flow but we workshopped forearm balance a bit during a break. After I posted on Monday that I [...]

  • What I Ate In A Day Wednesday + Recent Eats


    I have really enjoyed reading your responses to yesterday’s post about finding a balance between running and cross training activities. Thanks for your positive feedback and for sharing it! Once a week I try to write a “recent eats” post with highlights of what I’ve been cooking and eating over the last week. Yesterday morning I [...]

  • How to Balance Running with Yoga and Cross Training without Losing Endurance and Speed


    I received a couple running related questions from readers last week that I thought would make a great blog post. When I started this blog six years ago I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon and mostly focused on running. Over the years my workout mix has evolved to a blend of strength, running [...]

  • What I Bought At Whole Foods + Catching Up


    Happy Wednesday! As I mentioned in a previous post, I hit the ground running after I got home from Florida. Catching up on work coupled with the final yoga teacher training weekend made for a crazy week. I wasn’t able to do my regular weekly grocery shopping trip so meals were thrown together with whatever [...]

  • ALDI Delivered to my Doorstep {Review + Giveaway}


    I am all about finding ways to streamline my day-to-day routine and to welcome more simplicity into my life. This is why I was thrilled when my favorite budget-friendly grocery store, ALDI, sent me and ALDI Delivered box. (Zoey was excited too. She hopes any delivery that we get is another bag of her “wiggle.”) If you’re [...]

  • This Week’s Menu Plan + Last Week’s Workouts


    Happy Sunday! Many of you have mentioned that you’d like to see more menu/meal plans so I decided to sit down this afternoon and actually plan out my week of meals to share with you. Sunday: dinner out with friends Monday: Mexican Quinoa Stuffed Peppers (recipe will be posted soon!) with some sort of side salad [...]

  • Food, Fitness and Feeling Good: Paving Your Own Way and Learning What Works for You


    Springing forward is crushing me a little bit right now. Coming off of a teacher training weekend and going straight into 5:30 a.m. clients this morning was brutal. I also somehow managed to never get around to having coffee this morning because I was rushing around. By the time I realized it was nearly noon and [...]

  • Recent Eats: How Much Is Too Much?


    Welcome to Recent Eats, the “how much is too much…SALMON (and tuna)!” edition. I love salmon. We have it at least once a week for dinner and I usually cook enough so that I have leftovers to use as a salad topper. I also default to a can of salmon or tuna as a salad topper if [...]

  • My First Grocery Delivery: Life Made Easier with Postmates


    I don’t know about you guys but the few days leading up to a trip always seem to be jam packed with errands to run and work to wrap up in addition to packing. Before we left for our retreat I was in full out “go mode.” In addition to the work, errands and packing, [...]

  • Four Healthy and Delicious New Salad Ideas {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Whole30 Compliant}


    <div style = "display:none;" I’m happy to be typing this post while sitting at my desk with a sleeping golden retriever next to me. After an amazing week in Punta Cana at Zoetry and AlSol Tiara Cap Cana, we bid the Dominican Republic farewell and headed back to Charlotte yesterday afternoon. Our trip was the [...]

  • Happy National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day: All of My PB Faves!


    Did you know that it’s National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day? This is a day I’ve been celebrating since back in 2012! I thought it would be fun to do a round up of some of my favorite things peanut butter related. 3 FAVORITE PLAIN PEANUT BUTTERS  When it comes to plain old peanut butter, I’m a simple girl. [...]

  • A Look Inside My Fridge + A Costco Run


    Good morning! The sun is shining but it is cold in Charlotte! The girls love the cold weather. They are voluntarily choosing to stay out in the back yard. They say the colder, the better! Thanks for all of your comments, questions and kind words about my Whole30 recap. As I mentioned, the food shopping [...]

  • My First Whole30: Results, What I Learned, How I Was Challenged and My Advice


    I completed my first Whole30 one week ago and today I’m ready to share my journey with you including before and after, my overall experience, advice for those thinking of embarking on Whole30 and more. If you’re new here and haven’t been following along, please read these posts first to get an understanding of why I [...]

  • Feel Good Food on the Go {With an ALDI Giveaway!}


    This post is sponsored by ALDI. Be sure to read to the end for a gift certificate giveaway! I think I can safely say that most of us around here are living an “on-the-go” lifestyle. Whether you’re a student facing long days on campus, a busy mom with little time to make meals for yourself, [...]

  • Trader Joe’s Haul + Whole30 Travel Snacks


    Good morning. It’s a beautiful but cold morning in North Carolina. My morning started early with 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. clients and now I’m blogging from the back seat of my parent’s car. They drove up to Charlotte from Florida yesterday and spent the night with us. We are driving to West Virginia today for [...]

  • I’m Doing My First Whole30


    I’ve been hinting towards a nutritional clean up for the past few days and I finally have time to sit down and share with you the details. I’m currently on day four of my first Whole30. First, let’s quickly go over what Whole30 is for those who are unfamiliar. The Whole30 program was created in [...]

  • 6 Things I Love About Blue Apron + Win A Week of Blue Apron!


    This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. I am so happy that I was introduced to Blue Apron earlier this year. Although my experience with Blue Apron started as a partnership with the brand, it’s become something that I personally use regularly as well. A delivery the week before we moved was a lifesaver in [...]

  • Healthier Holiday Travel Snacking with Orchard Valley Harvest {Giveaway}


    This post is sponsored by Orchard Valley Harvest. I don’t know about you guys but traveling (especially long car trips!) brings out my snacking side. I blame it on boredom and monotony but I can rationalize eating all kinds of snacks when I’m traveling that I would never eat in a typical day. I have [...]

  • 5 Favorite Fall Recipes


    I am always a little sad to bid farewell to long summer days and all of the amazing fresh summer produce but this year I found myself eagerly welcoming fall. I am loving everything from the cooler days to the stunning foliage to warm and hearty meals. It seems like fall is the season that [...]

  • Warm Brussels Sprout Salad with a Poached Egg


    Hold on to your hats because I’m about to write something that’s going to make you wonder if you’re reading the right blog. This fall I am testing out some changes to my diet. I’m swapping smoothies for oatmeal and salads for soup and warm veggies. I know, I know. Totally goes against everything you’ve [...]

  • Ocean Spray PACt Cranberry Extract Water {Review + Giveaway!}


    This post is brought to you by Ocean Spray and includes an Amazon gift card giveaway at the end! This may come as a surprise but one of the things that I struggle with most when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle is hydration. In my mind I can think of a million reasons [...]

  • Learning to Cook Like a Pro with Salted


    For the last 5+ years one of the items on my bucket list has been to take classes at our local culinary school. Not the one-off “Date Night Learn to Cook Italian” kind of special event but a real class where I learned about new techniques, skills, cooking methods, cuisines, etc. Alas, my schedule has [...]

  • Food Lion Frugal Cookoff {Giveaway!}


    On August 29 I was invited to participate in the Food Lion Frugal Cookoff at the Southern Women’s Show. The Southern Women’s Show is an annual event here in Charlotte showcasing everything from beauty to fashion to food and much, much more! Over 25,000 women attend this three-day event held at the Charlotte Convention Center. [...]

  • Recent Eats with the Recent Whole Foods Haul


    Last week I wrote a post about what I bought at Whole Foods for $137. Grocery store haul posts are always so interesting to me because everyone has such a different perspective on food shopping and food budgeting. One thing I notice is that the area where you live seems to make a big impact [...]

  • What I Bought at Whole Foods for $137


    Hi everyone! Time for another “what I bought at the grocery” round-up. This week was unique because it was Whole Foods only with no farmers market supplementation. I didn’t get to go on Saturday because of the cooking competition so I made one big trip on Sunday. We were scraping the bottom of the barrel [...]

  • In My Cart: What I Bought At Trader Joe’s This Week


    Hello. Today was operation “put on your big girl panties, stop procrastinating and get it done.” I tackled everything from finances to bills to taxes to thank you notes. Some of the things had been waking me up at night and looming over my head…it was time to do something about them! And why is [...]

  • My Yoga Dogs + What I Bought at Whole Foods


    The girls and I had a little photo shoot today. They were feeling super playful and sharing toys in the living room this afternoon. I was cracking up over their open hips. Check them both out in frog pose here! :) I definitely have little yoga dogs on my hands! Can you believe how big [...]

  • Lumi Lunch + National Puppy Day + What I Bought at Whole Foods


    Good morning! Thanks for two things. First, all of your interest in the KIND bar giveaway. Second, your amazing responses. I know I ask y’all to tell me what you’re grateful for regularly when it comes to giveaways but it’s only because I think it’s such a good “stop, pause, think” activity + I ADORE [...]

  • Figuring Out Fitness & Nutrition: Embracing “You Do You”


    Hi everyone. Today I am going to talk about a topic that I feel passionate about. FITNESS AND NUTRITION ARE UNIQUE TO THE INDIVIDUAL…THERE IS NO ONE PERFECT WAY! I recently received the following email from a reader that both saddened me and motivated me to make this a public discussion. I am almost 18 and [...]

  • An Impressive $85 ALDI Haul


    I have been regularly shopping at ALDI for almost a year now and I remain amazed by the savings there are to be had by shopping there. Last weekend I went to Whole Foods for my weekly grocery shopping and my bill was $185. This week I went to ALDI and my bill was $85. [...]

  • Let’s Talk Bananas + Weekly Workouts


    I came across a super interesting article today about the best time to eat a banana in its ripening process. I was kind of bummed to learn that the riper they are, the better they are for you and the easier they are to digest. If I am eating a banana straight up or sliced [...]

  • Loving Lately + Luxe Box Winner


    Happy Friday! Making good on my intention for 2015 to slow down and connect more, my Friday is full of friends! I am all about planning QT with my friends and scheduling meetings make new connections right now. This morning I met a friend for a (KILLER!) workout followed by a coffee date. I met another [...]

  • How to Make Homemade Plain Yogurt


    Today is a pretty epic day for PBR. It’s my dad’s first recipe post! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it makes me that he’s going to be regularly contributing around here. Let me back up and tell you the story of me + my dad + my love for cooking. My [...]

  • Must Try Smoothie and Salad Combinations


    Hey, hey! I hope you’ve all had a great week. I wanted to pop in quickly to share a new smoothie and salad combo that I’m loving this week. The star ingredients of the smoothie are pumpkin, almond butter and chocolate coconut granola. The team at Cascadian Farm sent me two different flavors of their [...]

  • Recent Eats: Half Marathon Hunger


    My half marathon training plan is officially kicking my ass a little! I’m on week 6 of 11 and this is the halfway rest week in my training plan. After five weeks of increasing intensity, I finally get to take a step back. No speed work or long runs this week. Just lots of easy [...]

  • Reducing Food Waste + Recent Eats


    This is the time of year where I want to buy ALL of the food at the farmers market. I get so sad about the end of summer produce that I buy too much of it. This was the state of my fridge last week. A little much for one, huh!? I’m happy to report that [...]

  • How My Diet Has Evolved: Protein, Gluten & More


    Before I started working at Metro in early 2012 I really didn’t know a lot about gluten and its effects on the body. All of that quickly changed as I started to get involved in CrossFit and completed my CrossFit Endurance training just a few months after starting the job. At my CrossFit Endurance seminar [...]