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  • 3 Days a Week Half Marathon Training Plans + Fall Group Training Info


    Happy Friday! A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the upcoming fall running and racing season. I’m looking forward to it and it sounds like many of you are too! I wanted to follow up today with training plans and information on group training. As part of my ambassadorship with the Charlotte [...]

  • An Unexpected Half Marathon: Corporate Cup Race Recap


    I ran a half marathon on Saturday morning! For the past few weeks I have been emailing back and forth with one of the event organizers for the BB&T Corporate Cup Half Marathon & 5K about how I could help them with a final push for registration. Since this race supports our Center City YMCAs, [...]

  • Let’s Chat About Running: Newton Ambassador + Half Marathon? (And a giveaway!)


    Hey, hey! I hope you guys had a great Thursday. My day was long but really good. I kicked it off with teaching at 6 a.m. and then spent the day working on various projects for the studio and my blog. I also met my friend Virginia for a run and did some fun errands. [...]

  • 2016 Charlotte Half Marathon: Race Recap


    I ran the Charlotte Half Marathon this morning and I have to say that the Charlotte Marathon Weekend just keeps getting better and better. I think this was my fourth time running the half. It’s my favorite hometown race and this year’s event was definitely the best yet! Today’s race was significant because it marked [...]

  • Rocktoberfest Half Marathon Race Recap: My Best Half Yet


    I ran the Rocktoberfest Half Marathon in Charlotte yesterday and it was the best half marathon experience I have ever had. My great race had nothing to do with PRs or the course but rather about how I felt during and after the race…which was very strong and extremely grateful. As I shared in my [...]

  • Train for a Half Marathon with Me: Fall Online Training Group!


    A few months ago I announced that I was serving as an ambassador for the 2016 Charlotte Marathon and today I have a super fun way for you to get involved too! For the first time ever, I’m organizing a FREE 12-week online half-marathon training group for Peanut Butter Runner readers! My hope is that [...]

  • First Half Marathon Training Long Run + Weekly Workouts


    Hi! I hope y’all had a great weekend. I spent my weekend at the beach in Isle of Palms for our Core Desire Yoga retreat. It was such an amazing weekend. Full recap to come tomorrow. Thanks much for your support in my announcement that I’m going to tackle 13.1 yet again. After taking a [...]

  • Goodbye Summer + Fall Race Plans + Giveaway


    Today officially marks the last day of summer. I am a summer girl through and through. I love everything about the long, sun-drenched days, outdoor dinners, beach trips, summer produce and 90 degree temperatures that mean I don’t have to wear a jacket, scarf or boots for months on end. It’s wonderful. My running joke [...]

  • Thunder Road Half Marathon Race Recap {PR + Sub-1:45}


    It’s a happy Saturday over here. I ran my first half marathon in four years this morning and not only PR’d but went sub-1:45 with a finishing time of 1:44:25. It was a seven and a half minute PR from my last half marathon in 2010 where I ran the same race I did today, [...]

  • Last Week’s Workouts: A Little Over Half Marathon Training


    Hi everyone! Sorry things were quiet around here yesterday but I was instructed to keep my hands off the blog while my website guru worked his magic. I kept myself busy with things like teaching yoga, a girl’s brunch and my long run. Let’s talk about running. My half marathon is less than two weeks away [...]

  • #notrunning. And it feels good!


    I ran five miles this afternoon. I’m pretty sure this was my longest run since April when I struggled through five miles and had to stop for walking breaks every mile. The difference was that today’s run felt 100% perfect, empowering, relaxing and right. For so long a huge part of my identity was “runner.” [...]

  • Born To Run?


    This is a difficult post for me to write but it is something that has been on my mind recently. I am not so sure that my body was made for running, especially distance running. This is not something that is easy to admit, much less accept, but all signs clearly point in this direction. [...]

  • Thunder Road Half Marathon Race Recap


    The Thunder Road Half Marathon completely surprised me today. Despite my lack of training and preparation, I still managed a 5 minute PR. I am so excited and in disbelief that I had such a great race. All the signs leading up to the race were pointing to a lackluster performance but once I got [...]

  • Am I really running a half tomorrow?


    Preparations are underway for the Thunder Road half marathon. I am seriously in disbelief that I’m running a half tomorrow. I know I mentioned this in yesterday’s post but after Marine Corps, Thunder Road seemed so far away. I thought it would be easy to PR but now that’s not seeming so likely. My current [...]

  • Sara’s Story – A New Start


    I’m very excited about today’s topic and it’s the first ever guest post on Peanut Butter Runner. I received some great responses to last week’s “Why Wait?” and as soon as I read Sara’s comment about her weight loss journey, I knew I had to ask her to guest post. Lucky for me (and all [...]

  • A Cold 10 Miles


    I think it was a pretty even split between the white v. colored Christmas lights debate. We’ve compromised here and have colored on the tree in the house and are doing white outside. I’ve been busy, busy the last couple days. Friday morning started with an early hot vinyasa yoga class before work. I had [...]