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June 2010

  • Indian Feast and Trash TV


    I don't have much for you guys today. I've been enjoying living the housewife life! ;) Tomorrow is my last day off - it's been a fun few days but I'm definitely ready to start my new adventure on Thursday. I slept until 9 a.m. this morning for a whopping total of 10 hours of [...]

  • AthFest Day 2, Your Pie and Monday Recap


    I feel so behind! I have so much to catch you guys up on. I planned on posting the rest of our Athens weekend recap last night but our plans changed and we ended up not getting home until after 11 p.m. I had a 5 a.m. wake up call to teach BodyPump this morning [...]

  • Menu Plan – Week of 6/28


    And I'm back with the weekly menu plan. Sorry that I didn't post last week's but we had tons going on and dinners were a little crazy and unplanned. I'm happy to be back on track this week. I have some more involved meals and baking projects planned this week due to my time off [...]

  • AthFest Day 1

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    Hello from Athens, Georgia! On the way to Athens I had a Synergy Kombucha. We received a warm welcome last night when we arrived at Drew and Natalie's house with friends, dinner and drinks waiting on us. Natalie and Drew prepared quite a spread for dinner. Edamame dip. Whole wheat couscous with red bell pepper, [...]

  • A Needed Break


    Today was my Friday and I have no work responsibilities until next Thursday. I am really excited about this break. It is so needed. I'm finally going to tackle some unfun tasks like figuring out how to file for our first time home buyer's credit, finally getting a NC license plate (I still have Alabama [...]

  • Caving to the Craving


    I tried so hard to resist it. Ignored the media, ignored all of my friends comments on Facebook and Twitter, even ignored my own husband's rave review. Today, there was no stopping this craving. Oh yes. That would be the new Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Let's look at it and all its deliciousness a little [...]

  • Another Happy Birthday!


    Today is Brandon's birthday! Happy birthday to my grill-master and food tester - thank you for patiently waiting to eat while I take a million pictures of our dinner! Happy birthday to Sullie's dog dad. She is oh so grateful that you feed her and give her belly rubs. Happy birthday to my hiking and [...]

  • Running, Eating and Celebrating


    Get ready - this is going to be a long post. Yesterday was a busy day full of fun and excitement. I woke up around 8 a.m. and got to work in the kitchen baking oatmeal raisin cookies to take to my run + lunch date with a fun group of girls. I ate a [...]

  • Busy Summer Weekend


    Happy weekend! We've stayed very busy with mostly fun activities but it has definitely not made for a relaxing or restful weekend. Friday night we stayed in and worked on the house. We hung mirrors, pictures and curtains in the master bedroom. So happy with the progress. We had a late dinner of burgers on [...]

  • Blog Drama


    Before I launch into eats and workouts I have to let you know about some stuff going on behind the scenes with the blog. I am in the process of moving both of my blogs over to self-hosting and it is the most frustrating thing I have done in a long time! I'm having major [...]

  • Birthday Recap and Giveaway Winner


    My birthday was pretty low-key but I felt very loved! Between my friends, family, Facebook, Twitter and the blog I think I got a "happy birthday" every 5 minutes. Nice! There was a common theme to my day yesterday - carbs. At first I felt guilty but then I decided it was my birthday and [...]

  • Happy Birthday Giveaway!


    Good morning! (a picture of Sullie because she's a cuter birthday girl than me!) Today is my birthday! I started my day at Y2 Yoga with a hot vinyasa class. What better way to kick-off my birthday than with a yoga class to honor myself and my practice? I probably get asked once a week [...]

  • The Beets are Back


    After enjoying the ready-to-eat beets from Trader Joe’s and seeing beets all over the blog world recently, I decided it was time to take a stab at cooking with them. I found this beautiful bunch of beets at the farmer’s market on Saturday for $2. I really wanted to use the beet greens too so [...]

  • Menu Plan – Week of 6/13


    Last week’s menu planning post was very well received so I will continue to share our weekly menu plans. I created this week's menu plan on Sunday afternoon while I watched The Avett Brothers perform at Bonnaroo on YouTube. It was an awesome show! I kind of felt like I was at Bonnaroo but with [...]

  • It's Getting Hot in Here

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    The first day of summer might not officially be until June 21 but it has arrived here in Charlotte. It's been in the 90's since Friday and so humid! Brandon and I both grew up the South so we're accustomed to hot and humid summers but those first few days are always a bit of [...]

  • Sushi and Cupcakes


    Happy Friday! We are staying in town again this weekend (yay!). The weekend feels so much longer when we do! Yesterday for lunch I had no appetite. Let me repeat that - I had no appetite. Weird. Unlike me. You know I'm a three meals a day kind of girl and I am always ready [...]

  • Catching Up and Fun News


    I have some fun happenings and yummy food to share with you from the past couple days since yesterday’s post was a nostalgic review of the last year. Thanks for reading and for your nice comments! I honestly can’t wait to see what the next year holds for us. Life truly is a journey! So [...]

  • A Year's Journey


    It’s amazing how much life can change in one year. Recently I have been thinking about our life in Birmingham and in disbelief that it’s been a year since law school graduation and our move to Charlotte. I've been working on this post for the last couple days to give you a glimpse of then [...]

  • Need Sleep

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    I slept horribly Sunday night. There's something about getting off of my sleeping schedule on the weekends and worrying about sleeping through my 5 a.m. wake up call on Monday mornings to teach BodyPump that just really interferes with my sleeping on Sundays. Last night was way worse than usual for some reason. I was [...]

  • Menu Planning Monday


    After posting about how to menu plan and shop for the week a couple of weeks ago, I thought it might be beneficial for me to share my weekly menu plans with you. I usually menu plan and shop on Sundays but as I discussed yesterday, Sunday was a random one for us this week. [...]

  • A Random Sunday


    Today was a bit random. Especially in the food department. I really only had one true meal and the rest of the day was spent snacking/grazing. This is really unlike me - I am a scheduled, three square meals kind of girl. But it worked today so I just went with it! I started out [...]

  • Unsafe Blogging


    We have a bit of an unsafe situation on our patio... This is what you get when you have me blogging, Brandon on his computer, our Christmas light umbrella and iPod dock all plugged into the same extension cord. Let's hope things stay safe over here. So far, so good! One of my favorite things [...]

  • Dogs on the Run


    I received a Facebook message today from an old friend asking about running with her dog, Cooper. She's having problems with other neighborhood dogs chasing/following her and Cooper. I was thinking about this on my run with Sullie today and thought that it might be beneficial for some readers if I talked about 1) running [...]

  • Big Toe Trouble


    So my morning started out bright and early at Y2 for a hot vinyasa class. One of the perks of making it through a hard yoga class is that most instructors will give foot massages while you're in savasana. Well, after class this morning my teacher pointed out that my feet are ridiculously tight - [...]

  • Resurfacing

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    And I'm back! After I shared the Greek feast with you Saturday night I kind of went off the grid for the rest of the holiday weekend. There was yard work to be done and family time to enjoy. I had good intentions of blogging Monday night but instead found myself in bed at 9:30 [...]