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Big Toe Trouble

So my morning started out bright and early at Y2 for a hot vinyasa class. One of the perks of making it through a hard yoga class is that most instructors will give foot massages while you’re in savasana. Well, after class this morning my teacher pointed out that my feet are ridiculously tight – especially my big toes. Random – right?

Strangely enough, it’s not the first time I’ve heard this. When I was in physical therapy for achilles tendonitis while I was training for my first marathon the first thing my therapist told me after my evaluation was that my big toes are no where near the normal range of flexibility.

Apparently this is an issue because it changes your gate when you’re running because your feet can’t move the same way as someone with normal flexibility. Does that make any sense? It sounds crazy that something as small as big toe flexibility can impact the rest of your legs but everything starts in the toes. It’s all one big connection.

I was bummed to hear that this is still an issue because I feel like my flexibility has improved so much everywhere else. I will definitely be doing my big toe stretches regularly again (in addition to foam rolling my IT band and achilles).

That’s my random news of the day.

Annnndddd if you’re still reading, here’s what I ate today.

I made overnight oats in an empty almond butter jar last night before bed. I knew I would be short on time after yoga and needed something I could just grab and take to work.

In the jar last night: one container of nonfat plain greek yogurt, 1/3 cup oats, 1/4 cup milk, tablespoon of Trader Joes CranApple Butter and chia seeds.

Topped it off this morning with fresh strawberries and blueberries. Now, I must be honest. I kind of had to choke this down. I have not acquired a taste for plain Greek yogurt yet. I’m really trying to because the flavored versions have so much sugar. I did not add enough CranApple butter to sweeten this. It was tang-y! Whew.

I had to eat lunch at my desk today since I run later on yoga mornings. It was a strange mix of things I grabbed on my way out of the door.

Half of a peanut butter and honey sandwich, the end of some hummus with carrots and pita chips and watermelon and grapes. I was really full after I ate this!

I kind of wanted to work out again after work. Sometimes when I exercise before work, I feel like it never happened by midafternoon. On my way home it started storming and raining pretty hard so I decided to skip a second workout in favor of picking up around the house and watching the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

Oh. My. God. I made it about 15 minutes into the show before I couldn’t stand the suspense anymore. My heart was pounding! I had to read the episode guide before I could continue watching it. So intense.

Brandon is out at bowling tonight so dinner was on my own.

I made a quesadilla with leftover ratatouille from last night’s dinner, black beans and white cheddar. I topped it with lowfat sour cream, salsa and Cholula.

I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance and wishing that I had some sort of rhythm. I am the worst dancer ever and totally admire people who are talented dancers.

Off to eat more berries for dessert and do my big toe stretches!

Do you  have any random injuries/limitations like big toe flexibility? I’d love to hear about them to make myself feel better! 😉

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  • Ashley June 3, 2010, 10:50 am

    I can’t wait to try your ratatouille recipe! And I love it that you turned the leftovers into a quesadilla. Yum yum! Hope your toe gets better soon! I’ve got a toe problem of my own, but obviously not from running. I think I jammed it walking on the beach last weekend. How do you do a toe stretch?

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