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Unsafe Blogging

We have a bit of an unsafe situation on our patio…

This is what you get when you have me blogging, Brandon on his computer, our Christmas light umbrella and iPod dock all plugged into the same extension cord. Let’s hope things stay safe over here. So far, so good!

One of my favorite things about our new house is the return of outdoor living. I love hanging out on our patio. Tonight is the perfect night for grilling and relaxing!

So happy weekend everyone! We have no plans this weekend – which has been so awesome! Sometimes it’s just nice to stay in town and go at your own pace.

Backtracking to yesterday. I started the morning with a new oatmeal mix that was unpictured but super tasty. Here’s what we were working with: 1/3 cup oats, 2 tablespoons Bob’s Red Mill 10-grain Hot Cereal, pinch salt, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water, dried cranberries, 1 tablespoon pear butter (YUM!) and fresh blueberries. Toppings included Crofter’s and Justin’s Honey Almond Butter. LOVED the fresh blueberries in the oatmeal. I stirred them in at the very end. So good.

Lunch was a salad topped with an Amy’s California Veggie Burger.

I love using veggie burgers as a protein source on salads. And again, I am loving Amy’s veggie burgers. Awesome texture and flavor. My salad had spring mix, carrots, grape tomatoes, feta and the veggie burger. Dressed with some homemade honey mustard vinaigrette, salt and pepper.

Yesterday afternoon I snacked on a KIND Cranberry Almond Bar and a cup of Stash Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea before heading to hot vinyasa yoga at Y2. Friday evenings are always $5 community classes and they are PACKED. I can’t believe how many people want to practice yoga on a Friday evening! Since it was so hot and humid outside and the class was so crowded, it was extra hot in the room. Overall, I had a great practice but had to refrain from a few things because of some tendinitits I’m dealing with in my wrist. Two big thumbs down to that.

Brandon and I had a date night planned. Sushi at Cyros and then going to see “Get Him to the Greek.”

Sushi was a go but unfortunately we missed our movie. 🙁 We were running late for dinner due to my yoga class and Brandon playing golf. The sushi was really good but we didn’t know we were getting so many fried crispies with everything! I only had a few pieces of the tempura roll – it was uber-crispy. The other two were really good. We had the Avante Garde Roll – Tuna, Crab and Avocado topped with Cyros signature spicy sauce and Cyros spicy dark sauce then flashed baked and topped with fried shallots and garlic – and the Fuji Kabayaki Roll – Spicy Crab, Fuji Apple and Avocado topped with Broiled Eel, and Sweet Eel Sauce. We also had two pieces of tuna nigiri.

This was our second time having sushi at Cyros and I would definitely recommend it to all of my Charlotte readers!

We were really lacking on things to eat for breakfast this morning. I had a run planned and it was really hot so I wanted something that would sit well in my stomach. I usually eat toast with peanut butter and banana but we were out of bread. I finally settled on an unpictured Nature’s Valley Oats n’ Honey granola bar with a little almond butter smeared on top. Not awesome but it got me through my HOT (but fabulous) five mile run.

Down dogs were necessary for recovery afterwards. Of course.

After my run I headed to the Kings Drive Market to pick up some produce for the week.

I have to be honest about this market. It’s not a true farmer’s market. These are not local farmers selling their goods but rather a big family owned business that sells produce (from all over) at a good price. Kind of a glorified and cheaper version of your grocery store’s produce section. I try to focus on purchasing things that are locally grown – which they do have available.

Today’s haul included a quarter of a watermelon (because last week’s was so good!), green beans, homegrown tomatoes, poblano peppers, garlic, local strawberries, avocados, radishes, plums and more.

Afterwards I stopped at Great Harvest to pick up bread for the week.

I got a loaf of the Dakota. Packed full with whole wheat and all kinds of seeds.

I assembled a veggie sandwich that was pretty great. Dakota, light mayo, spicy mustard, tomatoes, spring mix, avocado, sprouts and salt and pepper. I heart summer produce.

On the side was a plum and Honest Green Tea.

Our afternoon was filled with miscellaneous errands. Now we are hanging out on the patio and have a steak and lots of veggies on the grill. Will catch up with you guys tomorrow!


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