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February 2013

  • My First Peel at Carolina Facial Plastics


    A few weeks ago I made my first visit to a plastic surgeon's office. Don't freak out on me the way my mom did when I delivered this news…no, I am not having any procedures done any time soon. I was invited by Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh and his wife Sara to come visit their office. [...]

  • 2013 Spring Reading List


    Thank you so much for all of your comments with book suggestions on my Trip Prep post. I found myself with eight books in my cart at Amazon and I could have kept going. I ended up making myself narrow it down to the following four titles. From top to bottom: Dancing on Broken Glass, [...]

  • A Day in the Vacation Life…


    Good morning and happy Tuesday! Some of you have inquired about exactly what this trip is that I'm on. It's a yoga retreat through the studio back home where I teach and practice. There are 24 of us who traveled down here together to yoga and vacation. Basically, adult spring break. We practice twice a [...]

  • 26 Random Acts: Roundup #3


    It's time for another 26 random acts post. You can read more about the project here and check out round up #1 and roundup #2 to read some of the other stories. 1. Melissa C. - I was in line at a local deli during lunch hour getting a sandwich when I noticed a Marine in [...]

  • Arrival in Punta Cana


    I said goodbye to rainy 37 degree Charlotte yesterday. We were a bit delayed leaving due to the weather but nothing too bad. Pretty scenery from the plane. First cerveza of the trip on our hour longbus ride to the resort. The food at the resort is good. Dinner last night. Drinks after with the [...]

  • The Final Countdown


    I am so happy to be in a vertical position blogging in bed right now. I was a busy bee today trying to make all the final preparations for my trip tomorrow. I've always found it challenging to get things in a good place at work before I leave for vacations. I want for things [...]

  • Grumpy Sullie and Spiced Chicken Recipe


    I fully recognize that as a dog momma that I think pictures of Sullie are cuter than any of you do and that at times I may seem slightly over the top with my love for her but come on... How can you not adore this face? You usually see happy Sullie. This is grumpy [...]

  • Jewelry // Food // Workouts


    Happy Wednesday! My day is off to a fabulous start. I subbed a 6:30 a.m. hot vinyasa class. Nothing brings me more joy early in the morning than helping people to start their day with a yoga practice. It's just as therapeutic for me as the teacher as it is for them. Who needs coffee [...]

  • Pausing


    It seems I'm having to really work for this vacation as this week is off the charts busy. Recently, I've tried to drop the whole, "oh my god I'm so busy" thing. I say yes to (most of) the things that make me (off the charts) busy. Honestly though who isn't "busy?" The things that [...]

  • Trip Prep – Swimwear, Dresses, Accessories & More


    Happy Monday! This time next week I will be in the Caribbean. I kind of can't believe it. I have a crazy week to power through to get there but it will all be worth it when I'm planted on the beach with a drink and book in hand. I have had several requests recently [...]

  • Snow + Yoga + Food


    What a weird weekend. On Friday I was running in a tank top and crops and less than 24 hours later... It was 30 degrees and unexpectedly snowing hard along with thunder...which has been coined "thundersnow." I think we got like 2 inches in a matter of hours. It was so bizarre...snow is such a [...]

  • Tabata Training 101 & 20-Minute Workout


    Happy Fitness Friday (well, now it's Saturday but we'll roll with it...)! I'm trying to focus the first few posts on workouts that you can do at home or at the gym with bodyweight or minimal equipment before I start getting into more complex workouts that use a variety of equipment. Today I have a [...]

  • Link Love + Valentine’s Givewaways


    Happy Valentine's Day to all of my beautiful, loving and generally amazing readers. (source) My Valentine's Day has consisted of training four clients, working and eating a peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie before 10 a.m. Part two will involve running and teaching BodyPump...to all five people who show up at class...and most likely more cookies. [...]

  • My First CrossFit Injury (Totally My Fault)


    Well, I sustained my first CrossFit injury last night...but it was totally my fault for not paying attention. The rig was crowded and I was so amped up to start the WOD that I didn't even pay attention to where I set myself up to do my pullups, which were the first movement of the [...]

  • Brie and Apricot Chicken & Missin’ the Kitchen


    I miss cooking so much. I miss sitting down on Sundays, planning out my menu for the week and grocery shopping. I miss actually having someone to cook for. I miss the process of cooking. One of my favorite things in the world to do is settle into the kitchen, turn on music and get to [...]

  • 26 Random Acts: Roundup #2…And Thoughts on RAK


    It's time for the second random acts of kindness project round up. The overwhelming feedback on this project has been positive but I have been really sad to discover that there has been some negative criticism. I just want to take a minute to share with you what I talked about in my yoga class [...]

  • Sunday Yoga Day


    My Sunday mornings have become pretty routine over the past couple of years. Light breakfast and coffe while finalizing playlist, sequence and message for my hot class, teach a 90 minute class to the most amazing yogis, post-yoga brunch with friends and then grocery shopping and house organization. I like it. I don't like to [...]

  • Weekend In Photos…And Snowboarding Bulldogs


    I'm so happy that you enjoyed the tips for breaking into group exercise. I'm definitely planning on writing similar posts about personal training, yoga teacher training and the CrossFit certification process so stay tuned! A photo heavy, Instagram heavy update  to bring you up to speed on what life has been looking like over here. [...]

  • Tips for Becoming a Group Exercise Instructor


    I have been teaching group exercise classes for almost five years. There was a time in my life when you couldn't pay me to attend group classes. There were a few memorable occasions when I decided that it was a good idea to try step classes, most of which ended up with me about 8 [...]

  • More Rest & More Food Please


    Hello and happy Thursday! It's been a while since I've shared any Sullie shots on the blog and she's been extra cute as always so here are two pictures I posted to Facebook and Instagram today. I have been obsessed with Instagram lately. I am also pretty obsessed with Sullie's frog legs. The girl has [...]

  • 26 Random Acts: Roundup #1


    Thank you so much to all of you who participated in the 26 Random Acts project. I apologize that it has taken me a while to get the roundups started but it was more of a logistical undertaking than I had anticipated. The whole teams thing didn't really work out the way that I'd hoped [...]

  • The Bear Complex


    I'm so late getting this post up but it's been a long day. It started with zero sleep last night after taking that Zyrtec-D yesterday afternoon. It was that kind of sleep where you feel like you were never really asleep but semi-awake all night, you know? Needless to say, I will not be taking [...]

  • Carrot Butternut Ginger Soup


    Well, after spending the morning with watering eyes, a runny nose and multiple people telling me how terrible I look (that's always nice, huh?), I finally broke down and went to the pharmacy to get something to help with my congestion. The pharmacist recommended Zyrtec-D and dear God...about and hour and a half after I [...]

  • Slowing Down


    I'm not even a huge Beyonce fan and I have to say that her halftime performance was pretty fierce. I am parked on the couch under a blanket with a box of tissues. I have an annoying cold that is causing my nose to steadily stream. How is it possible for the human body to [...]

  • Smoothies In February + Raw Organic Whey Giveaway


    One question that I frequently receive is about whether or not I use protein powder and what brand I recommend. I'll answer the first part of the question first. I don't regularly use protein powder because I focus on getting my protein from natural food sources. I've cut back on my use of protein powder [...]

  • I’m Back with Chobani, Outfits, Sushi and Comfort Food


    I know I have been MIA but the combination of a busy work week and a special project (please pray it sees the light of day and I get to share it with you!) have kept me away from the blog. Let me give you a quick download on what I've been doing. First, the [...]