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  • Birthday in Brussels


    When talking with Lina about dates that worked for our trip to see her, the week of my birthday was perfect. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate so I booked it! My birthday was Friday, June 16. Here are pictures from the day. It was a pretty great birthday and one I’ll [...]

  • A Sunny, Social Weekend + The Funniest Dog Video


    I had such a fun weekend! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the weather was amazing so that always puts me in a great mood. It wasn’t a teacher training weekend so we enjoyed having a break from that. Also, I ended up having a lot of plans with friends and co-workers so that was [...]

  • Ten Years Together


    Today we are celebrating Sullie’s 10th birthday. This one feels extra significant not only because it’s a milestone birthday but also because of the cancer scare and surgery that we had a couple of months ago. 10 years seems like such a long time and it’s hard to believe that she’s been with me for so long. I [...]

  • A Weekend Staycation in Uptown Charlotte


    Did you know that today is the first time since 1948 that the Summer Solstice and a full moon have happened at the same time? We are all feeling super excited about summer over here! :) I’m an experience kind of person when it comes to gifts. I’d much rather do/see/experience something than receive a [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love: Birthday Edition


    Happy Friday! My birthday this year has turned into more of a “birthday week” between celebrations with my family, friends and fiance. My BFF texted me earlier this week asking if I was up for a girl’s night (+ inviting my fiance) on my birthday to which I agreed. Instead I showed up at 7:45 [...]

  • Weekend: An Art Show, A Birthday and A Relaxing Sunday


    Good morning! I hope your week is off to a great start. If you’re kind of feeling like it’s not, remember what I always tell my 6 a.m. yoga class…you choose your attitude. ;) Thank you for the encouraging words about Sullie and her surgery on Wednesday. You know I will keep you all updated. We [...]

  • Birthday in the Life + Friend Celebration


    Thanks to all of you for the sweet birthday messages on Instagram and on the blog. This has been one of those birthdays that seems to stretch out over a few days! Last year I shared a “Day in the Life: Birthday Edition” post after my birthday so I thought I’d do that again this [...]

  • A Day In the Life: Birthday Edition


    Hi there! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a couple of days but I was soaking up momma + bday time. Here’s a look at my birthday in photos. It was a great day and I felt so lucky to have my mom here with me for it! It started bright and early at Metro where I coached [...]

  • A Very Special Happy Birthday


    I’ve spent the last two days in Georgia celebrating a very special birthday! My Mema’s 84th! Last year I cleared my calendar and drove down to Georgia in the middle of the week to surprise her on her actual birthday so I decided to do the same thing this year! Earlier this week I baked [...]

  • 30th Celebration Comes Early


    The 30th birthday festivities started a little early on Sunday with an accidental surprise party. My friends planned an early birthday pool party for me since my birthday falls on Father’s Day…and they forgot to tell me about it! I was teaching yoga on Sunday morning and after class one of my friends said, “I [...]

  • 30 to 30


    One month from today I will turn 30. I have mixed emotions about this. It’s not being 30 that freaks me out…it’s more all of the evaluation that comes with entering a new decade of your life that freaks me out. The true struggle is letting go of the picture of what I thought my [...]

  • A Year Older, A Year Closer


    My birthday was on Saturday. It was a bit of a weird birthday this year given everything that has happened/changed since my last birthday coupled with the fact that I’m entering the final year of my 20s. I definitely think that I know myself better at 29 than I did at 28. And I don’t [...]

  • Cake Baking And Easter Eating


    Hello Monday! I am back in Charlotte and back to the normal routine after an amazing weekend with my family. I love visiting my grandmother’s house. It was basically my second home growing up and it feels so good to have our family together there, especially on holidays. Whenever I visit I feel like I [...]

  • Since I’ve Been Gone


    Sung to the tune of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” – haha… Here is a glimpse of what has been happening in my life since I have been kind of MIA the past few days. #1 Birthday Celebrations We went to my friend Sarah’s house on Sunday night to celebrate her birthday. Sarah was [...]

  • Beach Surprise


    Well, the secret can come out now! We are in Amelia Island, Florida! The reason for all of the secrecy was that we are here to celebrate my friend Cristen’s 30th birthday…and it was a surprise to her that we were coming! Her husband planned for us to be here months ago and we all [...]

  • Tuesday Night on the Town


    Happy Wednesday! I missed posting last night because we were busy having a birthday extravaganza for my mother in law. We didn’t make it to bed until midnight. When my alarm went off at 5:15 this morning I definitely had one of those, “Where am I? What day is it? Where do I have to [...]

  • Tater Turns 26


    Everyone wish Katie from Sweet Tater Blog a very happy birthday! Today is her 26th! Last night Katie hosted a girls-only get together complete with wine, champagne, cats and cupcakes. Strawberry-rhubarb pie, vegan chocolate coconut cake, vegan/gluten-free blueberry lemonade cupcakes and vegan/gluten-free strawberry cupcakes. I sampled everything but a blueberry cupcake because I just couldn’t [...]

  • A Very Happy Birthday


    Wow, where do I even start? I don’t think I have ever felt so loved on a birthday before. Thank you SO MUCH for your comments, facebook messages and tweets. I read every.single.one of the comments and loved hearing about your best birthdays! There were some common themes… It’s fun to celebrate your birthday in [...]

  • It’s My Birthday!


    Tomorrow (Thursday – when most of you will be reading this!) is my birthday! I will be 28 although I had someone at work today guess that I was 24. I just had a moment of weakness and thought that maybe I would post a baby picture but I’m going to save that for a [...]

  • Nuts and Birthdays


    I have a problem. Nut addiction – and it’s getting serious. This morning (as I was making toast with peanut butter and banana) I was thinking about the things I ate yesterday and realized that I had some form of nuts in every single meal. Let me show you. Breakfast – {unpictured} overnight oats topped [...]

  • Cake Indecision


    My very sweet niece (and goddaughter!) is turning one on Saturday! Of course, I volunteered for cake duty but with this comes much indecision. I always drive myself crazy trying to pick out the perfect thing. For Emerson’s 2nd birthday (my older niece) last February, I made butterfly cupcakes. They were a huge hit. Here [...]

  • Fabulous Family


    I took Wednesday off of blogging because I needed a night off and we had a very special occasion to celebrate – my mother in law’s official birthday. (I know I posted about a party her friends threw for her over the weekend but this was the day!) Before heading over to the family dinner [...]

  • Caving to the Craving


    I tried so hard to resist it. Ignored the media, ignored all of my friends comments on Facebook and Twitter, even ignored my own husband’s rave review. Today, there was no stopping this craving. Oh yes. That would be the new Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Let’s look at it and all its deliciousness a little [...]

  • Another Happy Birthday!


    Today is Brandon’s birthday! Happy birthday to my grill-master and food tester – thank you for patiently waiting to eat while I take a million pictures of our dinner! Happy birthday to Sullie’s dog dad. She is oh so grateful that you feed her and give her belly rubs. Happy birthday to my hiking and [...]

  • Running, Eating and Celebrating


    Get ready – this is going to be a long post. Yesterday was a busy day full of fun and excitement. I woke up around 8 a.m. and got to work in the kitchen baking oatmeal raisin cookies to take to my run + lunch date with a fun group of girls. I ate a [...]

  • Birthday Recap and Giveaway Winner


    My birthday was pretty low-key but I felt very loved! Between my friends, family, Facebook, Twitter and the blog I think I got a “happy birthday” every 5 minutes. Nice! There was a common theme to my day yesterday – carbs. At first I felt guilty but then I decided it was my birthday and [...]

  • Happy Birthday Giveaway!


    Good morning! (a picture of Sullie because she’s a cuter birthday girl than me!) Today is my birthday! I started my day at Y2 Yoga with a hot vinyasa class. What better way to kick-off my birthday than with a yoga class to honor myself and my practice? I probably get asked once a week [...]

  • The Beets are Back


    After enjoying the ready-to-eat beets from Trader Joe’s and seeing beets all over the blog world recently, I decided it was time to take a stab at cooking with them. I found this beautiful bunch of beets at the farmer’s market on Saturday for $2. I really wanted to use the beet greens too so [...]