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This Week’s Workouts + The Best Rest Day

Saturday was the best rest day ever. I bounded out of bed at 7 a.m. after an awesome night of sleep and knocked out a blog post while I drank a green smoothie.

I finalized my playlists and readings and then headed off to Om Yoga to teach my Saturday morning hot vinyasa class. I LOOOVVEEE my Om yogis. They are so special to me. Reverent, eager, loving, kind, ready…they have it all! Class ended with one of my regulars giving me a huge teary thank you hug that made my heart so happy and reinforced for the millionth time why I love what I do.


After leaving Om I made a little stop at Nordstrom Rack to pick up a few items for spring. I would say that I do 75% of my casual (read non-workout) clothes shopping at Nordstrom Rack. It was a successful trip and I scored three new tops, a pair of white skinny Joe’s Jeans, neutral colored flip flops with a little gold rim at the toe, a new makeup bag and socks. You can never have enough socks. It’s mind bending to think about where mine go. They disappear at an alarming rate.


Shopping makes a girl hungry so I hit up Which Wich for lunch. I have a soft spot for corned beef so in honor of rest and treat day…corned beef it was. I loaded this sandwich up with all kinds of great toppings. Which Wich is the best! It’s crazy how much they can neatly fit in a sandwich.


I got coerced into cupcakes after lunch but how can you say no to cupcakes? I went halvsies on an almond vanilla and carrot cake cupcake. The almond vanilla was good but very wedding cake-ish. I’m a carrot cake girl for life. (Remember these Carrot Cake Cookies!? Swoon…)


Rest day concluded with subbing the Saturday evening hot class at Y2 Yoga and then a bowling outing with friends from the gym. I am a TERRIBLE bowler but it’s always fun to throw the bowling ball around (and I can really only explain my technique as throwing.) Beer, wings and nachos helped.

So that’s a quick recap of my Saturday rest day. It was pretty great.

Here’s a quick recap of this week’s workouts…


Chipper Workout – I did the workout that I programmed for my circuit training class at Metro. It was only fair after watching them suffer through it.

100 Double Unders
90 Air Squats
90 Sit Ups
70 Wall Balls
60 Kettlebell Swings
500 Meter Row
40 Push Press
30 Burpee Box Jumps
20 Pull Ups (Kipping!)
10 Turkish Get Ups

Took a little under 30 minutes. I was a sweaty, jello mess after.


Ashtanga + CrossFit

CrossFit WOD:

6 minute AMRAP
7 Dumb Bell push press
11 sit ups

rest 2 min

8 min AMRAP
partner 250 meter row/200 meter running sprints


3 mile run


Hot yoga


Non-heated yoga, CrossFit

4 RFT:

400 meter run
10 hang snatch (I used 55#)
10 front rack lunge (55#)

Finished in 16 minutes. Booty was sore from the lunges!




Hot yoga

It was a light week but my body is feeling great! No injuries, no pain and lots of energy and motivation.

Where do you shop for most of your casual clothes? 

What’s your favorite rest day activity?

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  • Jojo @ RunFastEatLots April 20, 2014, 10:22 pm

    I love nordstrom rack! I seriously get most of my clothes there. I can find really good deal. That, and TJ Maxx are my faves

  • Teri {a foodie stays fit} April 20, 2014, 10:31 pm

    I do most of my casual shopping online at jcrew, piperlime or jcrew factory. But I would loooove to have a Nordstrom rack!!

  • Samantha @ The Faithful Runner April 20, 2014, 10:54 pm

    What an awesome week! My favorite rest days usually include doing things around the house and cooking/meal prepping!

  • Billie Jo April 20, 2014, 10:58 pm

    I have searched high & low for definition of Wall Balls and no can find. I’m dying to know. And….I am crazy for Ann Taylor or Loft for my casual clothes. LOVE them.

  • Rebekah {aCricketSang} April 21, 2014, 8:57 am

    Mmm love those cupcakes!

  • She Rocks Fitness April 21, 2014, 9:44 am

    I’ve been told that Target has some fun dresses this season, so I’m thinking of stopping by. I like to do some of my casual shopping at the Gap. Favorite rest day activity usually involves sleeping in a little bit. It feels SO GOOD. Happy Monday!

  • jill conyers April 21, 2014, 9:49 am

    Exactly how a rest day should be. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards.

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