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Philly/DC/Baltimore Weekend Workshop Details + Updates from the Week

I am thrilled to share with you guys that I’ll be visiting Studio B Power Yoga in Harrisburg, PA the weekend of April 28-30 for a workshop weekend!

Jen DeCurtins Yoga


The weekend will feature two master classes, a heart openers workshop, an inversions workshop, a special yoga for runners session and a group lunch. You can sign up for the whole weekend or individual sessions. Registration is open and if you commit by March 1, you can receive $30 off the weekend bundle registration with code PBRUNNER.

I connected with Brittany, the owner of Studio B, years ago through blogging. And now I’ve been able to watch her go through teacher training and open a studio of her own. She just expanded to a second location in Harrisburg, PA and invited me to come teach for a weekend. I’m super pumped. FYI…the studio is located off of I-81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike and is super convenient to Philly, Baltimore and DC.

Y’all come!

I’m also teaching a special yoga class at Pushpointe in Fort Mill, SC THIS SATURDAY morning! Get details here. Limited to 20 spots.

Sourdough bread

I baked sourdough on Tuesday. It felt so good to get back to it after a short Whole30 hiatus. I truly LOVE the process of baking the bread and I’m getting more and more confident about it. I want to do at least five tests before I share my method with you so stay tuned. Each time I bake I end up with two loaves so I keep one for myself and gift one to a friend or co-worker. I was so happy to hear that our spa manager and her family ate up this loaf! I also sent them home with some starter of their own!

I’ve been doing a lot of walking the past couple of days…back and forth to the studio to teach. My car was at the Audi dealership for TEN DAYS and they returned it to me Tuesday and told me it was “running fine” and that they were unable to replicate the issues I was having. I drove it home from the dealership, ate breakfast and then drove to the studio to teach. I got back in my car after teaching, cranked it, put it in reverse and it died. I left it for a day and tried it again the next day, wouldn’t crank at all. Had it towed back to the dealership and they told me that it’s “running fine” and not registering any fault codes.

I am LOSING IT. I am really not trying to be dramatic about this but I am terrified that my car is going to break down in the middle of traffic on a busy street. I do not want to have an accident. Also, my job kind of requires me being on time to teach so I need a reliable car.

I’m frustrated because the car only has 58K on it. I bought it used a couple of years ago. My dad told me it might be time to start considering a trade. UGH, UGH, UGH. There will not be another German-made car in my future.

I’m grateful that we live close enough for me to walk (it’s about 1.5 miles) and I have really enjoyed the walking…but I’d still like a car. 😉

Golden Retrievers

Let’s decompress with a puppy picture. Look at Zoey being a nut and ripping the outer layer off of her ball. Does anyone else’s dog do this? She is neurotic about taking the fuzz off of balls and breaking them open.

Charlotte NC Facial

Quick shout out to my amazing esthetician, Ariana. I had an appointment this afternoon for a brow/lip wax and a facial. I texted her about my car dilemma and told her I could Uber to her. She offered to come and get me because she was out running errands. I have been seeing her since I moved to Charlotte and she is just the best ever. We have developed a great friendship over the years. She now splits her time between L.A. and Charlotte but I always make sure to book time with her when she’s here (about every other month). She’s the only person I’ll let touch my brows and she gives the BEST facials ever. Seriously, they’re 90 minutes of amazing skin care and the most relaxing upper body, neck, scalp and facial massage. I felt loopy when I got off the table today.

She’s here until February 18 and has a few openings for waxing and facials before she leaves. You can reach Spa Ariana via text or phone at 562-234-0558 to schedule an appointment. Her office is located in SouthPark across from Whole Foods. I promise you won’t regret it!

TomTom Spark 3 Review

And finally, I’m sending lots of warmth to all of you that are getting blizzards right now. We are having a very mild winter in NC and it’s made for some great running. This picture was from my Monday afternoon run – 60s and sunny – and it’s supposed to be in the 70s and sunny this weekend. I’m also loving my new TomTom Spark 3 GPS watch. If you missed my review, be sure to check it out here.

This post was a little random and all over the place but I think we’re all caught up now! 🙂

Tell me about your week! What’s been the best part about it? And the most challenging?

Have you ever baked bread?

What’s your running weather been like?




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  • Hilary February 10, 2017, 7:44 am

    Ugh so sorry about your car. That is sooo frustrating!! That was so nice of Ariana!! I have a peel with her today and can’t waaaaait. I had multiple metro people recommend her and now I’m hooked!!

  • Doro February 10, 2017, 7:46 am

    Maybe I’m a bit touchy here since I am German myself but I don’t think you should blame the whole German car industry just because one car doesn’t work. I totally get your fear about accidents and your frustration about the problems. But there are plenty of other Audi models and other German car brands which should not have to take the blame.

    • Jen February 10, 2017, 8:10 am

      I was mostly kidding about that! I’ve loved my Audi until now. They’re just expensive to fix over here and not as many options for repair as some more standard cars.

  • ACKTIVE LIFE February 10, 2017, 8:11 am

    Lots of running on the treadmill this week as it has been REALLY cold up here! Definitely jealous of your photo in tank and shorts…actually REALLY jealous. And that bread…YUM!

  • Julie Running in a Skirt February 10, 2017, 9:03 am

    Congrats on the yoga gig- workshop!!! That’s amazing!

  • Joy February 10, 2017, 9:40 am

    That car issue sounds so crazy! I can’t believe the dealership can’t replicate the problem!! I would be nervous about driving it as well. Sorry you’re having this trouble.

  • Laura February 10, 2017, 10:15 am

    Haha! My beagle used to rip the skin off tennis balls too! We stopped buying them because we’d have a bunch of busted, de-fuzzed balls all over the house. Good luck with the car situation – thankfully you’ve had great weather to walk but I agree, I wouldn’t want to keep driving that around either. The weather’s been equally as great down here in Columbia, SC, but I’ve been recovering from a minor surgery last week and thus unable to run – that’s been the most difficult part of recovery this week for me!

  • tara February 10, 2017, 10:45 am

    so sorry about the car ! my mom has had 2 audis and they have been beasts. they get through the snow like crazy i am impressed. but each car is different ! very disappointing that the dealership cant find the issue especially with this being a safety issue. Have you ever written down your mileage when you drop it off and check it when you pick it up ? Meaning if they are telling you they are driving it all around and unable to find anything and you see that the mileage has only changed like 10 miles from when you dropped it off…..well then they are lying and you can point that out. Just a thought to take a pic. i have never had good service from a dealership only actual local mechanics.

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