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Goal Setters

Where do I even start? The responses to the 300 Strong post are unbelievable. I can’t even get over how amazing you all are. The things you want to achieve in the next 300 days are INCREDIBLE. Every time I received a new comment, I found myself absolutely glowing with happiness and excitement. Thank you for taking the time to share with me what’s going on in your life.

I have to share some of these goals with you so we can all feel inspired and motivated to BE AWESOME. (I’m going to mix in today’s food pics  to break up all the copy!)

“The greatest thing I would like to accomplish is to graduate nursing school in July!!” – Molly

“My goal is to run a 5K on July 16. I have lost 125 lbs. and this will be my first race.” – Lisa

“My goal, which I’ve already put into practice, but will certainly continue another 300 days and beyond, is to be less critical of myself. I’ve accomplished a lot – imagine what I could do with a more positive outlook!” – Sara

“My goal for the next three hundred days is to continue to make healthy choices for my future. I recently gave up the scale (and my near obsession with the number on it) so hopefully I will continue with my new outlook that health is about so much more than a number.” – A Girl

Green monster (spinach, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, banana, blueberries, chia seeds, ice) and a wheat peanut butter banana muffin.

“I would like to take a yoga class OR find a good yoga DVD to do at home. And I would like to pretty much have my solo strength training program down so I don’t have to stop during my workouts to look up what I should be doing in my old training book.”Angie

“My goal for the next 300 days is to find more time for my self, and by that I mean self love. I feel that is one area in my life that I have been really lacking in.” – Erica

“My goal for the next 300 days is to be more yes-minded. I catch myself passing up opportunities sometimes and my life has become a little too routine lately. I want to see it take a new direction. I want to do something different, go somewhere new. I want to surprise myself.” – Michelle

“I would like to finish my first marathon and most importantly HAVE FUN training for and running it with my twin sis!” – Hollie

Trader Joe’s Veggie Burger on a whole wheat bagel thin with white cheddar and extra ketchup for dipping, carrots and grapes.

“My goal is to start my own business! I’m graduating from grad school this week and am ready to take the plunge!” – Jacqueline

“i have 2 goals. one is to get back into a solid yoga routine, & the other is to sign up for baking and pastry school since baking is my passion.” Lauren

“My goal for the next year is to save! save! save! so that when my husband comes back from Afghanistan we can buy our first house.” Alaina

“I have signed up for my first 5K EVER! I have never been a runner but I set a goal when I was pregnant (my daughter is 8 months old now:) ) and my race is Memorial Day. I have also been embracing a whole healthy living lifestyle since she was born. So my goal over the next 300 days is to improve on my food choices and increase my fitness level all while trying to balance time with work, my daughter, and husband.” – Abby

Grilled portobello mushrooms marinated in Caesar vinaigrette, grilled squash and zuchhini and leftover mac and cheese.

I’m going to stop becoming a ‘yes’ person in the next 300 days and constantly over-committing myself…it’s my ‘i’m stopping to smell the roses campaign’ and putting me first this year” – Margaret

“My goal is to do a hand stand or arm balance, all by myself, without using a wall. I’ve currently got crazy wounds on my elbows from failed inversion attempts. Here’s hoping in the next 300 days I’ll succeed!”Sara

“In the next 300 days, I want to accept my recent diagnosis with Diabetic Neuropathy. Since being diagnosed I’ve been told that running (one of my supreme joys) will be a BIG “no, no” for me. That hit me hard! I hope to find a new and equally relaxing way to continue to battle diabetes through exercise. Maybe I’ll take up swimming?” – Saraya

This is just a handful of the wonderful goals that you shared. If you need a little inspiration in your day, I highly suggest reading everyone’s responses. THANK YOU!

I was going to pick a winner but there was no way I could choose! I opted to just go with the random number generator. The winner is…

Comment #35, Jacqueline, whose comment is actually featured above! Congratulations Jacqueline. Email your shipping information to peanutbutterrunner (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll get your package out this week!

Make this week count! Go start making those goals happen!!!

Love to you all! 😀

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  • Jacqueline April 26, 2011, 12:43 am

    Wow! Thank you so much! I’m so excited to try your baking! Congrats on 300 posts!!

  • Alaina April 26, 2011, 10:19 am

    Those are some amazing goals!! Good luck to everyone!! 🙂

  • Mary Nevin April 26, 2011, 5:17 pm

    i loved reading everyone’s goals, it’s just so motivating to see each way everyone wants to evolve 🙂
    hope you’re having a great tuesday!!

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