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May 2011

  • Memorial Day 2011


    Catching up from a weekend away? - BYOB Sushi + A Fun Blogger Wine Outing on Friday - Long Weekend Love with a long run and a giant skillet-sized chocolate chip cookie on Saturday Happy Memorial Day. I have definitely had quite a few moments of reflection today to appreciate the meaning of this holiday. [...]

  • Long Weekend Love


    Ahhh...I love Sunday night that feels like Saturday. It's so nice to know I don't have to be up at 5 a.m. Monday to teach BodyPump! (And not that I don't love it, it's just nice to have a morning off!) We've done our best to make this long weekend count since we're not traveling. [...]

  • BYOB Sushi


    Good morning! I hope everyone's long weekend is off to a good start (and I hope you all get to enjoy a long weekend!). We kicked off our weekend with sushi and wine so I can't complain. Cyros is our favorite sushi restaurant in Charlotte. We heard that they haven't been serving alcohol recently but [...]

  • Sunsets


    My favorite time of day during our vacation in Jamaica was sunset. Unfortunately, the first day we arrived I missed sunset because I passed out cold on the beach in sheer exhaustion. But each day after that my favorite thing to do in the evenings was shower, change into comfy clothes and have a cocktail [...]

  • Running News


    We haven't really watched Idol at all this season but we just got sucked into the end of the season finale. I have a few thoughts on that. Carrie Underwood looked amazing. The lyrics to Beyonce's new song, One Plus One, are hilarious. "I don't know much about algebra but I know one plus one [...]

  • Three Happy Things


    I missed y'all last night but Monday was a little rough. It started at 3:45 a.m. with a wake up call from Sullie. She wasn't feeling well and kept pacing and staring at me while I was trying to sleep. Poor thing. I was up with her until I had to teach BodyPump at 6 [...]

  • Manual Labor


    Tomorrow I may not be able to move. "Project Yard Overhaul" started today and included six hours of raking, bagging, ivy ripping, shrubbery cutting and more. Our back yard is really wooded and is kind of out of control. It's been a mess since we bought our house a year ago and we're determined to [...]

  • Return to the Real World


    We're home! Well, we are actually still in Atlanta at my parent's house but at least we've made it back to the U.S. We started our trip home bright and early yesterday with a 6 a.m. wake up call for our 7 a.m. shuttle to the airport. It was about a 90 minute trip to [...]

  • Yoga Teacher Training: My Final Thoughts


    I promised a “final thoughts” post on yoga teacher training. I thought that I would want to write it immediately but instead I needed time to let everything sink in. It's been about six weeks since training ended and in that time I have started teaching and have had the opportunity to reflect on my [...]

  • Six for Summer


    I'm on vacation in Jamaica but I've lined up friends and fellow bloggers to keep you in the know while I'm gone. Check out the guest posts so far: Alaina's Story - My Path To Bliss Win's Story - Running with Ulcerative Colitis Today's guest post comes to us from my friend Meg. She's put [...]

  • Win’s Story: Running with Ulcerative Colitis


    I'm currently on vacation in Jamaica so I've lined up guest posts for you. Check out the guest posts so far: Alaina’s Story – My Path To Bliss Matt tells us about barefoot running Today's post comes from my friend Win. I was excited that Win wanted to do a post because a) he wanted [...]

  • Hi from Jamaica!!!


    Surprise! I'm popping in for a quick hello! Brandon and I knew that our resort offered free wifi before we came but agreed that I would not blog while we were here. We did come to a compromise that I would post one mid-week check in so here I am. :P So far our vacation [...]

  • My Experience with Barefoot Running


    I’m on vacation in Jamaica but I’ve lined up friends and fellow bloggers to keep you in the know while I’m gone. Check out the guest posts so far: Alaina’s Story – My Path To Bliss Today's guest post comes to us from Matt at The Athlete's Plate. Matt is a recent college grad and [...]

  • Alaina’s Story – My Path to Bliss


    Today's guest post comes to us from Alaina at The Jogging Concierge. She lives in the Boston area and is a concierge for a four-star hotel. Alaina blogs about running, life, her husband's deployment to Afghanistan and her experiences as a concierge. Alaina and I became friends through the blog world last fall and love [...]

  • Away We Go


    It's midnight and I have to be up at 5 a.m. to head to the airport. :shock: I couldn't leave without saying goodbye! A few updates... There will still be daily updates on PBR while I'm gone. I have four guest posters and a couple scheduled from me. I have put a LOT of hours [...]

  • Pack It Up


    Emerging from packing madness for a quick check in. My upper back was so tense from working all night that I just had to roll around on the foam roller and give myself a mini massage. Love that thing. A few hours ago the guest bedroom looked like this. I am a packing procrastinator. I [...]

  • Surprise Party


    Thank you, thank you for the wonderful book suggestions yesterday! I am going to compile a summer reading post and list your favorites so that we can all have a go to resource! Sound good? I've been up since 5:30 this morning working on PBR. I'm trying to get posts lined up so that you'll [...]

  • Beach Reads


    I am making my way through this week at a frantic pace...the to do list is a little out of control at work and in my personal life. I'm trying to get everything in a good place at work, packing, getting the blog ready so you guys have things to read while I'm gone, running [...]

  • Brunch and Frappuccinos


    This is the third and final post covering our weekend in Atlanta - catch up on Part 1 and Part 2. Since we were in town for the wedding, I was so very lucky to have the chance to spend Mother's Day with my mom. This is kind of sad but I don't even remember [...]

  • A May Wedding with Friends


    Hi friends! How was your weekend? Fabulous, I hope! :P As I posted yesterday, we traveled to Atlanta this weekend for a wedding and to visit my parents. It was a fun weekend full of friends and family. Let's start with the friends part and recap Charlie and Ashley's wedding. Brandon lived in a house [...]

  • Another Weekend, Another Road Trip


    Well, our streak of weekend road trips continued last night with a drive to Atlanta. One of Brandon's college roomates is getting married today! All of our four-hour road trips are for fun activities (beach, visiting family, a wedding and next weekend - VACATION!) so it's worth the long hours in the car. And is [...]

  • Cinco de Sore-o


    Wow, my legs feel so spent. I've taught BodyPump 77 three times this week and it is by far the hardest new release in quite some time. Not only is it an awesome strength training workout but it is also packed with tracks that really challenge you cardiovascularly. I am really feeling it right now! [...]

  • Face Matters: Part Two


    I am completely overwhelmed by your comments, advice and sympathy on last night's post about dealing with skin issues. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a smart and supportive network of women. I have a lot to research and consider after reading all of your comments. There were so many helpful [...]

  • Face Matters


    Hi guys! How is your week going? I said this last week but it's happening again...my week is flying by. I am really busy at work right now and have a ton of teaching commitments this week due to subbing. I'm not complaining though, it's wonderful! Shocker...I did not get up for my Tuesday morning [...]

  • Salad and Pancakes? Works for me!


    In general, I would say that I'm a pretty normal eater. I'm not big on weird combinations and I'm not very picky. But there are days when a little randomness makes its way into my meals. Take Sunday, for example. It started with a plain bowl of oatmeal. For most people this is not weird [...]

  • BodyPump 77 Launch and Lulu Morning


    Good evening everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was jam-packed with fun activities along with some less-fun things like errands and cleaning. Overall though, I feel much more sane and relaxed on this end of the weekend than I did going into it. I kicked off Saturday with a 3.5 mile run [...]