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The Weekend + Love, Empowerment & Acceptance for All

I wish I could say that my weekend was full of fun and exciting things but about all I’ve got for you is book writing, avocados and a cute golden retriever. I received an 80 page word document full of tracked changes to review from my copy editor that was due by Sunday evening. It encompassed much of my time this weekend. I guess one exciting thing to share is that my BodyPump audition went well today and I will soon be teaching again! 🙂


Per usual, I spent Saturday and Sunday mornings teaching hot yoga. And was it ever hot! I had to laugh at this sweat angel made by a student and fellow teacher. She was in supta baddha konasana (laying on your back with feet together and knees apart) with her arms stretched over head. When she got up there was a perfect sweat outline of it.


Sullie was cute in full-force this weekend. She rolled around in the dirt after it rained so I had to give her a bath (her fault!). Clearly, she was thrilled about that.


But after she was fresh and clean we spent 20 minutes on the living room floor cuddling and playing with toys on Saturday night.


I ate this same exact meal for lunch both Saturday and Sunday. Open faced egg sandwich on sourdough with avocado and colby jack cheese. Watermelon on the side. The egg is from one of my friend’s backyard chickens and the sourdough was homemade by my dad. Love it!


On Saturday night I had dinner at a friends house. She served the most amazing taco soup with ground chicken. I am harassing her for the recipe to share with y’all. I made brownies and a keylime pie for the gathering but didn’t snap any pics.


Tonight’s dinner salad was EPIC! Spinach, greens, tomato, artichokes, kalamata olives, feta, sunflower seeds, avocado and a Trader Joe’s Salmon Burger. The thing that took it over the edge was homemade hummus dressing. So easy and so yum!


And I’ll leave you with some inspiration. Kathryn Budig is a well-known yoga teacher and Under Armour spokeswoman. She posted this photo on her facebook page today with the following text.

“I am a 31 woman (32 year-old tomorrow) who is strong and driven. I eat healthy but enjoy a decandent meal. I hydrate but enjoy shots of Fireball on fun occasions. I have cellulite (and have since the age if 11) and don’t feel turned off by it. I am 100% me and a woman. I pray that my confidence and honesty will inspire yours. We don’t empower each other by tearing ourselves apart. We empower by being real, honest and balanced. I so deeply wish love and acceptance and empowerment for all.”

Have an amazing week!


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  • She Rocks Fitness June 1, 2014, 9:19 pm

    That photo and comment is so AWESOME! I cannot wait to take lots of yoga this week…I need lots of sweating and stretching…Have a beautiful start to the new week! XOXO

  • Parita @ myinnershakti June 1, 2014, 9:24 pm

    That last quote. Much needed! Love it when I hear women honestly talking about and sharing their stories – so inspiring!

  • Rachel June 1, 2014, 9:32 pm

    I heart Kathryn Budig. Since I don’t have access to a yoga studio where I live right now, I take her classes on YogaGlo and I just love her. She posted that photo + message on Instagram as well, and the response to it was pretty awesome to read!

  • Holly June 1, 2014, 9:46 pm

    Sullie has the cutest little face! So sweet.

    The quote was beautiful. Beautiful words to think about as I start my week. Thanks!

  • Runner Girl Eats June 2, 2014, 6:15 am

    I left a sweat angel on the patio after my post run stretch session this weekend…it is officially summer!! I think egg and avocado is the most underrated food combo. It’s soooo tasty!

  • Lisa June 2, 2014, 8:09 am

    As someone who is also 31, I can’t imagine I will ever feel that way. Using her quote as a reference, everything is driven by guilt for me — regardless of what I eat, if I have (or imagine) cellulite, if I “seem” overly confident; if I share too much about low confidence… and so on. It’s baffling to me that people actually live that way and can feel so empowered. What a life that must be!

    • tara June 2, 2014, 2:03 pm

      Hi Lisa
      I’m sad to say when i first read this i sorta felt the same as you. I thought to myself wow it must be nice to HONESTLY say that. i could probaby say those words but i would be lying. I have cellulite and it bothers me. I have guilt at times if i dont push myself extra hard at a workout. I try to remember that being a certain weight certainly doesnt bring automatic happiness and I’m a bit easier on myself than i was in the past, but i think its hard for a lot of people to post what she did and 100% mean it all the time. I say good for her and we should all aspire to be kinder to ourselves. I also love what i think was part of her message – women should be kinder to other women. I find myself sometimes so judgy of others. The first thing that pops into my head sometimes when i see a person is something about her hair, clothes, etc and often its negative. She might be saying her name to me and all i’m thinking is “why on gods green earth would you make that hair choice”. Believe me i know this is wrong and i never say it out loud and sort of “shake” myself out of it quickly and remind myself that none of that matters. What matters is the kind of person she is. I think some of it is media driven, but also driven by my own personal insecurities and the fear that people are judging me in the same manner. Sorry for the long winded response but i did identify with what you are saying and the comment did make me think. I’m going to pass it along to a few other women and see what they think !

      • Lisa June 2, 2014, 8:34 pm

        Thanks for responding, Tara, that is really kind of you, and it’s nice to not be alone on not getting on the self-empowerment train.

        I see that you say that “women should be kinder to other women”, but I don’t think is the case. i think that men and women judge each other equally. Though I appreciate her strength and ability to post those words and mean them, her intent shouldn’t be to spreading kindness to other women because I truly don’t think it is necessary; people (who aren’t kind) aren’t going to see this and change. They are going to roll their eyes.

        And it is what you said: your own insecurities… yes, I am the same. I look at other women and might think about their hair, but not in a negative way… because I am worried they are thinking that my hair needs a trim (and it does!) But while that might pop into their head, they might just think, “Her hair looks like it could use a trim” and I think “Because my hair needs a trim, I’m hideous”.

        I’m agreeing with you (if it doesn’t seem like I am, but I am!) I was just thinking that, when she says, “We don’t empower each other by tearing ourselves apart. We empower by being real, honest and balanced. I so deeply wish love and acceptance and empowerment for all.” it is a wish and, if her aim is to change others, then I don’t think it will happen.

        We all judge each other in some way; some (much) more than others. It’s really unfortunate, and results in a lot of lack of self-acceptance (showing in both our cases).

  • TJ Pettit June 2, 2014, 9:19 am

    I love the quote. I actually became a trainer because I struggled with body image starting at about 9 years old and it eventually led into a 10 year struggle with eating disorders of various kinds. I am not 15-18% body fat, but I am a personal trainer which is strange to some (those who are I think it’s amazing! I just cannot get that strict with food/exercise without it being a slippery slope so I don’t). I feel that’s one of the reasons my clients connect well with me is because I look “real” to them. That sounds horrible but it’s the only word I can come up with early on a Monday 🙂 I encourage them to be healthy but also happy. If being strict with diet and being a record low body fat isn’t a lifestyle they can maintain and enjoy life, it’s okay! If they are the healthiest and happiest they’ve ever been and have cellulite…..so be it! 🙂 The post really touched me today and I will be sharing with my clients 🙂 Thanks so much for that!

  • Janice June 2, 2014, 12:22 pm

    Sullie’s face is so precious!!!
    Love the what by Kathryn. I wish more women would encourage each other instead of being competitive all the time.

  • Tara | Treble in the Kitchen June 3, 2014, 5:15 am

    I love that quote and photo 🙂 inspiring!

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