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  • So Many Recent Eats + Not My Idea of Paradise


    I’m currently feet up watching Bachelor in Paradise. I’m not much of a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan but I’m finding this highly entertaining. I’m hanging out at BFF Dorie’s house with her youngest daughter as she takes her oldest to college for the first time. Cue all the emotions all around. In the meantime, this is keeping [...]

  • Sullie Update + Last Week’s Eats


    Let’s start with some good news. In case you missed my Instagram story on Thursday afternoon, the lump that I found on Sullie’s belly is just a fat deposit. Our vet took a sample of it and looked at it under the microscope and said she didn’t see anything that looked like mast cells so [...]

  • A Date Night at Gallery Restaurant (with 6 courses!)


    My foodie followers are going to love this post! A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an event to experience the summer menu at Gallery Restaurant. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to a teaching conflict but was thrilled to receive an email back inviting Tanner and me to come another evening. [...]

  • Recent Eats: Healthy, Formulaic and Easy!


    Hi and I hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend. I just got home from co-hosting a baby shower for a friend. I can’t wait to share all the details with you in Monday’s post but for now I’m going to recap last week’s meals. They were healthy, super simple and a little repetitive but very accessible [...]

  • Kid Week Eats


    My eats have definitely been all over the place this week as I worked to plan meals and snacks that were kid-friendly along with having lots of treats and sweets around the house (my mom and I share a serious love…). I feel like I’ve had some mini revelations about the things I’ve always heard [...]

  • Recent Eats + Sweats


    Happy weekend! Popping in with recent eats and workouts. I’ll see you guys on the other side of the weekend. Recent Eats Lots of smoothies for breakfast. This one with a piece of zucchini chocolate chip bread. With granola. And again. I didn’t have any spinach this week so my smoothies were super bright and [...]

  • Last Week’s Eats & Workouts: Feeling a Shift


    Happy Sunday! It feels like a long weekend since July 4 is on a Tuesday but I know some people (self-included) are working tomorrow so it’s kind of not. Charlotte seems pretty quiet right now. Fourth of July week is always one of the slowest times of the year because so many people travel and [...]

  • Recent Eats & Lots of Beets


    I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! I am not meal planning for next week since we are leaving on Wednesday but I thought I’d pop in and show you what I ate this week to give you some ideas. I whipped up a delicious new lunch bowl combination and our dinners were “throw [...]

  • Friday Catch Up + This Week’s Eats


    Happy Friday! I’m sitting here drinking coffee with the smell of fresh sourdough filling my house. I haven’t baked in well over a month and my starter was feeling neglected so I decided it was time to remedy that. I also have a cute friend sitting next to me. We’ve been dog sitting Stella this [...]

  • My Favorite Easy Chicken Parmesan Recipe – Ready in 20 Minutes!


    I have been making this easy chicken parmesan recipe since college! It’s one of my go-to chicken recipes because I almost always have the ingredients on hand, it’s ready in 20 minutes and it’s crazy delicious! I actually can’t believe that I haven’t shared this recipe before now. I have not been posting many recipes [...]

  • This Week + Eats + New Lunch Ideas


    Happy long weekend Friday! :) We’re sticking around Charlotte this weekend since we have so much coming up in June. I’ve got a hair cut/color scheduled that I’m excited about as well as hanging out with friends and a Memorial Day cookout. Luckily, many of my friends are also in town this weekend. Remember how [...]

  • Recent Eats: 4 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 5 Dinners


    Happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing day that’s got you feeling ready to tackle the week ahead. I usually try and post our dinner menu for the week on Sundays but I forgot to cancel Blue Apron + we have social events on two other nights so no planning is necessary. In case [...]

  • Recent Eats: Smoothie Bowls, Lunch Bowls & One Awesome Sushi Bowl


    Y’all, I’m cracking up over here. I always know that it’s around the 3 p.m. hour because I hear our mail lady vrooming around the neighborhood delivering mail. She GUNS that little truck from box to box and you can hear it all over the neighborhood. I’m going to get a little crazy and switch [...]

  • Recent Eats: Featuring the Best Soup


    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments on my last blog post. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to check in since then because of the whirlwind of getting ready to travel to Harrisburg this weekend and all the time I’ve spent teaching. It’s been wonderful and I can’t wait to share the [...]

  • 80Fresh Review: Home Cooked Meals in 20 Minutes or Less


    This post is sponsored by 80Fresh. If you’re looking for a healthy meal delivery solution without all the prep work or a better option for singles, 80Fresh is for you. Keep reading to learn how you can get 30% off your 80Fresh subscription. Last year when I sent out my Peanut Butter Runner reader survey [...]

  • It’s My Blog Birthday + Last Week’s Eats & This Week’s Dinner Menu


    Happy Easter! I hope that you’re all having a lovely Sunday whether it’s full of Easter festivities or just enjoying a nice spring day. Things are pretty quiet around here. I always miss my family on days like this but luckily I have a trip booked to see them soon. Today is my blog’s birthday! [...]

  • Hello from Treasure Island + This Week’s Eats


    Good morning and happy Friday! We are in Treasure Island, Florida for the weekend. One of girls on our management team is getting married on Saturday evening on St. Pete Beach so a group of us yogis made the trek down to celebrate with her. We are sharing a two bedroom condo with Dorie and [...]

  • This Week’s Eats + 3 Warm Lunch Bowl Ideas


    Happy weekend friends. It is so lovely in Charlotte…mid 70s, sunny and low humidity. Hoping for lots of outside time this weekend. Big thanks for all of your input on the dress choice in my last post. I was going to order option 1 and 4 and try them both on but then I read [...]

  • Recent Eats + Comfort in Cake


    Happy weekend guys. We made it. My 4:30 p.m. hot yoga class today was one big celebration of TGIF. It was crazy hot in the room (104!) but my yogis were all smiles and fun today. It was the perfect way to end a crazy week. My weekend is going to look like wrapping up [...]

  • Moving Week Eats


    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I grew up in Dublin, Georgia where St. Patrick’s Day was a multi-week celebration every year. While I won’t be drinking any green beer or attending any parades, I might throw on some green to teach this morning and I’ll definitely make some corned beef and cabbage soon. It’s one of [...]

  • Last Week’s Eats + This Week’s Meal Plan


    Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Packing commenced yesterday but I feel relatively calm and organized about it all. Remind me I said that when I’m losing it later this week when Friday’s moving date gets closer. My plan is to attempt to maintain a semi-normal posting schedule but don’t get worried if [...]

  • ICYMI + Last Week’s Eats


    Confession. I was seeing ICYMI all over the internet and social media and I had no clue what it meant for months. I finally Googled it and learned that it stands for, “in case you missed it.” Now I know. My blog guru Isaac did a WordPress and plugin update last week and unfortunately the [...]

  • A Blessing + Speedy Zoey + What I Ate This Week


    Hey there. We’re gearing up for snow overnight in Charlotte. I don’t think anyone has a confident bet on how much but I’ve heard anywhere from 3-8 inches. I’ve spent most of today working on communications for the studio as we’ve had to cancel our first weekend of teacher training and some early and late [...]

  • Christmas Decorations + Recent Eats + Our First Purple Carrot Delivery


    Hi and happiest of Fridays. It appears that most of the nation is under an arctic freeze today. It was 20 degrees when I left the house to train clients this morning so I moved my run to the treadmill! On the plus side, the cold and gray weather has made for an ultra productive [...]

  • Recent Eats: A Busy/Family/Travel Week & Lots of Out to Eat


    Hi from the Tampa Bay area. I’m currently sitting in my hotel room, watching House Hunters and wearing a Cherry Jubilee Enzyme mask after taking my first Orange Theory class and having Thai food with my parents. I flew in yesterday to spend the weekend here for my uncle’s memorial service. This week of eats [...]

  • Recent Eats: Food Burnout + Food Blogging Behind the Scenes


    I hope Friday has been a good day for you guys so far. I couldn’t sleep last night and found myself thinking of my brother and today the sadness has stuck around. I don’t really know what to say other than that grief definitely seems to come in waves. I skipped last week’s recent eats [...]

  • What I Ate This Week + A New Favorite Salad Combo


    Happy Friday! Can you believe that this time next week Thanksgiving will be over and the Black Friday shopping madness will be underway? I was happy to read your comments on last week’s recent eats post about how much you guys enjoy these posts and find them useful. It’s great to hear and I’ll keep [...]

  • Meal Plan: Week of 11/6 + Last Week’s Eats


    I just planned our menu for the week and it’s making me feel very hungry and excited to cook. This is probably also due to my long run yesterday and the increase in hunger that I tend to have the day after. It’s pretty crazy but I also think a big part of it is [...]

  • Recent Eats + Whole Foods App + Nightshades


    Happy weekend! (I think it’s late enough on Friday that we can go ahead and call it the weekend.) Any fun plans? Unfortunately, our Friday night is going to look like navigating our way through a client management software change and transition for the studio but hopefully it won’t be too painful. We’re hosting a [...]

  • Last Week’s Eats


    Today is a better day. I ran 15 miles this morning. I think that’s the farthest I’ve run in over 6 years. While I’m definitely “feeling it” as I sit here and write this post, all things considered, I am good. It was 48 degrees outside and the most beautiful fall day. Running has been such [...]

  • Recent Eats: Meal Plan Fail


    Happy Friday. I hope you guys have had a good week. I failed at meal planning this week. Well, I did a great job on the planning part but the execution was a no go. I made a menu for the week that sounded delicious and then I just never found the motivation to get [...]

  • Recent Eats: Eat Dessert First


    Happy Friday everyone. If you’re anywhere in the path of Hurricane Matthew, lots of prayers headed your way. Stay safe and dry. I checked in with my parents yesterday to see if they were going to get any effects of the storm on the panhandle but it’s sunny and beautiful there. We’re experiencing worse weather [...]

  • Weekend: Double Race Long Run + Good Food + Friends


    Hello. How was your weekend? How’s the week starting off for you guys? I was up around 6:30 a.m. to enjoy a quiet start to the day with some coffee and catch up before teaching yoga at 8:15. I was thrilled to walk into a buzzing classroom with over 50 yogis this morning. Everyone seemed [...]

  • Ancho Chile & Cinnamon Brined Bone-In Pork Chops


    I feel like pork chops don’t get the love they deserve. The pork chops of our youth were either thin cut and cooked until they were way overdone, fried or dare I mention Shake & Bake? (<— AHH! I swear I could taste that seasoning as I typed the words!) Luckily, I had parents who were pork [...]

  • Rain + Zoey + Lots of Recent Eats


    It’s a rainy Friday here in Charlotte (and most of the Southeast) with Tropical Storm Hermine passing through. I checked in with my family yesterday and all is good in Florida. Luckily the storm just missed them and made landfall east of where they are. Our rain started last night with a band of heavy [...]

  • Pretty Girls + 5 Nights of Dinners


    Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is off to a nice and relaxing start. I woke up naturally around 7:15, made French press and a smoothie and cuddled with the girls. They went to the groomer yesterday where they got baths, their ears cleaned, nails trimmed and a little hair cut. They look thrilled about [...]

  • The Best Salmon Recipe + The Baddest Dog


    Holy half marathon commitment! We are at 140 strong and the emails keep rolling in about training together for a fall half. THANK YOU! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to connect with all of you and to share this experience. It’s going to be amazing! I especially love the [...]

  • Recent Eats on a Friday with Lots of Healthy Meal Ideas


    Happy Friday ! I feel like I’m always so late to the daily posting party because I spend my mornings teaching and training clients. In an ideal world I would write these posts a day ahead of time buuuuutttt I’m not sure that day will ever come. Hopefully some of you are still around on [...]

  • What I Ate In A Day + Recent Eats + Formulaic v. Creative


    Last week’s recent eats post with the “what I ate in a day” was a hit so I’m going to stick to that format this week. I think it’s helpful to see the whole picture of everything that goes into a day’s eats versus the breakfast/lunch/dinner highlights. I feel fortunate that I really enjoy cooking and [...]

  • A Big Moment for Zoey + Recent Eats


    We hit a major milestone over here this week. On Monday I left to go to lunch and an appointment and decided to leave Zoey out in the house instead of crating her. I closed the bedroom, office and bathroom doors and gave the two girls the run of the main part of the house. A [...]

  • Recent Eats: 2 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches and 5 Dinners


    Good morning! I’m on a break between yoga classes. I taught at 6 a.m. and I’m heading back to teach again at 9:45 a.m. The Thursday 9:45 is a new class for me (and the studio). We just added five new “not hot” classes to our morning schedule. These classes are held in a warm (think [...]

  • Sustainable Seafood with Blue Apron


    A few weeks ago I wrote about “how much is too much” when it comes to eating salmon. Salmon shows up on my menu plan at least once a week for dinner and often for several lunches as well. I was happy to learn that I could keep eating all the salmon I wanted but [...]

  • Recent Eats: Mexican Quinoa, One-Pan Dinners and Throw it in a Bowl


    Hey there. Sorry I have been quiet this week. Things have been busy with the work I do outside of blogging while personal life and friendships have needed some extra attention at the same time. One thing I have learned about juggling several job roles along with life in general is that everything ebbs and flows. [...]

  • Recent Eats + On the 30s HIIT Workout


    Good morning! I have some recent eats and the HIIT workout I taught last Sunday to share today. But first… In case you somehow missed it, yesterday was National Puppy Day! I think I like this day even more than National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day! :) It’s a great excuse to share some puppy pictures. Baby [...]

  • Recent Eats: Grain Salads + Clean, Healthy and Easy Dinner Ideas


    I hope everyone had a happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am (very) past the days of green beer but I am super excited to make some corned beef and cabbage. I wanted to make it tonight but the boy had to work late so I’m holding off until this weekend. I have a beautiful head [...]

  • Recent Eats: How Much Is Too Much?


    Welcome to Recent Eats, the “how much is too much…SALMON (and tuna)!” edition. I love salmon. We have it at least once a week for dinner and I usually cook enough so that I have leftovers to use as a salad topper. I also default to a can of salmon or tuna as a salad topper if [...]

  • Recent Eats: My First Whole30 Days 5-8


    Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m skipping the weekend recap in favor of sharing Whole30 days 5-8 with you (read about my decision to do Whole30 in this post). We started our 200-hour yoga teacher training over the weekend so my weekend pretty much looked like teaching yoga, talking about [...]

  • Recent Eats: Day 1-4 of My First Whole30


    Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday’s post about my first Whole30. I appreciate both the support of me doing the program as well as all of the experiences you shared about dealing with skin issues like eczema and dermatitis. While I’m sorry to hear that there are so many others struggling with [...]

  • End of the Year Catch Up


    It’s the last day of 2015 and I have a lot to catch you up on before we move to a new year! I’m thinking we’re going to have to start riding around in boats instead of cars over here. The rain has been crazy! My thoughts are with all of those who are experiencing [...]

  • Skipping the Thunder Road Half + Week of Eats


    Good morning. I hope your Friday is off to a great start and that you have fun things planned for the weekend. After spending the last few months training for the Thunder Road Half Marathon, I will not be lining up for tomorrow’s race. Thankfully, it’s not due to injury – I’m 100% healthy. Instead, [...]