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  • I Love Yoga Teacher Training


    Hey guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed Friday and that your weekend is off to a good start. Mine certainly is – I had great day at work and yoga teacher training tonight was fun and relaxing. Big news – I finally ran today! Sullie and I knocked out and easy (freezing cold) three miles before [...]

  • No Running, More Backbending


    Thank you for being nice and understanding readers regarding my grammar issues the other night. :) I think the biggest news of the day is that I continued my no running streak. I have not run in 10 days. TEN DAYS! I planned on running this evening but when Sarah g-chatted me asking if I [...]

  • Proof It


    I have to start this post with an apology for the atrocious grammatical errors in my last post. I was so tired that I did not proof it and it is clear that my brain had checked out when I was writing. I was so busy at work today that I didn’t have a chance [...]

  • Pasta and Photos


    Help! I got home from yoga teacher training tonight to find Brandon surrounded by old pictures. We had a few things in storage that we had to pick up today. One being a large box of photos. He’s been entertaining himself all night with my large collection of photos from middle, high school and college. [...]

  • The Bedroom Redo


    I promised you guys pictures of our recent bedroom redo.  Furniture is something that we are slowly working to update in our new house (we just bought it last April). Unfortunately, most of our furniture is still mainly made up of college pieces and hand me downs from family. We decided that the bedroom was [...]

  • Housewife Just For A Day


    We have some catching up to do! After my long, photo heavy Charleston recaps I didn’t have it in me to blog much more than the giveaway winner last night. I had MLK day off from work. Our office was open but we have the option to take MLK or President’s Day as a holiday. [...]

  • Link Love and Much of the Same


    Today was much like yesterday so let’s start off with something a little different. I love the blogging community and reading and commenting on other blogs. Here are some posts and blogs that I’ve enjoyed/discovered recently. Kelly finished her first marathon! Check out her Disney World Marathon recap here. Sara launched her new healthy living [...]

  • Day One – DONE!


    Yoga Teacher Training day one is officially OVER. And it was not bad at all! I arrived at the studio at 6 p.m. and learned that we were kicking off training with an ashtanga practice. Big sigh of relief…I love ashtanga! I added it to my yoga routine last summer and recently completed the Eight [...]

  • Our Own Reindeer


    Look – we have our very own reindeer to go with our Christmas tree! Sullie is one of the most tolerant dogs ever. While I admit that she does not look excited, she totally went with it to make me happy. ;) Since I posted Sara’s guest post last night, I have lots to catch [...]

  • A Cold 10 Miles


    I think it was a pretty even split between the white v. colored Christmas lights debate. We’ve compromised here and have colored on the tree in the house and are doing white outside. I’ve been busy, busy the last couple days. Friday morning started with an early hot vinyasa yoga class before work. I had [...]

  • Yoga, The Cowfish and a Long Run


    It’s Sunday evening but I’m not having the typical, “How can the weekend be over so soon?” feelings. I’m looking forward to the short work week and a four-day weekend including Thanksgiving! I hope that you all have Friday off of work too! Lots of happenings since I posted yesterday. I spent Saturday afternoon at [...]

  • A Lucky Girl


    Hi friends…this week has flown by – I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday. I’m so ready for a short week next week! I dragged (when I say dragged, I mean that I hit the snooze button several times and seriously considered not going) myself to ashtanga this morning. I rolled into the yoga studio wearing [...]

  • Five Things I’m Loving


    My friend Ashely writes really fun posts about five things she’s loving at the moment. I always enjoy reading these posts and thought I would borrow her idea tonight. So here are five things that I’m loving right now. 1. Hoodies. My cold weather go-to for comfort. I’ve been wearing them nonstop for the last [...]

  • Practice Makes Better


    I’ve said this before but I really prefer to practice yoga in the mornings. Most Tuesdays, I practice ashtanga before work. I opted to forgo today’s practice in favor of sleep since I am still trying to get over this cold.  As I went through my day I realized that I was feeling exponentially better [...]

  • Up and Down


    I really enjoyed reading your comments on yesterday’s post, “Who Are You?”  Thank you so much for taking the time to weigh in on how you identify yourself. And I completely agree that we are all a unique mix of things. I’m not just a runner but also a wife, daughter, yogi, teacher, friend, cook, [...]

  • PBR is Back!


    Not the beer, the blog! Some of you probably noticed that my blog was down Monday. I was in the process of moving it over to self-hosting. I apologize that I didn’t give you all more warning but I wasn’t sure when the switch was going to happen. I have been wanting to transition to [...]

  • Weekend Highlights


    FRIDAY Post-work run with Sarah. We covered an easy four miles and my legs felt the best they have in weeks. Taper is working! Dinner at George’s with Brandon. Carafe of wine. Cheap endless happy hour appetizers…we created a tapas spread for dinner (heavy on the seafood). Tuna bites. Calamari. French country pizza. White wine [...]

  • Lulu Love


    And I’m watching the Rachel Zoe Project again. This is seriously a problem – I’m obsessed. She’s trying to cook in this episode and she’s clueless. I’m loving it! It makes me feel less bad about having no fashion sense! ;) I went to ashtanga this morning for all of 20 minutes…and then I rolled [...]

  • Deficient


    I mentioned last week that I had blood work done just as a check. It had been years since I’d been thoroughly tested and given my recent activity level and diet I thought it was a good idea. I received a call from the nurse today that everything looked great but I am vitamin D [...]

  • Good Food + Good Tunes


    Whew, this has been a busy day and I’m gearing up for the rest of the week to be the same way. So much going on – but all good stuff! I subbed a BodyPump class after work and then booked it over to Y2 to squeeze in a quick ashtanga practice. So grateful that [...]

  • A BodyPump Visitor


    I could not sleep Wednesday night. I don’t know if it was my run, all the sugar in my frozen yogurt dinner or that I “slept in” until 7:15 a.m. the two mornings prior. I was just not tired. I finally fell asleep around 1 a.m. and popped out of bed at 5:15 a.m. when [...]

  • Good Eats and Kombucha Returns


    I really have not felt inspired to document all of my food over the last week or so. I’ve been enjoying the flexibility of sharing with you what’s on my mind – like long runs, abs and beach trips. Besides, I think it’s more interesting that way. Do you really care what I eat for [...]

  • 101th Post, Ashtanga Awkwardness, Grilled Okra Obsession


    Obviously, I couldn’t decide what to name this post. I usually really struggle with titles but tonight the creative juices were a flowin’ so you get a laundry list. Another thing I must note is that I’ve discovered the joys of blogging in bed. Last night Brandon was watching True Blood (which I know I’ve [...]

  • Early Riser and How to Work Out in the Morning


    My alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. this morning. Yeah…seemed like a good idea last night when I got in bed at 9:30 but I was definitely second guessing myself when it came down to it. But somehow it has become easier for me to get up when my alarm is set for the 5 [...]

  • Blogger Yoga and Dinner (and the importance of meal planning!)


    Last night’s dinner was proof that if you meal plan and have ingredients on hand you are much more likely to eat at home and make smart food choices (check out my “How to Menu Plan” post). I didn’t get home from yoga until 8:45 and some friend’s stopped by for a beer on their [...]

  • Instead of…

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    The last two days have been filled with a lot of “instead of.” Let me explain… Instead of running my planned 5 miles last night, I grocery shopped, baked, cooked dinner and updated Bakin’ and Eggs. I was so tired yesterday and my muscles (especially my hips) were aching. It took a cup of Yogi [...]

  • At A Crossroads


    Today was an off day. I felt strangely anxious all day for really no apparent reason. The day started off nicely with an easy three mile run but as it progressed I just got that weird feeling in my stomach and felt general anxiety. This isn’t really like me and I’m not sure what was [...]

  • My Exercise Journey…and Ashtanga Take Two


    I used to always stick with what I knew when it came to workouts – and what I knew was running. I was always very reluctant to try group exercise classes, walking was boring, the elliptical was boring, yoga was boring…I just wanted to go, go, go and feel the rush I got from running. [...]