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Sunset Beach

On Saturday after the baby shower I left Charlotte to spend a few days at the beach with a girlfriend and her family. They rent a house in Sunset Beach for two weeks every summer and she invited me to join them for a few days. It’s been so much fun to be a part of this big family vacation with kids running around, big group dinners and playing on the beach all day. So much so that I’ve actually extended my trip for another day. One of the best things about what I do is that I’m in control of my schedule. I can do my writing work from anywhere so I’m still writing stories for Run Charlotte Run and blogging while I’m here. And classes and clients can be subbed out and rescheduled. Everyone is always very understanding.

This is my first time visiting Sunset Beach, North Carolina. It’s a small beach town right at the border of North and South Carolina that’s an easy 3.5 hour trip from Charlotte. Sunset Beach consists primarily of rustic and charming beach houses with no condo buildings or big developments. It’s very relaxed and life definitely moves at a slower pace down here. Word on the street is that the island is dog friendly and I can definitely see myself returning for a long weekend this fall with Sullie for some beach time.


When I arrived the first day the sun was setting. The house that we’re in is on the intercoastal waterway (but still just a block from the beach) and everyone has been out in the water on paddle boards and in kayaks. I’m going to try out the whole paddle board yoga thing today! 🙂


It was instant relaxation to arrive here, be handed a glass of wine and head out to the dock to watch the kids swim and the sun set.


Sunset at the beach is my favorite time of day with all of the pretty pink light.


Days have been spent working and working out in the morning and spending the afternoon on the beach reading, chatting and floating around in the water. I have always loved swimming in the ocean and the waves here are pretty great. Side note about reading, I cannot get into this book.


There have been “cocktails to go” at the beach every day.


It took weeks of texting and follow ups from this girl asking whether I’d cleared my calendar to come to the beach but I am SO HAPPY that I did.

Next up, I’ll share all the delicious food we’ve been eating!

I’m off to run on the beach. Have a great day!

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