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Lately & Weekend: The Best Run + The Best Low-Key Saturday Night

I hope you guys had a good Monday. My eyes bolted awake at 5 a.m. and I could never get back to sleep. I decided to start my day on a mindful note and I did a guided morning meditation from my Insight Timer app.

The meditation included seven affirmations for the day, the last of which really stuck with me. It was to be impeccable with your word and to use your word to spread love and kindness, both in your internal and external dialogues. And also about the power of sometimes holding your word and listening instead. It reminded me a lot about the “be impeccable with your word” chapter in The Four Agreements and was just what I needed to ground me to kick off the week.

My day also ended on a lovely note with a sunset run. I know I’ve said it so many times this winter and I’m sorry to rub it in for those of you in cold, snowy places but we are having the mildest winter. I think I read today that it’s the 7th warmest winter on record. I ran in shorts and a tank top tonight and it was 65 degrees. I covered six miles and it was one of those runs that just felt so good.

Rewinding to the weekend, I totally failed on taking pictures.

Woodlands Indian Charlotte

I think it’s safe to say that the highlight of my weekend was getting a mani/pedi and then coming home and having the most delicious Indian feast delivered via Postmates (use my code EZ8IN for a free first delivery). We talked about going to to see a movie but when Tanner said there were some highly rated movies available on Amazon, I was like couch, PJs, wine and takeout…DONE.

Woodlands Indian Charlotte

Our food was from Woodlands. It’s a vegetarian Indian restaurant in Charlotte that is super highly rated. I’ve been wanting to try it for years. Tanner suggested Indian as we were scrolling through the Postmates app so we decided to give it a go. We both loved, loved, loved the food. We went with an appetizer sampler and the North Indian Thali which included two curries, dahl, halwa, raita, naan and rice with all sorts of delicious sauces. I really want to visit the restaurant and dine in next time!

FYI: we watched the movie Arrival and it was good but the ending was so confusing. It was one of those endings where you had to Google, “Arrival movie ending meaning.”

Berry Smoothie with Be Runa Seed Sweet

I also did a couple of berry-packed smoothies topped with Be Runa berry vanilla seed sweet.

And I can’t get enough of this carrot/butternut/apple/ginger soup. I will be sharing the recipe soon!

Salmon with shredded brussels sprouts and fried plantains

We ended the weekend with baked salmon, shredded brussels sprouts and plantains fried in coconut oil.

Off to eat dinner. We’re having leftover shepherd’s pie and I’m excited! 🙂

Favorite food to get takeout/delivery?

Have you seen a good movie lately?



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  • Kelsey February 20, 2017, 9:32 pm

    This weekend, I saw Manchester By the Sea, that was another great movie! I definitely recommend it! I also signed up for your yoga weekend in Harrisburg in April–I can’t wait! 😀

  • Casey the College Celiac February 20, 2017, 10:33 pm

    I’ve never actually ordered take out since my celiac diagnosis (not directly talking to the chef/server makes me very nervous), but my favorite “pick-up-take-home” meal is Chipotle!

  • Lauren C February 21, 2017, 8:26 am

    We saw Arrival in theaters and loved it! I agree that the structure of the movie can be confusing, but I loved some of the philosophical dilemmas it dealt with. Like, if you knew where your life was headed or would end up, would you make the same choices – and finding and appreciating the joy in life, even when there’s pain that comes with it.

    Also love Woodlands, btw. Delicious!

  • ACKTIVE LIFE February 21, 2017, 8:37 am

    I haven’t seen any good movies in a LONG time, but Billions is back on Showtime and it is SO GOOD! And yes I am so jealous of your warm weather, although it is starting to get more mild here in the Northeast…THANK GOODNESS! xoxo

  • Ashley February 21, 2017, 8:44 am

    Hi Jen! Do you have any recommendations for restaurants to eat at in Charlotte while on Whole 30? I have a couple occasions coming up where I have to eat out, but am in control of the place, so I’m looking around for options!


  • Rebecca February 21, 2017, 9:40 am

    I feel like we hardly ever get takeout, when we do it’s usually Chipotle or Pei Wei! Not very exciting.

    Haha, I actually saw the Broadway production of Newsies this past weekend. They filmed a performance and had some limited showings at movie theaters. It was soooo good! It was so hard for me not to sing along.

  • Alyssa February 21, 2017, 10:11 am

    I’m with ya on the winter running. Our weather has been gorgeous in Chapel Hill! I love it! We saw Arrival a few days ago and I really liked it. We’ve been watching a lot of stand up comedians on Netflix and it has been so nice to end our day laughing and smiling. We have been ordering Thai a lot lately and it is sooo good.

  • Katie @ Live Half Full February 21, 2017, 5:52 pm

    We ordered pizza for the first time in months last week and it hit the spot!

    I also made your Butter Chicken last week and it was amazing! Totally making again.

  • Jessica February 21, 2017, 8:49 pm

    Ha, I just had to comment… We watched Arrival this weekend too and at the end I was like wait, WTF? Totally googled that under my covers way past my bedtime!

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