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Friday I’m In Love, Volume 5

Happy Friday!

I’m happy to be sitting down.


I had a busy start to my Friday. I trained clients at 5:30, 6:45 and 7:30 a.m. and then taught hot yoga at 9:30. I rushed straight from yoga to my own training session where my trainer put me through quite the leg workout. Tomorrow should be interesting. I may be doing the awkward toilet sitting dance.

A few things I’m loving to share to wrap up the week!


One of my friends gifted me this Be Runa Black Truffle Seed Salt. It’s a mix of sesame seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, hemp seed, mineral salts, chia seed, flax seed, poppy seed, nutritional yeast, maca, garlic and black truffle. It’s wonderful! We have been sprinkling it on everything from salads to roasted veggies to scrambled eggs. It’s a small business started by a woman in San Diego but I’m very impressed and wishing her much success!


I picked up Girls of Riyadh at a local used book store and it’s totally captured my attention.

“When Rajaa Alsanea boldly chose to open up the hidden world of Saudi women—their private lives and their conflicts with the traditions of their culture—she caused a sensation across the Arab world. Now in English, Alsanea’s tale of the personal struggles of four young upper-class women offers Westerners an unprecedented glimpse into a society often veiled from view. Living in restrictive Riyadh but traveling all over the globe, these modern Saudi women literally and figuratively shed traditional garb as they search for love, fulfillment, and their place somewhere in between Western society and their Islamic home.”

I know it’s a limited look at what life is like for Saudi women but I have found it an interesting read.


My mom and I spotted these Reef Mallory Scrunch Multi-Colored flip flops while out shopping on my visit but the store didn’t have my size. I tracked them down online and ordered them last weekend. They arrived this week and I love them! I’m excited to take them on vacation. I love the multi-color pattern because it matches so many things and Reef flip flops are always comfy. I think this is my first pair since college. Black Reef flip flops were quite the thing to wear to game days when I was at the University of Georgia (along with our strapless red and black dresses). Oh the things we thought were stylish in college.


Love the idea for Perfect Protein Truffles from Premier Protein for a healthier twist on Valentine’s Day chocolates. Coconut milk, coconut flour cocoa powder, peanut butter and chocolate protein powder dipped in melted chocolate? Sign me up! These are gluten-free!

Totally loved my TGIF Flow for this morning’s hot class. Some of my students started dancing in standing splits when the throwback “Gotta Get Thru This” came on. So good.

One more hot class to teach today and then I’m looking forward to a relaxing Friday night. I’m getting spoiled and getting a Thai yoga massage from my fiance. He’s a certified practitioner and did his training under Saul David Raye. He wants to practice for a couples workshop we are leading at the studio tomorrow for Valentine’s and I was like, “I will totally be your practice dummy.” 🙂

What are you loving today?

Any book recommendations? I need some for our trip!

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  • Hilary February 12, 2016, 8:11 pm

    That massage sounds amazing! Enjoy that relaxing Friday night!

  • Andrea February 13, 2016, 9:16 am

    Hey Jen! I know that you are really hoping that you are not gluten intolerant (totes can relate!) and wanted to point out that even if you do end up having a gluten sensitivity, it may just be only American wheat. For some reason, there have been numerous cases of people, thinking they are gluten intolerant, finding that they have no trouble at all eating gluten overseas in European countries (most likely to the way wheat is processed here, GMOs, etc.) not sure if you knew about this and not sure what the research/credibility surrounding these claims are but just wanted to draw your attention to it! 🙂

    • DeeDee February 15, 2016, 1:51 pm

      I’m one of those. I had numerous health problems disappear when I stopped eating wheat here at home in the US, as did my aunt. A few years into wheat-free eating we had a chance to go to Tuscany together and made the decision beforehand to eat wheat there and just deal with the consequences (we both brought along medication to deal with the symptoms), as we were not going to pass up on a chance to eat fresh pasta in Italy!

      We ate wheat products every day while we were there and neither of us had a single symptom. Our Tums, asthma inhalers, hydrocortisone, etc all went unused the whole trip.

  • Tracy February 13, 2016, 2:27 pm

    omg I’d be asking to be a practice dummy regularly!!

  • erin February 21, 2016, 3:29 pm

    yay! love it when you post playlists!

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