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Community Updates + New Year’s Weekend Recap

Happy first Monday of 2017. Thank you for your insightful responses about reflecting back on 2016. They were beautiful.

A few things to catch you up on before a quick New Year’s weekend recap (it was pretty uneventful).

  1. If you’re interested in doing Whole30 with me starting next Monday, January 9, now is the time to prep and educate yourself on the program. I HIGHLY recommend reading It Starts with Food to understand the science behind Whole30. I found it extremely beneficial for my own personal knowledge, explaining it to others and in helping me to stick with it. *Tip…you can also download the book on Audible and listen to it on your commute/runs/etc if that works better for you!
  2. I’ve created a Facebook group just for the Whole30 so that we can share encouragement, ideas and ask questions. I’ll be there to support you through the best that I can. And FYI on Whole30 when it comes to the blog, I will be sharing my eats like always along with some Whole30-compliant recipes but I promise that it won’t become all Whole30, all the time over here because I totally get that some of you aren’t interested. I’ll still have the same general content mix going.
  3. If you’re not joining in on Whole30 but just want some general inspiration around fitness and being the healthiest, happiest you in 2017, you’re welcome to join my Peanut Butter Runner Facebook community. We have over 600 members and it’s a great place to connect with other like-minded women!

So New Year’s weekend…it was very low-key. First, we had just returned home from Florida and I wanted to lay low and get settled back in. Second, I just felt mostly blah about it all. I would probably say the highlight of my weekend was coming home on Friday night to a note from Tanner that he’d put my new pajamas out on the bed for me.


He got me a PajamaGram for Christmas with a set of the “World’s Softest Pajamas” but due to a package mishap, they ended up at the Post Office and he couldn’t get them until we got back to Charlotte. I have to say, they’re pretty darn cozy. 😉 (And he knows me well.)

Okay, here are a few photos from the weekend.

Namastay Kitchen

I was like, “give me a salad” after spending 11 hours in the car on Thursday and all the road trip snackage that came with that. I met Dorie for lunch on Friday at Namastay Kitchen to plan our workshop and we ordered matching salads. 🙂

Smoothie Bowl

On Saturday morning I ate a smoothie bowl with homemade granola while I put together the workbook for our workshop.

Namastay Kitchen Beet Burger

I had lunch with Tanner in the restaurant after teaching and before my workshop. The studio has been crazy busy lately and I had 84 people in my class on Saturday. The energy was off the charts. I ordered a salad with spinach, arugula, almonds, cranberries, avocado and our house-made beet burger.

A video posted by Y2 Yoga Studio (@y2yoga) on

I stayed at the studio after the workshop to take our LAST CLASS of 2016! After spending the day teaching everyone else, I needed to end the year with my own practice. I made this little Hyperlapse video for our Y2 Instagram.

I don’t know if you can handle how awesome my NYE was…I spent two hours doing online learning for the YMCA so that I could renew one of my certifications by the end of the year. (Way to wait until the last minute there…)

broiled lobster tail

I started dinner around 8:30. Tanner randomly said, “I want lobster for dinner” earlier in the day so I told him to go find some and I’d cook it. He came home with four lobster tails and two giant steaks. I told him we’d save the “turf” for the next night.

lobster tail with steamed green beans and pureed asparagus

I broiled the lobster tails and served them with steamed green beans and mashed cauliflower. Random Whole30 side note, everything on this plate is Whole30 compliant minus the butter I used in the cauliflower and on the lobster. I could have replaced it with ghee. Just showing you that you can eat really delicious food on the Whole30 and it doesn’t have to be boring.

I was in bed with two golden retrievers at midnight and didn’t do any kind of countdown or watch the ball drop. I honestly just closed my eyes and hugged my girls at 11:59 and when I opened them again it was 12:01.

I was excited about my Sunday morning plans. One of my friends hosts a New Year’s Day pajama brunch. I spent the morning drinking coffee and making my dish for the potluck.

Here’s my plate! I made that egg casserole up front and I’ll be sharing the recipe this week.

I wrapped up New Year’s Day teaching and taking. I had a good sweat angel going after class. I’m slowly diving back into my yoga practice after taking a step back from it this fall. I’m finding myself on my mat a lot. I’ve practiced the last four days in a row and it’s been just what I need on every level. I predict the yoga focus will continue as we are kicking off our winter 200-hour teacher training on January 6.

Happy New Year. And I can’t say it enough…thank you for being here.

What did you eat on New Year’s Eve or Day?

Did you workout on New Year’s Day?

Favorite pajamas?

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  • Sarah January 2, 2017, 8:25 pm

    I’ve read so much about Whole 30 and lots of my clients do it, but I’m just not at the point to do it since I don’t really have any food sensitivities. Love reading about it vicariously through others though. And a New Years Day pajama brunch is amazing, I can get on board with that!

  • Casey the College Celiac January 2, 2017, 10:49 pm

    My New Year’s Eve was equally low key…basically just an average night of reading, blogging and relaxing with family. But my dad and kicked off the New Year with a morning hot class. My second year in a row! Such a good way to start the year!

    • Jen DeCurtins January 4, 2017, 10:42 am

      Yay for yoga to start the new year! The best way to honor your body and get intentional! 🙂

  • Lynn January 3, 2017, 3:44 pm

    Hi Jen. I was looking for Whole30 inspiration. I started my second round Sunday. Stumbled across yours from last year and was relieved with excitement when you mentioned your eyelids with dermatitis!! That’s the main reason I began this second one. I eat pretty healthy for the most part but wonder if its dairy. Hope its not wine!!! But I love cheese too… I was wondering how your eyelids have faired after your reintroduction phase. I took pictures this time of my face, eye lids, took measurements. I didn’t do that last time. Interested in how my face will look. I’m 49 about to 50 this year. So, could be some hormonal changes. I don’t really have weight to lose except maybe a couple from holidays. I was totally impressed with how much you leaned out on Whole30! Please let me hear from you. Thanks and blessings to you! Lynn Huggins

    • Jen DeCurtins January 4, 2017, 10:40 am

      Hi Lynn! Thanks for stopping by!

      My eyelid dermatitis came back after the re-introduction. I think it has to do with some sort of yeast imbalance in my gut that wine and sugar do not help but I will say that it’s about 75% improved over where it was when I started the program, even on my regular diet. I noticed that dairy made me break out so I’ve limited it a lot this past year. All other foods have been a go. I love the idea of taking pictures of your face. I’m going to do that too!

      RE: the leaning. I didn’t even lose weight, it was all inflammation. I also lifted a TON on Whole30!

      So happy to connect! 🙂

  • eliz January 4, 2017, 10:15 am

    Hi! What is your goal in doing another whole30? I noticed you like pureed cauliflower. Aren’t all types of potatoes whole30 approved?
    Running on new years! Have finally worked back up to 11 miles, after herniating a disc in my back last year from shoveling snow. Don’t have any cute pajamas, I wear like three layers and socks tucked into pants. It is minus 13 here this morning!

    • Jen DeCurtins January 4, 2017, 10:37 am

      Hey there – I just felt really good when I did it last year on all levels…skin, sleep, energy, etc. RE: skin… While I still struggle with flairs of my eyelid dermatitis, it’s been about 75% improved since my last Whole30. Also, my skin completely cleared up with no breakouts on Whole30. It’s now been a bit of a mess for the month of December with constant breakouts. I know it has a lot to do with what I’ve been eating.

      I also love sugar more than anything else in the world and Whole30 REALLY helped me get that to a good place. I definitely plan on going back to my normal diet post-Whole 30 but a little cleaner version of it! 🙂

      And yes, all potatoes are allowed on the Whoel30 but we just love pureed cauliflower, especially with truffle oil! 🙂

      AND GOOD LORD THAT IS COLD. Congrats on 11 miles! 🙂

      • eliz January 4, 2017, 12:28 pm

        Thanks! Great to cut back on sugar. I eat small amounts, but don’t eliminate sugar. Had a squash, sweet potato, banana bowl this morning with a spoonful of chia pudding, drizzle of almond butter, cinnamon and almond milk. Thank you for giving me the idea of squash/sweet potato/banana combo. Love it!

  • eliz January 4, 2017, 12:44 pm

    I guess you won’t be doing the sourdough post this month because of the whole30? 🙁
    February? REally looking forward to it. Want to get back to baking boules, but with a new recipe as the old hasn’t been working great and your Dad’s recipe looks perfect!

    • Jen DeCurtins January 4, 2017, 3:09 pm

      I plan to still bake! I’ll gift my loaves to friends! 🙂 So maybe yes! 🙂

      • eliz January 4, 2017, 7:50 pm

        Oh good! Planning on making your Dad’s cinnamon rolls soon also, as well as the egg casserole you posted today. Thank you.

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