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Well, yoga was a bit of a disappointment Sunday evening. My favorite instructor Suzanne ended up needing a sub at the last minute. I have to admit that I was a bit upset when I found out she wasn’t there but as a group ex instructor I know how much it stinks to be a sub so I tried to have an open mind about it. I’ll sum it up like this – I got in all the postures I needed and was physically spent but left without the inspired feeling that I take away from Suzanne’s class.

I had a fun dinner planned Sunday night. Some of you may know this but I have a 68 Days of Gourmet project on my food blog (in honor of the 68 years that Gourmet magazine was in production). Knowing about the project, my in law’s gave me an original copy of the July 1946 Gourmet for Christmas this year. The early version of the magazine is nothing like what we’re used to. All of the recipes are written into stories and this particular recipe called for a can of cream of mushroom soup – UNHEARD of in any recent publication!

I decided to try the Veal Scallopine recipe but I subbed pork tenderloin for the veal (couldn’t find veal  and couldn’t go there). You have to go check out my food blog just to read the recipe. It includes directions such as, “When veal is tender as a lovely lady’s sigh.” Hilarious.

I served the dish with rice and roasted broccoli.

Brandon and I both got in really long workouts Sunday. Me running + hot yoga and him almost two hours on the elliptical. Don’t know how he did it – I would have died of boredom! I was a really bad influence and suggested going to Dairy Queen for blizzards after dinner. It was the last day of their buy one, get one for a quarter promotion (in celebration of their 25th anniversary). I had a Reese’s blizzard, my all time favorite flavor (chocolate + peanut butter)! So we pretty much negated our workouts but it was so worth it.

(image from blog.dairyqueen.com)

I taught BodyPump this morning and went heavy on my weights again! One of the other instructors, Kathryn, left a comment on my blog that she was going to join me in my “Go Heavy” challenge and was encouraging her class to do the same. So I had no choice but to keep it heavy this morning. I even had a few members take me up on it and add some weight! We had an awesome class – morning members are so fun and motivated! 🙂

Pretty typical breakfast…apple cinnamon oatmeal. I’ll spare you a picture (do you really want to see the same picture every morning!?) but here’s what went in the pot: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup soy milk, 1/2  cup water, pinch salt, 1/2 diced apple, cinnamon, raisins, 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds, sprinkle of ground flax and a teaspoon-ish of Trader Joe’s CranApple butter. Toppings were Crofter’s and Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.

Lunch today was a slice of yesterday’s banana bread (made with 1/2 whole wheat flour, ground flax and Greek yogurt in place of some of the oil) topped with plain Greek yogurt and a little more Crofter’s. I didn’t know how it would taste but the tang of the Greek yogurt was nice with the fruit spread to sweeten it up a bit. On the side was diced cantaloupe and strawberries.

I feel like I’ve put in a whole other work day in since I’ve been home. I’ve been going nonstop. First, I made and photographed two recipes for the food blog (since the rest of this week is going to be so crazy). Then I got to packing. Ugh, how can two people have so much stuff!? So overwhelming…

My mother in law was so sweet to send over dinner since we were so busy packing.

Baby greens with orange, onions and blue cheese. I made a simple white wine/dijon vinaigrette to accompany.

Dijon chicken with almonds, a greens mix of swiss chard, collards and kale (yum) and twice baked potatoes. I am stuffed but it was SO nice not to have to worry about cooking tonight.

Keep the great comments coming about going soda free. Sometime this week I’ll compile a list of fun alternative beverages!

I’ve been up since 5 a.m. and tomorrow will be another early morning – I’m going to go to a hot vinyasa class before work. I’m trying to cram as many workouts into the beginning of the week as I can since the rest of this week/weekend is going to be crazy, crazy. Off to bed!

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  • Cristen Floyd April 27, 2010, 5:37 pm

    Loved the DQ special. We also splurged on Wednesday afternoon for Graham’s office for secretary’s day. They only have 5 staff members and of course i had to get an even number so there was an extra for me! I tried the banana split and found it to be so much lighter (if a Blizzard can be light) than the chocolate alternatives. I don’t really get much out of sodas anymore and try to avoid them. I really prefer seltzer water in the summer but have always had a hard time drinking it out of the can. For convenience sake, as a mom, I have recently had to grab the can and go and am getting used to it. Another great way to increase your water intake with a little fizziness.

    • Jen May 3, 2010, 8:45 pm

      I love Banana Split Blizzards! I couldn’t decide whether to get the banana split or the Reese’s when we went! I am also so weird about drinking water out of a can but I do love club soda and it is SO refreshing during the warm weather months. Strange because I prefer Diet Coke from a can and not a bottle.

      Can’t wait to see you VERY soon!

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