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80Fresh Review: Home Cooked Meals in 20 Minutes or Less

A review of 80Fresh, a meal delivery service offering healthy meal options that are ready in 20 minutes or less.

This post is sponsored by 80Fresh. If you’re looking for a healthy meal delivery solution without all the prep work or a better option for singles, 80Fresh is for you. Keep reading to learn how you can get 30% off your 80Fresh subscription.

Last year when I sent out my Peanut Butter Runner reader survey I asked you guys, “What is your biggest struggle when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle?” The top two responses (by a landslide) were diet/meal plan related. 65% of respondents cited “diet and balanced eating” and 45% “finding the time to meal plan.”

I hear you loud and clear and I believe the struggle with diet and balanced eating can be improved when there is adequate time for meal planning and prep. I think we can all agree that when you’re prepped for success that it’s much easier to make good choices when it comes to your diet. The two go hand-in-hand.

I love meal planning for many reasons. It saves me money, helps me break out of food ruts, lets me get creative in the kitchen and I generally feel better when I eat home cooked meals. The thing is, I know my own limitations and not to set myself up for failure when it comes to meal planning. Sometimes as much as I want to make a meal plan happen, I either a) don’t have the time to even put one together or b) don’t have the bandwidth to execute it once I actually get into the week.

This is where I have started turning to meal delivery services to provide assistance during the weeks (or months!) of life that I know are going to be busy. I have reviewed quite a few meal delivery services here on my blog because I honestly use them even when I’m not working with brands and find them to be incredibly helpful. I’m super excited to tell you about 80Fresh and how it helped me pull off cooking our first week in our new house when life was feeling a little chaotic.

80Fresh Review – Home Cooked Meals Ready in 20 Minutes or Less

80Fresh Single Servings

Let’s start with what differentiates 80Fresh from other meal delivery services…less time cooking and prepping! No 80Fresh meal will take you longer than 20 minutes to cook. Most are ready in under 10. 80Fresh does a ton of the prep and pre-cooking for you by doing things like washing and peeling produce, making sauces, chopping and dicing and even cooking some of the side items. You cook the parts of the dish that are most important for freshness and taste.

80Fresh Salmon

The second thing that differentiates 80Fresh is a focus on providing fresh and delicious food that fits within a healthy lifestyle. The significance of the 80 in the product name is their focus on the 80/20 balance when it comes to diet. 80Fresh wants to make the 80% healthy easy for you so that you’re free to enjoy the other 20 however you please! 🙂

And finally, 80Fresh is a great option for singles. No cooking for two or having to order way more food than you need. I think this would also be great for those of you looking for single-serve meals to take to work. You could cook and package the meals on the weekends so that they’re ready to go for the week.

80Fresh Delivery

The meals arrive in an insulated box grouped by dish and also organized and labeled. My food was cold and extremely fresh upon arrival and all of the meat/seafood was tucked away in the coldest part of the box. The shipments are delivered weekly and you can choose how many mouths you’re feeding, how many meals you want and whether you want the regular menu or vegetarian. They also offer options for changing your menu for the week if you’d want to make substitutions.

You are provided with recipe cards that walk you through the steps of prepping your dish. Let me walk you through the meals that I received!

80Fresh Meals

80Fresh Maple Glazed Salmon

First up was a maple glazed salmon with braised kale and pumpkin spice risotto. The kale and risotto came pre-cooked and I had to cook the salmon.

80Fresh Maple Glazed Salmon with Kale and Risotto

This dish was easy and so tasty. I reheated the risotto with chicken stock so that it wasn’t dry. The kale was absolutely to die for and I wish I had a giant tub of it in my fridge.

80Fresh Zoodles Bolognese

Next up was bolognese sauce over zoodles. The sauce actually came all ready to go so I didn’t even have to cook the meat. I just stuck it in a saucepan and heated it up. That’s the beautiful thing about tomato-based sauces like this…they almost always taste better leftover.

80Fresh Zoodles Bolognese

Another winner! And it’s worth noting that the portion sizes are extremely generous and most dishes we received averaged anywhere from 450-650 calories.

80Fresh Three-Bean Chili

Finally was a southwest three-bean chili with turkey. I cooked the ground turkey and added it in with the chili base from 80Fresh. It was packed with veggies and flavor. We added avocado to as a topping (just can’t help myself when it comes to avocado) along with the lime crema that 80Fresh sent.

If you’re looking for a meal delivery service that does most of the work for you while still delivering nutritious and delicious menu items, I would definitely check out 80Fresh. I found the quality of everything to be extremely good and I was please to learn that their produce is sourced from a local vendor and the meat from various local farms. All of the meat in 80Fresh meals is antibiotic and hormone free.

Tanner and I both enjoyed these meals and would love to use 80Fresh again in the future!

Ready to try 80Fresh?

Head on over to their website and place your order by Thursday to receive meals for next week. Use code PBRUNNER to receive 30% off the first week of any subscription. If you want to try it out before committing to a subscription, check out their starter package which gives you a one-time 20% discount.

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to meal planning and prep?

What are your go-to strategies for dealing with it?

Have you tried a meal delivery service to help?



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  • Juliette | Namastay Traveling April 25, 2017, 9:39 pm

    I’ve been looking for an alternative meal service! I haven’t loved the last one I’ve tried but this is new to me. Looking into trying it out! My biggest struggle is finding variety. I have certain go-to meals that I make each week..but means we’re eating salmon and veggies all.the.time. Ready for a change!

    • Jen April 27, 2017, 8:56 am

      I hear you on getting stuck turning to the same meals/ingredients over and over again. That’s part of what I love so much about the meal delivery services!

  • Alicia April 26, 2017, 8:56 am

    Thanks so much for this. Like the other commenter, I have tried other meal services and they were hard, long and not worth it! I’m wondering though if you know anything about the sourcing for 80 fresh? Is the salmon wild, for example? Thanks again!!!

    • Jen April 27, 2017, 8:52 am

      Hey Alicia!

      Here’s what is on the FAQ page re:ingredient sourcing.

      As much as possible. We source our produce from a local vendor and our meat from various local farms. All meat is antibiotic and hormone free. We also streamline our ordering and sourcing process so that when you place your order, your food ends up arriving fresh from its source as quickly as it possibly can.

      I’m sure I could get more details if you guys are interested.

      • Alicia April 27, 2017, 11:23 am

        Oh thank you! Duh, I could’ve done that. I appreciate it, Jen!!!!

  • Jessica May 4, 2017, 10:11 am

    I’ve been thinking about a meal delivery service, but am turned off by all the packaging. Look at all those plastic containers and bags! I don’t think the convenience outweighs that huge negative for me.

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