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Memorial Day 2011

Catching up from a weekend away?

– BYOB Sushi + A Fun Blogger Wine Outing on Friday
– Long Weekend Love with a long run and a giant skillet-sized chocolate chip cookie on Saturday

Happy Memorial Day. I have definitely had quite a few moments of reflection today to appreciate the meaning of this holiday. It is so much more than just a day off of work. I am thankful for those who serve and have served our country and am awed by their selflessness, bravery and devotion.

Sunday night we enjoyed a cookout with Brandon’s family.

It was a beautiful evening for a cookout and it was so much fun having lots of kiddos there. Brandon is ridiculously good with kids – they just flock to him. So sweet.

We had a delicious spread. Starting with the baked beans and working clockwise…baked beans, mixed greens salad with strawberries (my contribution), bacon ranch potato salad (my contribution – recipe on Bakin’ and Eggs!), macaroni salad, avocado black bean salad, chocolate chip cookies, strawberry pie, sweet potato pie, banana pudding, burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings, corn and cole slaw. Whew, a feast!

My plate – salad, corn, baked beans, avocado black bean salad and potato salad. I passed on the burgers and hot dogs because there were just too many tasty side choices.

My dessert plate included a little taste of everything – sweet potato pie, banana pudding and strawberry pie.

I think the highlight of my night was watching Brandon’s cousin’s little boy eat limes.

He’s two and he kept going around and steeling limes out of glasses and sucking on them. And then he would make this face…

Is this not the cutest thing?

I went home with a full belly and a happy heart. I always love spending time with Brandon’s family. I am extremely blessed in the in laws department and I love his aunts, uncles and cousins too! :P

My morning started with some quality time on my yoga mat. I attended a 60 minute power mixed class and half of a 90 minute hot vinyasa class at my studio. I set myself up directly in front of  a heater for power mixed and really went all out with my practice. It felt amazing but by the end of class I thought I might spontaneously combust! I was planning on doing doubles with the hot vinyasa class after but only stayed for half. I think you could have wrung a gallon of sweat from my clothes! My pants felt like they weighed 10 pounds!

When I got home I made Brandon and I brunch – French toast made with Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat. I topped mine with sunflower butter, sauteed bananas, plain Greek yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup.

One of the reasons I decided to cut my yoga morning short was because we had plans to spend another afternoon in the yard. After last weekend’s experience, I knew I needed to conserve some energy.

That would be my husband on the roof. He cleaned the roof and the gutters and then installed gutter guards around the whole house. I spent my time ripping out more ivy, raking, bagging and planting.

Coming in at 30 bags, we beat last week’s 25. It was intense. There was no snake this week but instead a swarm of yellow jackets that left me with a nice sting under my lip. :(

Oh, and it was 90 degrees. What an afternoon!

We are spending the evening out on the patio and grilling kebabs. I think a Scrabble match is in order after dinner. It’s going to be fierce. I am so competitive! ;)

Hope you guys had a great Memorial Day!


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  • 1
    Danielle May 30, 2011, 10:18 pm

    You and your husband are seriously so beautiful! Your kids are going to be show stoppers!

  • 2
    Alaina May 31, 2011, 12:20 am

    What a cute family!! Looks like you had a great Memorial Day weekend. :-)

    I would have probably loaded up on sides and dessert too.

  • 3
    Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) May 31, 2011, 6:55 am

    Aww your memorial day looks awesome! And wow that’s one long yoga practise!! I would’ve passed out after an hour! :P

    And I am seriously drooling over your dessert plate. That sweet potato pie…mmm… :)

  • 4
    Rhona @ Redwinerunner.co.uk May 31, 2011, 7:21 am

    That food all looks SOO delicious! I love big spread dinners like that where you can mix and match.
    I love my tiny family but I do wonder if I’ve missed out on big family gatherings like the one you’ve described above. They do look fun…at 27 I’m the youngest in my family and have been so all my life! I have no siblings, cousins, Aunts or Uncles – just me, my folks and my Mum’s Dad. My partner’s family however = HUGE. It will be quite daunting to marry into that!

  • 5
    Christina May 31, 2011, 8:24 am

    Isn’t tearing ivy up the worst part of yard work?? Our yard was covered with ivy when we moved in, and WOW is it stubborn to remove. We discovered that if you leave a few straggly pieces on the lawn, they will re-root right there on the spot! I bet it feels great though to make so much progress. Good luck!

  • 6
    Megan@eatmybeets June 1, 2011, 10:09 am

    I love cookouts! I also got to attend one this weekend. The food looks delectable!

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