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October 2011

  • Farewell October


    I cannot believe it is the last day of October. The holidays are right around the corner and 2011 will be over before we know it. This has been a big year for me. I completed yoga teacher training, received my personal trainer certification and made a huge career change. It's all sitting a little [...]

  • Back On The Grid


    Well...I pretty much fell off the face of the blog planet this weekend. I kind of needed a break from it. Actually, I kind of needed a break from busy life in general. Brandon was gone on a guy's trip from Wednesday-Sunday so I took the opportunity to do the single girl thing. I slept. [...]

  • Fight Gone Mad


    Hello and happy weekend. I'm a little behind on daily updates since I wrote the "Reactions" post on Thursday and took a blog break on Friday. For the most part, I don't have too much to report. Just the usual...lots of yoga and teaching. One thing I do want to share is a really awesome [...]

  • Reactions


    Lately, I have been focusing on having more control over the way that I react...to good news, bad news, frustrating situations, interactions with other people, etc. It's easy to quickly react to events, situations and people without pausing to evaluate. And the pause is critical. It can provide a better view of the situation at [...]

  • Chocolaty or Fruity?


    Don't judge. I'm currently blogging from bed and it's only 6 p.m. For the past few nights I've only been averaging 5ish hours of sleep and that's just not cutting it. I was hoping to take a nap but Brandon came home and then I got to chatting with him. Regardless, it feels good just [...]

  • A (Good) Long Day


    Whew. Tuesdays nearly do me in. I'm barely holding my eyes open on the couch over here while we watch Bridesmaids and I still need to get some work done to prepare for tomorrow. Although my day was busy, it was full of activities that I love so it's all good. Alarm was set for [...]

  • A Boston Visitor


    Guess who came to Charlotte to visit!? Alaina from The Jogging Concierge! Alaina and I have been blog friends for over a year now so I was thrilled when she told me she was planning a trip to Charlotte this fall. I am so happy to have her here! Breakfast after teaching BodyPump this morning [...]

  • The Day The Laptop Died


    I hope it's been a good weekend for y'all. Mine was pretty low-key but perfect. Lots of yoga, a baby shower, two nights spent relaxing on the couch and incredible weather. What was not so incredible about my weekend was my laptop deciding it was time to go to computer heaven on Saturday night. I [...]

  • Sprint to the Finish


    I have a love/hate relationship with 5Ks. Running 3.1 miles seems easy enough but I just can't run them without going into total race mode and basically taking off in a full of sprint like a bat out of hell. I ran the Dowd Y "Rocktoberfest" 5K this morning. The Dowd Y Half Marathon & [...]

  • Career Change: One Month Check-In


    Four weeks ago today I left my career in advertising and announced my decision to pursue fitness full-time. When I walked out of my office for the last time I felt exhilarated but also a little scared. Here is a look at how things are going at the one month mark. I'm feeling... Happy. Work [...]

  • Ashtanga + Bootcamps + Eats


    Thursdays are pretty much the opposite of Tuesdays for me. I actually kind of consider it a day "off" because as of now only have a couple of commitments on Thursdays. Did you know that it's actually one of the slowest days of the week in the fitness world? I think that people start out [...]

  • It’s Run-tober!


    I am a firm believer that there is nothing better than fall race season. Here are my primary reasons. Conditions. Even though the training requires you to run through the heat of the summer, you don't have to train through the dark and cold days of winter like you do for spring races. I will [...]

  • A Day In The Life


    Whoa Tuesday. The busiest day of the week. Snapshot. 4:45 a.m. - alarm goes off, shower #1, make coffee, get dressed 5:30 a.m. - leave house for gym 6 a.m. - private yoga session 7 a.m. - teach a vinyasa flow class 8:30 a.m. - breakfast...smoothie (blueberries, banana, spinach, milk, ice, ground flax) and pumpkin [...]

  • An Exercise in Letting Go


    I hope that Monday has been kind to you. I realize that I am in the minority but I love Mondays. I love the start of a new week and the opportunity to take control over setting the tone for the week. That said, my Monday wasn't totally easy breezy...because sometimes they just aren't. I [...]

  • A Beautiful Mountain Wedding


    This weekend we had the honor of attending the wedding of a close friend, Clay. Brandon and Clay were fraternity brothers (Clay was actually Brandon's big brother!) and they lived together senior year of college. I spent quite a lot of time with Brandon and his four roommates during our senior year and have so [...]

  • Sunday Recovery


    How am I recovering from an amazing wedding with amazing friends? 1. 9 hours of sleep. 2. Starbucks + bagels and cream cheese. 3. Breaking up the six hour road trip with a stop in Athens to pick up the pup and squeezing in another glorious run. Four miles done on a beautiful day. (And [...]

  • A Perfect Stop in Athens


    We're already on the road again but our quick stop in Athens was wonderful! We stayed with our friends Natalie and Drew. We went to college with them and they still live in Athens. Natalie is in her final year of vet school and Drew started an awesome pizza franchise, Your Pie. It's so much [...]

  • Road Trip Shopping Adventures


    Greetings from I-85! We are currently en route to Georgia for a wedding. The wedding is near the Georgia/Alabama boarder but we're stopping tonight in Athens to visit friends and enjoy a night on the town. I finished teaching for the day at 1:30 but before we hit the road lunch was a must. I [...]

  • Dressing for the Race


    How's your week been? Mine has been really great but it's been rainy and gross in Charlotte. I am so ready to see the sun again. One or two days gray rainy days are nice but it begins to wear on me a bit after it goes on for multiple days. That said, I do [...]

  • Meat and Taters


    There's a chance that I may not be able to lift my arms above my head tomorrow. No, really. I got my booty handed to me this morning. One minute I was shadowing another personal trainer at the gym and the next thing I knew I was doing the workout with the client. When he [...]

  • Fall Cardio Strength Circuit Workout


    Fall is my favorite season for outdoor workouts. I find crisp days with low humidity to be energizing and love the beautiful scenery created by the changing colors of the leaves. Last Thursday I wanted to get a cardio and weights workout in but had no desire to be in the gym on a gorgeous [...]

  • A 10 Year Vision


    My weekend ended on an inspirational note...with a Lululemon community goal sharing meeting. For newer readers, I am an ambassador for the Charlotte store. Tonight we had a gathering of Lululemon employees, ambassadors and community fitness pros to discuss our personal goals as well as our collective community goals. Lululemon has a huge goal setting [...]

  • Highlights


    Hi! Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Rather than give you blow by blow details on mine, I thought I would just post the highlights. The weather is beautiful in Charlotte so we've been trying to cram in all the outdoor activities that we can. Trail Run + Happy Hour Friday afternoon Brandon, Sullie and [...]

  • Food Truck Fun


    Happy Friday! I have a quick break between classes so I thought that I would get you updated before the weekend. Be on the lookout, I'm going to be posting my first real workout post this weekend. I did an outdoor cardio strength circuit yesterday that I want to share with you. It was a [...]

  • CoverGirl LashPerfection Review {Giveaway}


    From time to time I receive questions about my beauty routine - hair, skin, makeup. And while I have no intention of ever making beauty topics a main focus of PBR, I do think that it's fun to discuss on occasion! I have always loved playing with makeup. This started back in high school but [...]

  • The State of the Blog


    Dear amazing readers, have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? Seriously. No matter how crazy or how busy my days get, one of my favorite daily rituals is updating my blog. Take today, for example. It's after 11 p.m., I taught three classes and two privates and didn't get home until 10:30 [...]

  • Easy Pantry Dinner


    Tuesdays are my long teaching days. My day started in the dark Uptown at 6 a.m. for a yoga private... ...and ended Uptown in the dark at 7 p.m. after teaching BodyPump. In between I taught three yoga classes. I did have a couple breaks throughout the day to get some things done and most [...]

  • It’s All Good


    Hi and hope that Monday was kind to you! I know I sound like a broken record but my Monday was so good. With each day that passes I feel more and more confident that I made the right decision to take the leap of faith and change careers. The big news of today is [...]

  • Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Line Review {Giveaway}


    A few months ago I wrote a post about my struggles with acne as an adult. I was blown away by the response that I received so I wanted to give you an update on how things are going. Here is some background for newer readers. In late 2010 I began to experience breakouts on [...]

  • Two Goldens Are Better Than One


    Oh man...it's dog chaos at our house and I love it! Brandon's cousin Jason is in town visiting family and staying with us for a couple of days. He brought is super cute golden retriever puppy, Goose. He's only 7 months old! Goose and Sullie have been playing (in the dirt, of course) since his [...]

  • A Really Good Saturday


    Happy weekend friends! I hope it's been a nice Saturday for you. Mine has been really good. I slept in this morning and skipped yoga. Nine hours of sleep will make you feel like a champion every time! After spending the morning lounging around and drinking coffee, we met our friends Ashley and Lee for [...]