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September 2010

  • Third Time's a Charm


    First, I really appreciate all of the comments/support about my decision to run the Marine Corps Marathon. Tomorrow is the first day of October so the countdown is officially on! Race day is October 31. Eek! :shock: After Tuesday’s 10-miler I forced myself to take Wednesday as a rest day. I was very tempted to [...]

  • Rooster's Highland Brewery Dinner


    Last week I saw on Twitter that Rooster’s was hosting a Highland Brewery Beer Dinner. Brandon and I are big fans of both Rooster’s and Highland Brewery so I immediately called and made reservations. Brandon was thrilled when I sent a link to the menu and told him we were going.  I’m pretty sure I [...]

  • The Race is On


    I apologize for leaving you hanging last night with the running news. Honestly, I didn’t even know whether it would be good or bad news until today. I’m sure some of you have been wondering about my plans for Marine Corps Marathon given my recent hamstring injury. I have been trying not to stress about [...]

  • Great Grilled Cheese


    I need to make this one quick. I am drinking chamomile tea and just finished eating a pumpkin chocolate chip bar. I need to be in bed very soon. I have big plans in the morning that involve making a big decision. I need to be at my prime. Full report tomorrow. So here’s how [...]

  • First Chili Night of the Season


    Catching up on the weekend? On Friday I was jumping for joy about my return to running. On Saturday I announced that I’m taking on teaching more group strength classes. Today was a glorious day of nothingness. Pretty much all I accomplished was cooking, cleaning, yoga and a grocery trip. Awesome. After eight solid hours [...]

  • Strong and Sore


    First, thank you so much for the nice comments and Tweets about my painless return to running. I have felt so encouraged by everyone’s kind and comforting words over the last couple weeks. Thank you, thank you! Second, wow am I sore! I woke up pretty sore on Friday after teaching BodyPump on Thursday night. [...]

  • Jumping for Joy


    This post could also be titled “The Power of Rest and Medical Care” because a week of rest and therapy has paid off. I just ran a 5k with minimal (seriously, hardly any) pain. When I got home I was jumping for joy (and let’s take a second to appreciate the former cheerleader coming out [...]

  • Back on the Mat


    I set my alarm for 5:30 this morning with plans to go to a yoga class before work. When the alarm went off I decided to sleep until 6:15 and test out my hamstring with an easy run instead.  I set out with Sullie for an easy, slow three-miler…and I’m sad to report that I [...]

  • Fun with Shaksuka


    I am lucky that my husband is totally willing to try crazy ethnic vegetarian recipes that I put on our weekly menu plan. We may struggle about my desire to go 100% vegetarian but at least we’ve come to a good compromise and only cook meat/seafood at home a few nights a week. This week’s [...]

  • Back in the Kitchen


    The kitchen is one of my favorite places to be. It is a relaxing and creative place for me where I can forget about whatever else is going on at that moment. Life has been so crazy lately that I haven’t spent much time in my happy place. Since I’ve been on this break from [...]

  • Weekly Menu Plan, Engagement Party and WAFFLES


    I haven’t posted weekly menu plans for the last few weeks because our schedule has been crazy. It was so nice to sit down this morning and put together a well thought out menu plan and grocery list. Also, I had time to make waffles for breakfast and pita bread for the week. Ahh…so relaxing! [...]

  • Everything Has Changed, Absolutely Nothing's Changed


    The words of the brilliant Eddie Vedder sum up my situation perfectly. “Everything has changed, absolutely nothing’s changed.” This song popped up on my playlist today while I was walking with Sullie and this line really resonated with me. Yes, I was walking Sullie and I have no long run to update you guys on [...]

  • Lulu Love


    And I’m watching the Rachel Zoe Project again. This is seriously a problem – I’m obsessed. She’s trying to cook in this episode and she’s clueless. I’m loving it! It makes me feel less bad about having no fashion sense! ;) I went to ashtanga this morning for all of 20 minutes…and then I rolled [...]

  • Obsessions and a Tempo Run


    Some news (nothing life changing, don’t get excited)… I am officially obsessed with The Rachel Zoe Project. How have I never watched this show before last night? It has been constantly playing on On Demand since I found it. I love Rachel, I love her husband and I love her “gaggle of gays.” (I’m just [...]

  • Deficient


    I mentioned last week that I had blood work done just as a check. It had been years since I’d been thoroughly tested and given my recent activity level and diet I thought it was a good idea. I received a call from the nurse today that everything looked great but I am vitamin D [...]

  • Long Run Regret


    Yesterday I posted about my 18-mile turned 13-mile long run. I knew that I would regret it when I threw in the towel at mile 13 and sure enough the regret is hitting heavy today. I’ve been dwelling on my failed long run all day. It didn’t help to look at my training schedule and [...]

  • Go Greek, Go Long


    I generally prefer to do my long runs on Saturday mornings. I find that if I wait until Sunday, I dread it all weekend. I was so back and forth with my long run this weekend and decided to do it on Sunday because we were out late and on our feet all night Friday [...]

  • Whiggin' Out


    Brandon loves coming up with titles for my posts – I will admit that he is much more creative than me and usually spits one out in about two seconds. I just go with it so I don’t have to think about it any more.  ;) Last night we saw The Whigs, The Black Keys [...]

  • Pumpkin and Winners


    I’ve had single serve Ziploc bags of pumpkin puree in my freezer all summer and have had zero desire to mix it into my oats…until today. My alarm went off at 5:50 a.m. so that I could start my day the right way – with yoga. I went to a slow, gentle, hot class at [...]

  • A Weird Week


    The short week has really thrown me for a loop. On top of having one less day to get everything accomplished, we’ve also just had a lot going on and work has been really busy. As a result, I’ve felt a little off my game. One of the things I’m stressing most about this week [...]

  • Good Food + Good Tunes


    Whew, this has been a busy day and I’m gearing up for the rest of the week to be the same way. So much going on – but all good stuff! I subbed a BodyPump class after work and then booked it over to Y2 to squeeze in a quick ashtanga practice. So grateful that [...]

  • Brunch, Bluegrass, Backbreaking Labor


    Coming at you today with far less energy than I had after yesterday’s 16-miler. There has been no rest for my tired body – I kind of can’t believe how much we crammed into this long weekend. We met up with my in law’s yesterday for brunch after my long run. I was ready to [...]

  • A Beautiful 16 Miles


    Happy, happy Sunday everyone! I am in way too good of a mood and have way too much energy considering that I just ran 16 miles. It is a BEAUTIFUL day and I can seriously say that enjoyed every single second of my long run this morning. :D I felt great when I woke up [...]

  • It's GAMEDAY!


    Happy first gameday of the year college football fans! I am so excited that football season is here! Let me remind you where our loyalties lie… (Image) With the GEORGIA BULLDOGS!!! I was born and raised in Georgia and have been a Georgia fan for as long as I can remember. Brandon and I met [...]

  • A BodyPump Visitor


    I could not sleep Wednesday night. I don’t know if it was my run, all the sugar in my frozen yogurt dinner or that I “slept in” until 7:15 a.m. the two mornings prior. I was just not tired. I finally fell asleep around 1 a.m. and popped out of bed at 5:15 a.m. when [...]

  • Farewell Front Burner


    And I just ate a giant bowl of frozen yogurt from TCBY for dinner tonight. Oh and a piece of toast when I got home because it just seemed like the right thing to do. Don’t worry, there was an occasion (albeit a bittersweet one) for this. A big group of Charlotte-area bloggers met up [...]

  • Good Eats and Kombucha Returns


    I really have not felt inspired to document all of my food over the last week or so. I’ve been enjoying the flexibility of sharing with you what’s on my mind – like long runs, abs and beach trips. Besides, I think it’s more interesting that way. Do you really care what I eat for [...]