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May 2010

  • Opa!

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    I am stuffed from a Greek feast! I LOVE Greek food but more about that in a minute. Let's backtrack and cover the rest of the day. I was up early this morning for a hot class with Suzanne at Charlotte Yoga. Before heading to class I had a piece of whole wheat toast with [...]

  • Full Disclosure

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    Full disclosure on this healthy living blog: after my post earlier in the week about how to menu plan for the week and avoiding the temptation to eat out on a weeknight, I totally caved last night and we went out for dinner. :oops: It is extremely rare that we eat out on a weeknight [...]

  • Don't Fear the Beets


    Sorry that I didn't get a post up last night but the last thing I wanted to do was open my laptop after a long day of work. Also, my throat is still bothering me so vegging on the couch catching up on Grey's Anatomy sounded a little more appealing than blogging . ;) And [...]

  • Sickness Not Welcome Here


    Today was not an exciting day. I kind of can't believe that I'm updating you guys with the details...so hang with me here. Breakfast was Apple Cinnamon Oats (no picture) but delicious. 1/3 cup oats, 2 tablespoons Bob's Red Mill 10-Grain Cereal, dash salt, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup skim milk, raisins and Trader Joe's [...]

  • How to Menu Plan and Grocery Shop for the Week


    I received an email today from one of our law school friends asking for advice on how to avoid eating out and finding the motivation to cook at home on the weeknights. If you read my food blog then you know how much a believe in the power of menu planning. When someone asks for [...]

  • Hilton Head Island Weekend in Review


    It's been a while since you've heard from me. Brandon and I had a miscommunication about who was packing my laptop for our long weekend in Hilton Head. We were about half way there when I realized that he didn't bring it. I had a minor freak out but then just decided to enjoy my [...]

  • Our 2nd Anniversary Recap


    Tuesday was our second anniversary. Two years ago we were married in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina at Alhambra Hall. And because it's fun to look at wedding pictures for all the special memories, I'm sharing a few with you! We lived in Mount Pleasant (Charleston area) for a year after college. After we moved to [...]

  • Base Building


    I can’t put it off any longer. It’s imminent. I must find a way to overcome my yoga addiction and get back on the road to start building my base for Marine Corps Marathon training. My 3-4 mile runs here and there are not cutting it to prepare me for the training cycle that starts [...]

  • Down Dog Tired


    A little over 24 hours later - including 4.5 hours of yoga - and I'm back. I survived yoga bootcamp and even went back for more today. Yoga bootcamp was an awesome experience - as expected. There were 13 of us in the class. Celeste and Tanner lined us up in one long line and [...]

  • At Our Own Pace


    Happy weekend! We're hanging out in Charlotte this weekend. It's so nice to relax and go at our own pace. I taught BodyPump this morning and am heading to Y2 yoga in a bit for a three-hour yoga bootcamp. I'm getting nervous. I did one a couple of months ago and it was very challenging. [...]

  • Respecting Rest Days – When to Rest and When to Power Through


    My goal for this blog is not only to document my lifestyle but also to discuss fitness and nutrition topics and hopefully provide some insight and education for my readers. The topic I want to discuss today is something that you all know that I've been struggling with the past couple weeks with moving, traveling [...]

  • Morning Baking


    My strawberries from last week were on their last leg so I decided to make some mini Strawberry Muffins before work this morning (I know, I'm weird. I like to bake before work.) I made a few changes to my original recipe but they still turned out nicely. I crumbled one of the mini muffins [...]

  • Sleep is Good


    After NINE solid hours of sleep last night I feel like a completely new person. I had reached the point of exhaustion and a good night's sleep was exactly what I needed. My energy levels were much higher today and the on and off headache I've had for the last five days finally went away. [...]

  • Back in Action


    And I’m back! I promise that last weekend was the end of the intermittent blogging and I’m now returning to regular posting. As you all know (because I told you in every single post last week), the past two weeks have been insane with house closing, moving, traveling, unpacking and preparing for weekend guests. We [...]

  • Friday Already?


    How is it already Friday afternoon? This week has flown by – busy, busy, busy! We’ve been working like crazy on the house trying to get unpacked and establish a small degree of order before our friends Cristen and Graham arrived Friday. We planned this visit months ago and it just happened to end up [...]

  • Worth the Work


    So maybe it wasn't the best idea to launch a new blog in the middle of closing on a house and moving. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get daily updates in but I feel like I've been working nonstop on the house. I've set my alarm early every day this week to [...]

  • Early Cinco De Mayo


    I must be honest. It was not fun to get up at 5 a.m. to teach BodyPump this morning. I was so exhausted from the weekend and so sore from yesterday's yoga class. I was definitely feeling the effects in my hamstrings of pushing myself to the edge during standing splits. But I tell Brandon [...]

  • Lowcountry Living

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    I spent this weekend in Charleston, South Carolina for my friend Michelle's bachelorette party. Brandon and I lived in Charleston for a year after college and were married there so it holds a very special place in my heart. We had a fun girl's weekend. I wanted to update the blog yesterday but the wireless [...]