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Workouts + Workout Playlist + Wedding Weekend Part 1

We got home from Florida around 4 p.m. on Sunday from a super fun long wedding weekend in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. We were a few hours delayed in getting home and these two couldn’t wait to see us (but let’s be honest…we were probably even more excited than them).

golden retrievers

After a quick stop at home our first destination was the studio to a) make sure the place didn’t burn down while we were gone (kidding) and b) take a class to stretch after a day of sitting and waiting in airports and on planes. After class we picked up some groceries and then took these two for an off-leash walk. They were super excited to hop in bed with us for some cuddles at the end of the night.

When I started editing photos for this post and realized that I had nearly 200 to comb through, I decided it best to break it up into two posts. In this one I’ll share weekly workouts, the weekly workout playlist and everything up to the wedding day.

treasure island run

Last Week’s Workouts

I am struggling something serious to get in a good groove with workouts right now. Here’s what I fit in last week.

Monday: hot yoga

Tuesday: taught a 50 minute strength class at the Dowd Y (I was sore for 2 days after my class!)

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 5 mile run

Friday: 5 mile run

Saturday: hot yoga

Sunday: hot yoga

beach run

Both the weather and the scenery on Treasure Island were PERFECT for running! The beaches were perfect for running – wide and flat.

The water views were incredible as was the weather…70 degrees, sunny and 30% humidity.

I also appreciated having access to water fountains in the city parks although it was not the greatest tasting water. Warm + beach water is not a good combo.

This Week’s Workout Playlist

I will definitely be listening to this playlist during my own runs this week. It’s a good one and packed with brand new music.

Here’s a link to the playlist on Spotify.

Wedding Weekend Part 1

Like I mentioned in my Friday post, we were in the St. Pete area for a long weekend to celebrate the wedding of our teacher manager Angie. We traveled down with two friends and fellow teachers.

ricky ts

Our first priority upon landing and picking up our rental car was lunch. We ended up at Ricky T’s on Treasure Island where the service and food were both fair at best (and crazy overpriced) but we enjoyed sitting outside and having a beer.

treasure island run

I took a 30 minute nap once we got checked into our hotel and then took off for a lovely early evening run.


After a trip to Publix to stock up on snacks for the weekend, we decided to stay in and order pizza for dinner. We actually ended up with two pizzas because our first delivery was incorrect. We called to let them know and they sent a second. We had no problem finishing off both by the next day.

publix key lime pie

A slice of key lime pie from the Publix bakery.

chia pudding and coffee

I was up around 7:30 a.m. on Friday. I ate breakfast and worked until about noon when we decided it was warm enough to hit the pool. We stayed there for a few hours before breaking to for workouts and to get ready to go into St. Petersburg for dinner.

jen peanut butter runner tanner

Several of you recommended Red Masa Cantina for dinner and you did not steer us wrong!

red mesa cantina margarita

We all agreed that these were the BEST margaritas we’d ever had. They featured a reposado tequila we picked with guidance from our server along with lime juice and agave. They were the perfect balance of sweet and sour…with no triple sec or sour mix! Best.

octopus ceviche

Tanner and I shared the octopus ceviche to start. It was spicy!

red mesa cantina

And then we all had quite the spread for dinner.

red mesa cantina tacos

I had a pulled pork taco and a duck confit taco along with a side salad.

fried plantains with lime crema

And we shared the fried plantains which were so delicious. The lime crema served alongside them was the perfect accompaniment.

airplane movie


We talked about going out but ended up opting to head back to our place for a movie instead. But not before thoroughly entertaining our Uber driver with a movie discussion. It all started with the question, “what are some of your favorite movies” at dinner. Before we knew it we were fully down the movie rabbit hole and our discussion went on for two days. This is how we ended up watching the movie Airplane (released in 1980!) on the couch when we got home. It’s hysterical if you haven’t seen it.

We also stopped at Publix on the way back for more wine and ice cream, which made watching Airplane even more fun! PSA: the Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy almond milk ice cream is legit. I got the Coconut Seven Layer Bar flavor and I’ll definitely be purchasing this again.

I’ll be back with part two of our weekend a little later. Lots of wedding pics to share. It was gorgeous!

Join the discussion! What are three of your favorite movies?

Do you like margaritas? If so, do you like a more traditional margarita or a more custom/hand-crafted mix?

Fave non-dairy ice cream?

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  • ACKTIVE LIFE April 11, 2017, 8:36 am

    I have those lulu pink shorts you’re running in and I LOVE them! I love how they sit low on the waist. I have been craving a good margarita. I think it’s because of the warmer weather.

  • Lauren C April 11, 2017, 1:42 pm

    The Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice creams are legit! Love the Cookies & Peanut Butter flavor. So, so good.

  • Mary April 16, 2017, 1:15 am

    I just previewed (and followed) your new playlist- so excited to work out to it tomorrow! I love your taste in music!

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