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Weekend: So Much Good Food + My First Harry Potter!

While my weekend certainly wasn’t exciting, it was full of good foods, lots of puppy time and relaxation so I can’t complain one bit.


We stayed in on Friday night and Tanner had this cuddle party with all the pups as soon as he got home. We kept Bear Bundon for the weekend so we had a house full of goldens!

Lang Van Delivery Charlotte

We ordered Lang Van via Postmates (use my code EZ8IN for $10 in delivery fee credit if you’ve never used Postmates). We ordered two different types of pho, fresh rolls and a bun plate.

Lang Van Delivery Charlotte NC

All together. I’ve heard so much about Lang Van for years and while I will definitely say that it is a great value (prices are super cheap), my vote for best local Vietnamese is still Saigon Palace.

Zoey's Third Birthday

After dinner we celebrated Zoey’s third birthday. I always make little dog birthday cakes for the girls on their birthdays (recipe in this post). And don’t worry, I made two so the other three got to split the other one. 🙂

Zoey ate her whole cake in TWO bites. Haha.

Our evening concluded on the couch where we decided to start….HARRY POTTER! Can you guys believe that I’ve never read any of the books or seen the movies? We finished the first movie and started the second over the weekend. So far, two thumbs up from me. I love all the magic and imagination. <3


saturday run

Six drizzly miles to kick off Saturday. I’m so stuck on six miles right now. I need to up the ante if I’m going to run the Charlotte and Kiawah half marathons this year. (I deferred Kiawah last year.)

Namastay Kitchen Benedict

I taught hot yoga at the studio and then had brunch with Tanner at Namastay Kitchen after like we always do. I had a salad with a beet burger because I’m terribly predictable but I had to share this picture of Tanner’s brunch with you. He had our chef special benedict which was challah, bacon jam, grilled zucchini, fried chicken, poached eggs and spiced hollandaise. Our chef does a crazy benedict like this ever week so be sure to stop in and have brunch with us! 🙂

It was rainy and I was a blob the rest of the day. I stopped by Starbuck on the way home to grab a latte (with one pump of pumpkin spice for a little fall flavor) and then parked it on the couch for a couple of hours. I had a sinus headache and it felt nice to chill. I finally got up and went to get my nails done. (Tough life, I know.) I went with this darker red color called We The Female. I did gel on my nails and regular on my toes.

Inizio Caesar Salad

After nails I picked up Dorie for dinner out at Inizio. I’ve been dying to try their pizza since I’ve been seeing it all over Instagram. We both started with salads but quickly realized we could have shared one. Salad portions are generous! I had the Caesar salad.

Inizio Pizza Charlotte

We split two of the “small” sized pizzas which were surprisingly not small! We were expecting plate size but I felt like they were pretty normal pizza size. We had the Raffaele pizza which was sweet peppers, sausage, onion, tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, garlic and pecorino. The star of the show was the seasonal pumpkin pizza which was a pumpkin cream base with buffalo mozzarella, ricotta and basil.

We LOVED Inizio and I’ll definitely be returning over and over again. We both devoured four slices each of the pizza because it was so light and delicious. It’s not the heavy/greasy kind of pizza. The dough is so light and airy but also very flavorful. If you’re in the Charlotte area, definitely check out Inizio. They have a location in Dilworth and one in Ballantyne. Just FYI…you order at the counter and they bring your food to you so it’s super casual and fast…although we ended up sitting and chatting for about an hour and a half. It’s a great atmosphere for hanging out.


Smoothie bowl and scrambled eggs

Sunday started with a smoothie bowl, a scrambled egg and coffee.

Here’s what went in the smoothie: frozen spinach, frozen banana, frozen raspberries, frozen figs, frozen cherries, pureed pumpkin, plain greek yogurt, a date, omega-3 oil, almond butter and almond milk. Purely Elizabeth pumpkin granola and bananas on top.

I was getting over a terrible sinus headache so this is all I felt like eating but I did make Tanner a feast…

Scrambled eggs over arugula, bacon, avocado and buttered toast and grapes

Scrambled eggs over arugula, bacon, avocado and buttered toast and grapes.

First, it’s day 7 of #2000squatober. How are you guys doing with your squats!? Second, here are all the details on my lift tonight! 💪 _ 1️⃣ 5 rounds: 10 barbell back squats, 10 ring rows, 10 slam balls 2️⃣ 5 rounds: 10 barbell deadlifts, 10 kettle bell RDL clean and press combo, 10 slam balls 3️⃣ 5 sets of 10 leg press, ascending and then descending weight 4️⃣ 5 sets 10 tricep cable press downs, 10 lat pull downs _ #workout #workoutvideo #weightlifting #womenwholift #personaltrainer #fitgirl #fitnessmotivation #workoutroutine #squats #barbell #instaworkout #instafitness #fitstagram #girlswithmuscles #fitnessblogger #fitbody #healthylifestyle #strengthtraining #strongwomen #gymtime #ymca #cltfitness #clt #charlottenc

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The remainder of my day was hanging out at home, meal planning, teaching yoga, a trip to the Y for a workout and a grocery trip to Whole Foods. Check out the Instagram video above for all the details on my Sunday lift! It was a great lower body workout with lots of shoulders and back in there too. You can easily modify this to 3 rounds instead of 5 if you’re looking for less volume or a faster workout!

Did you eat out over the weekend? If so, what did you have!? 

Have you ever tried a pumpkin/squash/fall-themed pizza? 

Did you runt this weekend? If so, how far did you go? 

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  • Linda Viner October 9, 2017, 6:42 pm

    Yummy! I like how your chef uses challah bread! That has Jeff’s name all over it! Hope you are feeling better! This weather sure doesn’t help!

  • Nicole October 9, 2017, 7:55 pm

    I just read all the HP books for the first time this summer. You are in for a TREAT!!!!

  • eliz October 9, 2017, 9:57 pm

    For a second I thought you were wearing a leotard in that last picture.

  • Jennifer October 9, 2017, 10:49 pm

    What is the greenery on the eggs benedict?
    I definitely saw a leotard for a minute as well 😉

  • Fran October 10, 2017, 9:55 am

    The HP movies are extremely well done but the books are truly magical! The details are amazing and I lost many a night’s sleep bc I could not put them down (especially the last few that were 800+ pages!). And this is coming from someone who rarely reads fiction let alone fantasy type stuff!

  • tara October 11, 2017, 3:00 pm

    i had pizza as well this weekend but like more traditional toppings. i did have a gluten free cake that my sister got for me at a store in our area that sells such things. i think she probably had to take out a LOAN to get it hahahha. but it was good chocolate with a vegan vanilla thin layer of icing. i kept it in the fridge and even had some for breakfast on sat and sun. it was such a nice treat !

  • Erin October 15, 2017, 8:52 pm

    sooo many good eats in this post!! like you, i’ve been dying to try lang van. It’s a ways out for me, so i can’t wait to order it tomorrow night using your code. and, i’m super excited about going to the new pizza place – i’ve been reading a lot about it too so i’m happy that it has your stamp of approval.

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