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Wednesday in the Life + Officially on Board with Collagen + Brows

I think the highlight of my Wednesday was my grandmother commenting on my blog for the first time. She wrote, “thanks for the memories” on yesterday’s trip recap post. I talked to her today and she said the photos brought back so many memories for her and she’s anxious to see the remaining recaps. πŸ™‚

In regards to Wednesday, it wasn’t a very productive one for me. I was just feeling SO super tired. I got up at 7 a.m. and a few hours planning a baby shower for a friend before heading to the studio to teach Y2 Strength at 10:30 a.m.

Before I settled in on the computer, I made a smoothie bowl and French pressed some coffee. Here are the details on this smoothie bowl…

  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/4 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/4 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1/4 cup frozen strawberries
  • big handful of spinach
  • big spoonful of almond butter
  • 1/4 cup plain full fat yogurt
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cashew milk
  • 2 heaping tablespoons of collagen powder (keep reading for more on my results of using collagen powder)
  • 1 squirt of SFH Omega 3 Oil
  • granola that I picked up from the awesomest (that’s a word, right?) coffee shop in Amsterdam
  • sliced bananas

The Y2 Strength workout was SO good and SO sweaty! Loving this class so much.

(Oh hey close up of my face…there is a reason for this.) After strength I got showered and changed and headed to a brow/lip wax appointment. I have been seeing Ariana for 8 years but she’s only in town every few months. I finally had to take the plunge and try someone new because even after three months my brows are at a whole new level of wild!

At the recommendation of local Charlotte Instagramer and blogger Tessa Machen, I ended up with Kat at NUE Brows to BraziliansΒ on East Boulevard. I loved her! She was super quick and thorough and very gentle with my skin. I was in and out in 15 minutes and loved the results…which you can see above.

Also loving…my current skincare routine so look out for a post on that coming soon. I’ve kind of put myself on my own regimen for now.

Back at home I enjoyed my first tomato sandwich of the season!

And ate about a bajillion of these chips while making it.

After lunch I fizzled out and ended up taking a 30 minute nap. I’m not a napper but I was so wiped out. After my nap I did some accounting/tax stuff and paid bills (fun) before heading to the mall to return a few things.

Before teaching my 6 p.m. hot yoga class at the studio I popped into the nail salon next door to get the gel polish taken off that I had done for our trip. As the technician was taking off the polish she said, “you have pretty nails.” I was like…”WUT!?” My nails are usually so weak and they peel but I was so surprised to see that they were actually growing and felt so strong. They might not look like much to you but this is a huge improvement for me!

I credit this with having committed to using a collagen supplement for the last few months. I’ve had a few of you ask me if I’ve noticed results and three months in…yes! I try and have at least one serving of it a day whether that means adding it to my coffee, smoothies or tea. It took me a second to get used to the flavor but now I don’t taste it at all. And it’s the weirdest thing…I’m so hooked on it that I feel like my day isn’t complete if I don’t have some.Β So the verdict is…YES TRY IT! But give it at least three months.

After teaching yoga I came home and showered and did my nightly skin and body care routine and now I’m hanging out outside and blogging. The weather has been so gorgeous in Charlotte this week and I’ve been getting mosquito treatments done for our yard. It has made such a huge difference and I’m happy to be able to enjoy more meals and hang out time outside without being eaten alive.

Off to make some kimchi fried rice with a fried egg for dinner. I’m all off on our weekly meal plan but all is good. πŸ™‚

Do you take any hair/skin/nail supplements?Β 

Tell me something about your Wednesday? What did you eat? Was it productive? How did you sweat?Β 

Do you wax, tweeze or thread your brows?Β 

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  • Juliette | Namastay Traveling June 28, 2017, 9:28 pm

    So good to hear the collagen is working! That’s something i’ve been wondering about adding to my routine. Sweated it out this morning at a serious bodypump class. Ready to relax now!

    • Jen June 29, 2017, 4:07 pm

      Like I told Amanda below, I hesitated to recommend it until I saw real results because it seemed so trendy in blog world but it’s three months in, I am definitely seeing real results. My nails haven’t looked like this in years (maybe never!).

  • Amanda June 28, 2017, 10:42 pm

    I keep telling myself to try this collagen…my Wednesday was 100% not productive but very enjoyable at the pool and my small group met outside at a park in the city and it was beautiful! Off to have a few productive nights at work over the weekend! My sweat today was an upper body lift and a walk πŸ™‚

  • Amanda @amanda-isms June 28, 2017, 10:43 pm

    I keep telling myself to try this collagen…my Wednesday was 100% not productive but very enjoyable at the pool and my small group met outside at a park in the city and it was beautiful! Off to have a few productive nights at work over the weekend! My sweat today was an upper body lift and a walk πŸ™‚

    • Jen June 29, 2017, 4:06 pm

      Hi Amanda! You seriously need to try it! I hesitated to recommend it until I saw real results because it seemed so trendy but the results are real! My nails have not looked like this in as long as I can remember…and I just got gel taken off! Usually they are trashed after that.

  • Linda June 28, 2017, 11:05 pm

    Ha! Martyna, who did my brows years ago at Benefit in Belk, is at Nue. I debated going there but I found a great girl at Park Road Shopping Center.

    • Jen June 29, 2017, 4:05 pm

      You’ll have to share who this other girl is! Always need a strong arsenal of beauty peeps! πŸ™‚

  • Connie June 29, 2017, 9:57 am

    I might have to try collagen! Currently I take black current oil caplets and it really has helped my nails. I used to get acryllic overlay on my nails b/c mine used to be so weak they would just break also. Just like you, one day when I was getting the acrylic changed I noticed that they acutally grew so I stopped the acrylic and started the black current oil. For the most part they are actually pretty nice. Sometimes if we have a super cold, dry winter (I live in NE OH) they are more prone to break but summer time I have to cut them sometimes!!! Never in my life!! Thanks for sharing your results about collagen!

    • Jen June 29, 2017, 4:04 pm

      Hey Connie – I would totally recommend it.

      I’ve never heard of black current oil. I’ll read about it for sure!

  • Courtney June 29, 2017, 11:00 am

    I have done collagen for about a year now and it has made a huge improvement in my hair (my hairsylist can’t get over how fast it grows), my nails, and my skin!! I add a scoop to my coffee every morning and love Great Lakes brand!

    • Jen June 29, 2017, 4:03 pm

      Great to hear this Courtney! I definitely plan on sticking with it for the long-haul!

  • Hillary June 29, 2017, 11:03 am

    Looking forward to your skin care routine post — your skin is beautiful!

    I go in for threading about every 4 weeks — such a good feeling to keep cleaned up πŸ˜‰

    This post motivated me to get more collagen. I went through 3 tubs on the Great Lakes collagen hydrolysate, but haven’t gotten any in a while.

    • Jen June 29, 2017, 4:03 pm

      Oh thank you! It’s an ever-changing thing to stay on top of. This 30s stuff is no joke! πŸ˜‰

      Yes, get back on the collagen! It works!

  • Liz N. June 29, 2017, 1:23 pm

    I have recently started using a collagen peptide supplement from Vital Proteins, which are made from grass-fed cows. It’s completely flavorless and dissolves in hot/cold liquids. I’ve used it in my keto latte blocks (recipe from http://www.healthfulpursuit.com) for my coffee every morning. My nails are the strongest they’ve been in a LONG time. They used to split and break easily and now, I’m able to grow them past my fingertips without breaking. I’ve also seen my hair strength improve, even with the chemical processing I get from balayage highlights. I currently wax my brows at the European Wax Center but I’ve missed threading, which is less irritating to my skin.

    • Jen June 29, 2017, 4:02 pm

      I have heard great things about the Vital Proteins. I’ll try it sometime in the future for sure. I couldn’t agree with you more on the difference in my nails since using it. I’m hoping to see more of a difference with my hair soon although my stylist did say that my hair seemed healthier at my last appt.

  • Simone June 29, 2017, 2:04 pm

    I use a different brand of collagen peptides, but they are definitely making a difference for me too. I started using it to help my knee pain. Not sure if it’s doing anything there (also doing PT at the same time), but my skin is so much nicer on it! Definitely plumping up my skin and smoothing out wrinkles and I love it!

    • Jen June 29, 2017, 4:01 pm

      So awesome to read this Simone! Glad you are noticing a difference as well.

  • Melissa June 29, 2017, 2:26 pm

    Ok, my wedding is in two months and this post and the comments on it have me heading to Amazon to order collagen hydrolysate… hoping it helps my hair grow! I’ll take anything I can get!

    • Jen June 29, 2017, 3:59 pm

      Not sure how long it takes to fully kick in but can’t hurt! πŸ™‚ And biggest congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  • Melissa June 29, 2017, 2:47 pm

    I got some collagen awhile ago (the same brand you show, actually), but the problem is that I never drink anything with calories… no coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. I’ve had it in hot chocolate a few times, but drinking a hot chocolate every day seems not useful. Any suggestions for where to put the collagen? (BTW, I don’t like the taste of coffee or tea.) It definitely has a taste if you were to just put it in water or something that is weakly-flavored, and I think if it wasn’t a hot drink, it wouldn’t dissolve. Hmm…wonder how it might stir into yogurt.

    • Jen June 29, 2017, 3:58 pm

      Hey Melissa –

      Have you tried different types of tea? There are many herbal teas that taste amazing and you can drink hot or cold…mint, ginger, berry, etc. With no added milk or sweetener, they are calorie free. Just a thought…

      It does dissolve in cold beverages. Does not have to be hot. You could do it straight up in water but I do agree it has a taste.

      What about adding it to bone broth or homemade chicken stock and sipping that?

    • Simone June 30, 2017, 12:53 pm

      I agree with Jen’s suggestions. I do not drink black or green tea either, but I drink Ginger and fruit teas. They are yummy and most are sweetener- and caffeine-free. Another option, do you use any powders as supplements? I add collagen to my water with Ultima replenisher (for hydration) or Unico BCAAs (for muscle recovery). Both of these products have a fruity flavor, so it covers up the (very faint) collagen flavor.

  • marti @fitwithheart June 29, 2017, 5:51 pm

    i’m so pumped reading this post – ha!

    one of my FAVORITE things / treating myself is getting my eyebrows done! i have the BEST chick at the local ulta brow bar that makes them amazing – ALSO i too have just started using collagen this week! I’ve been putting a Tablespoon into my coffee on the daily – i also do take a biotin gummy supplement. collagen has soooo many benefits – including healing your gut – and coming from me that has digestion issues its definitely worth a shot! also have been adding bone broth regularly into my diet – doing the research on it all is fascinating. shakeology too is something i’ve added to my smoothies/protein pancakes for almost THREE years and i swear that also makes my hair grow like crazy and my skin is so much better! amazing how much nutrition effects us on the outside.

    favorite wednesday eat was boneless porkchops…yuuuummmm!

  • Nicki June 29, 2017, 9:37 pm

    I’ve been looking into taking collagen as well but I heard that it can mess with your menstrual cycle?? Is there any truth to that claim and has any lady reading this who has taken collagen for a couple of months noticed any difference?

    • Jen June 29, 2017, 10:09 pm

      I have been using it for three months and I can confidently say there has been no change to my menstrual cycle!

      • Nicki June 29, 2017, 11:11 pm

        YAY! I’ll definitely give it a try then!

    • Simone June 30, 2017, 12:55 pm

      Hmm, I hadn’t heard that yet. Do you know what specifically it can do to the cycle? I can’t say I’ve noticed anything.

  • Jennifer July 7, 2017, 10:10 pm

    You should look into laser hair removal for the upper lip! It is super convenient.
    – Fellow brunette lady

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