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Tuesday Scenes

I was excited to receive your great feedback on my CrossFit Endurance seminar post. I am looking forward to covering some of the topics in depth that I mentioned.

I’m busy, busy today so I’m just going to give you a quick look at Tuesday in photos.

I woke up at 5:45 a.m. to practice ashtanga but instead found myself sitting at my desk working at 6:30. For whatever reason, the early morning hours seem to be my most productive. I can focus and knock things out. I took a break to come home and make a bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal with bananas, golden raisins and chia seeds topped with pumpkin butter and peanut butter.

I taught a yoga class and then trained clients before coming back home for lunch. I love that I’m close and can pop home when I need to. Grilled cheese with apricot preserves, goat cheddar, tofu and spinach. And for the record, every time I take my food outside to photograph it I am extremely jumpy and anxious. I’m just waiting on the scary snake to make another appearance. I wonder how long it will take before I feel comfortable hanging out outside again!

Speaking of the snake, this one is on lockdown and I’m not leaving her unattended outside. I brought her into work with me yesterday afternoon so she could get a change of scenery and lots of attention. Clearly, she found work to be a little boring. Check out that yawn. 😉

I gotta be honest. I would have totally bailed on CrossFit last night if I hadn’t made plans to meet two friends from Lululemon for the workout. This one nearly did me in and it’s painful to lift my arms over my head today thanks to all those pull ups. (For the record, I used a band for assistance so I could complete the pull ups.) I do have to say that I’m so happy I did take the class because the energy was amazing. We had over 20 people and it was so cool to look around and see barbells taking every space on the floor and people doing pull ups everywhere. Everyone was killing it and working so hard!

I taught yoga after CrossFit and finally got back to my desk a sweaty mess around 8 p.m. I received a text from a friend asking if I wanted to grab wine. I dashed home to drop Sul off and did a Superman-style change – in and out of the shower, dressed and ready in 10 minutes. We had wine and dinner at the bar at Vivace. This seared scallop risotto was amazing. I’ve said this before but scallops on risotto is one of my all-time favorite “fancy” dinners. Such a good combination.

Off to a construction meeting at our new facility. Everything is coming together and we’ll be opening in a month. Can’t wait!

Have a good day!

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  • Bess @ Bess Be Fit April 25, 2012, 3:32 pm

    yum scallops and risotto! that makes me very hungry!!

  • JennyV April 25, 2012, 3:34 pm

    You are speaking my language w/ the scallops and risotto! Two things that I haven’t tried to master at home so they’re extra special when dining out.

  • Code April 25, 2012, 3:51 pm

    I seriously love that dog 🙂

  • Sana April 25, 2012, 3:57 pm

    I can’t imagine not freaking the efff out after seeing the snake. YIKESSS

  • Miriam@Bellaspire April 25, 2012, 5:23 pm

    It is so helpful to have friends to keep you accountable. I love feeling amazing after a workout you would have potentially skipped. I still haven’t done Crossfit but imagine that having my time written on a board would provide a lot of incentive.

    • Jen April 26, 2012, 11:52 am

      one of the things i love most about crossfit is posting your results on the board. it’s such a great sense of accomplishment!

  • Alexis April 25, 2012, 5:28 pm

    One thing I’d love if you could touch on, esp as a gym manager, is why is Crossfit SO expensive? Where I live, it costs nearly 4 times what a regular gym (24 hr fitness, for example) costs, and yet it doesn’t seem that it would have even close to the upkeep of the regular gym. 24 Fitness has a lap pool, many class options, machine equipment (higher maintenance cost), and is open 24 hours… so it would seem that in comparison, Crossfit should have much lower upkeep and therefore have lower prices. Could you shed any light on to why its so crazy high? I’d love to join but just can’t reason the cost!

    • Jen April 26, 2012, 11:51 am

      alexis – great topic idea. i’ll talk to my crossfit gurus and get some insight for you!

  • Trish April 25, 2012, 6:58 pm

    I am kinda disappointed at everyone’s response to the snake – I really hope most people would leave the snake alone rather than kill it. I hope you will read up about it on line or talk to your local wildlife people, or county extension people or your vet about how often copperheads do bite dogs.. I am a real nature lover, and it breaks my heart that for many people their initial reaction would be to kill the snake. Education, in all things, is important.

    • Jen April 26, 2012, 11:51 am

      hi trish – thanks so much for your comment. i did leave the snake alone and i will do some research about snakes and dogs to ease my fears a little.

  • Linda April 25, 2012, 7:29 pm

    First of all, I am loving the Coach”s Oats! They are the best. Going to be sharing them with my oatmeal loving friends! Second, we are big scallop eaters at my house and I’ve had the scallops and risotto at Vivace. What a great combination! And I love that Vivace gives you a small and large portion option. If you aren’t already buying them, Trader Joes has the best Wild New England Scallops in the frozen department. A great price and the scallops are excellent!

    • Jen April 26, 2012, 11:50 am

      i have really been enjoying them too! thank you so much for the head’s up about the TJs scallops. i haven’t tried them. will definitely pick some up on my next trip.

  • Becca April 25, 2012, 8:43 pm

    Love the picture of Sullie! She is such a cutie. I think it is great that she is able to join you at work 🙂

    • Jen April 26, 2012, 11:46 am

      me too! it’s the best! 🙂

  • Liaa April 26, 2012, 12:23 am

    I saw a snake once when I was out on a walk, and it took me months to be comfortable with travelling down the same road! Sullie is absolutely the cutest. How exciting that you’ll be opening so soon!

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