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Last time I visited my grandmother she sent me home with this.

Yes, a Costco-sized container of chocolate covered raisins – one of my biggest candy weaknesses. I tucked them away in the back of a cabinet and where they stayed unopened for months. Well, I spotted them last weekend and thought I’d just have a handful. TROUBLE! You cannot have one handful of chocolate covered raisins. I am having a hard time keeping my hand out of the raisin jar! (Side note: has anyone tried the Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries? Those are really trouble!) I’m a little embarrassed to admit that the only fruit I ate before noon today came in the form of raisins. Breakfast of champions? Not quite. 😉

Do you have a candy weakness? Usually I can avoid it but I am a sucker for chocolate covered raisins…and Reese’s Cups!

Sullie came to work with me this morning and was quite the ambassador of Metro Fitness Club. She had many people stop by to say hello and give her love.

Apparently, being in the office and looking cute is really hard work. It was nap time by 11 a.m.

We went home at 1 p.m. for lunch so that I could eat something other than chocolate. I made a tomato sandwich with basil mayo, avocado, spinach and goat gouda. Carrots with hummus and watermelon on the side.

I picked up an iced coffee on my way back to work because I never got my morning caffeine It was one of those mornings…the kind where your entire cup of coffee ends up all over your car instead of in your belly. On the bright side, my car smells like a coffee shop now and that’s kind of nice.

I finished up work and bolted out to run a super quick two mile run before heading to the Y to teach BodyPump. Class was awesome!

I was craving a big salad when I got home from class so I cooked a veggie burger and then served it over arugula blend, carrots, cucumbers, dried cranberries, avocado, pecans, goat cheese and tomatoes with homemade honey mustard. Hit the spot!

Remember the amazing giveaway I hosted last week with Erin McDermott Jewelry? Let’s talk winners!

#345 Ashley who said, “What absolutely beautiful jewelery!! I love the ‘Be Present’ necklace, something I really have been trying to work on and focus on.


#248 Ali who said, “Everything is beautiful! The disc necklace is gorgeous but my favorite is the Calypso Turquoise Necklace – LOVE!

Congratulations ladies! Erin and I will email you. Thanks to everyone who entered and I hope that y’all will support Erin and her incredible work!

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  • Sarah August 16, 2012, 10:09 pm

    I love those raisins too. And any chocolate and PB candy. The dark Reese’s cups are so good.

  • Holly @ Pink-Runner.com August 16, 2012, 10:19 pm

    Rasinettes are my weakness too! I could not handle having that huge container!!

  • Sana August 16, 2012, 11:29 pm

    I have spilled coffee on my coworkers. They love me SO MUCH!

  • Allison August 16, 2012, 11:39 pm

    Oh my goodness, Sullie is so cute! Good thing I live in Seattle or I would kidnap her in a second!!

  • Brittney August 17, 2012, 6:37 am

    Costco has a big container of chocolate covered raisins like that. They are completely addicting, I agree!

  • Erica { EricaDHouse.com } August 17, 2012, 6:44 am

    I don’t have any candy weakness but I’m a sucker for carbs (chips, pretzels,…). I can hardly keep any in the house because I’ll devour half a bag before I realize it!

  • Jess August 17, 2012, 7:06 am

    Oh, dark chocolate covered raisins are a HUGE weakness for me. And those fancy flavoured peanut butters, which masquerade as being healthy but are really just full of sugar.

    At least you balanced out your raisins with two very nourishing meals 🙂


  • Danielle @ clean food creative fitness August 17, 2012, 7:08 am

    I am a sucker for Reese’s too! I just can’t buy anything for my house the I don’t want myself to eat!!

  • Kimberly August 17, 2012, 7:31 am

    That’s what grandmas are for…providing you your favorite junk food. My grandma makes THE BEST chocolate chip cookies. Not kidding.

    • Jen August 17, 2012, 9:18 am

      it’s so true! grandmothers are the best! 🙂

  • Devon @ the food bitch blog August 17, 2012, 7:35 am

    So jealoust that you can bring your dog to work!

    Your grandmother sounds like my mom. She’s always sending me home with my weaknesses!

  • Chris K August 17, 2012, 7:55 am

    Chocolate + Peanut Butter = Trouble

  • Carrie @ Fitness and Frozen Grapes August 17, 2012, 8:24 am

    Grandmas always seem to (unintentionally) give us troublesome eats. This past Sunday, my grandma gave my family a loaf of homemade chocolate zucchini bread, which we stuck in the freezer and ignored for a few days, but I took it out to have “just one slice” last night. Now three-quarters of the loaf is gone! (In my defense, my mom and sister helped me demolish it!)

  • Amy August 17, 2012, 8:37 am

    I’m addicted to the chocolate covered cranberries…and also the powerberries. If you haven’t tired them, you must…or maybe you shouldn’t! They are soooo good.

    • Jen August 17, 2012, 9:18 am

      i have not tried those or heard of them! thanks (i guess! :)) for the recommendation.

  • Beth August 17, 2012, 8:49 am

    I’d love for you to share a few of your homemade salad dressings! Including this honey mustard!

    • Jen August 17, 2012, 9:16 am

      for this dressing i just whisked together some plain greek yogurt, dijon mustard, honey and a splash of olive oil. easy!

  • Beth August 17, 2012, 8:50 am

    also, what brand veggie burgers do you like? Or do you make you own?

    • Jen August 17, 2012, 9:13 am

      i like the trader joe’s veggie burgers (plain and the masala) as well as amy’s organics.

  • Becky August 17, 2012, 10:23 am

    That salad looks great! I love a good salad. I like chocolate covered raisins too. Have you tried dark chocolate covered almonds? Those are awesome too.
    Have a great weekend!

  • Blakely @ The Husky Life August 17, 2012, 10:43 am

    Thanks to you I may have to go to Costco right now and get a big container of those chocolate covered raisins. I have SUCH a weakness for them too. Have you ever tried the dark chocolate raisinettes? If not, don’t do it. You will be addicted.

  • Jodi August 17, 2012, 11:27 am

    Have you tried yogurt covered raisins?? SO GOOD!!

  • Kelli Preston August 17, 2012, 12:31 pm

    trouble = Jordan almonds. I am fairly certain that they are an old man candy, but I obsess over them nonetheless. In fact, I could really use a dose at this very moment.

  • Paige August 17, 2012, 1:11 pm

    I’m a total sucker for anything that combines chocolate with dried fruit, nuts, or peanut butter, so chocolate covered raisins are definitely one of my faves. I like to eat them with either dry roasted peanuts or peanut M&M’s. It’s the ultimate sweet/salty/chocolately combo!

  • Ashley August 17, 2012, 4:00 pm

    Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to hear from you! PS chocolate covered…….anything is my weakness! 🙂

  • Stacy @ Say It With Sprinkles August 17, 2012, 11:25 pm

    Rainbow Twizzlers are my candy addiction – 100%, no competition! 🙂

  • Tara Deal August 18, 2012, 7:43 am

    Chocolate covered raisins are a weakness of mine too!! If you want to get ultra crazy and have super special treat…I love tossing them in some salty popcorn 🙂 Sweet and salty to the max!!

  • Alaina August 20, 2012, 9:13 am

    Chocolate covered raisins are definitely a weakness! You can’t go wrong with a combination like that. I’m also a sucker for gummies, especially Dots. I can down a whole box in one sitting. 🙂

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