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  • What You’ll Find on My iPhone


    My iPhone is home to nearly 6,000 photos. You’ll find tons of dog pics, screen shots of things I found funny or wanted to remember, food, yoga and more. I recently upgraded my iPhone and got the phone with the most amount of storage possible because I used to live my life constantly having to [...]

  • The Week In Food, Workouts and Life


    Hi everyone! Thanks for your wonderful feedback on my posts this week. I appreciate the support and positivity! But now I have a whole week to catch you up on during my short break from the frenzy of getting ready for a weekend away. The Food… Salad with kale, spinach, arugula, roasted red peppers, artichokes, [...]

  • The Simple Stuff


    This morning I practiced yoga, taught yoga and grabbed coffee from Starbucks. As I was driving into work I thought about how much peace these little everyday things bring me. Rolling out my yoga mat. Sun salutations. Leading a class through practice. Morning coffee. Then I got to my desk and read Caitlin’s post about [...]