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  • Winter Weather + Workout Tunes


    It’s a gray, cold and icy day here in Charlotte. It’s 27 degrees and we are supposed to get a lot of freezing rain and ice this afternoon. Of course that has caused the closure of many schools and businesses but our plan here at the gym is to stay open and run classes as [...]

  • Thanks, This and That


    To say that I am overwhelmed by the comments on my “Born to Run” post would be an understatement. Seriously. I read each and every one of the comments and will be responding to many of them! I appreciate your advice, suggestions and honesty. One immediate takeaway is that I will be looking into minimalist [...]

  • Clean Eating Challenge Review and Tuesday Eats


    I owe you guys a recap on my 10 Day of Clean Eating Challenge. First things first, let’s be honest – I only made it nine days before throwing in the towel. In summary, it wasn’t life changing but I did learn a few things. I am definitely addicted to caffeine. I had terrible withdrawal [...]

  • A Messy Sunday


    It’s been a messy, messy day in our house. First, the Christmas tree and decorations came down…leaving a path of destruction. Pine needles everywhere! I really do not enjoy “undecorating” after the holidays. It is sad and makes a mess. Second, we went to Ikea to purchase a few new pieces of furniture for our [...]