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  • Cake Baking And Easter Eating


    Hello Monday! I am back in Charlotte and back to the normal routine after an amazing weekend with my family. I love visiting my grandmother’s house. It was basically my second home growing up and it feels so good to have our family together there, especially on holidays. Whenever I visit I feel like I [...]

  • Clumsy in the Kitchen


    It’s hard to say how many times I’ve burned myself while cooking. Let’s see…there was the time that I took a cookie sheet out of the oven and then reached up to get something out of a cabinet leaving a burn across my belly. Then there was the time that I was heating jam in [...]

  • Not Quite Ready Yet


    I have been extremely pleased with my recovery from Sunday’s marathon. It’s been night and day difference from my first marathon. I attribute it to better overall fitness and my body being more accustomed to recovering from tough workouts. All of my soreness faded by Tuesday and now I’m just dealing with general fatigue and [...]