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We met up with our best friends from law school this weekend in Atlanta. It’s the first time that we’ve all been together since graduation. We’ve seen each other separately over the last year but this was our first chance to get together as a group.

After I finished my long run, we headed Becky and Eric’s direction to visit with their 10-month old twins. I think I had a baby within two minutes of walking in the house and didn’t have empty arms for the rest of the visit. (Please note, this is not a sign of anything to come. 😉 )

This is James. He is a total cutie and his blue eyes will melt your heart.

Brandon spent some quality time with Molly. Blonde hair, blue eyes…just like her mommy. Beautiful.

Before we left for dinner it was baby dinner time and I can’t resist sharing this picture.

I thought I was the only one who made a mess of babies when trying to feed them but I’m happy to know that this happens to parents too! 🙂

We had plans to go to a Braves game and wanted to grab dinner before. We decided to go to Tin Lizzy’s because our first choice had an hour and a half wait and Tin Lizzy’s was right next door and is always good.

We had a bit of a wait for our table and took the opportunity to get some group shots.

The girls. Every time I spend time with Becky and Cristen I get so sad that we don’t live closer (5+ hours drive). I love them so much and they are amazing friends. I am so lucky to have them in my life.

The whole group. We always have so much fun together. We’re already planning our next get together for this fall. It simply can’t be another year until we are all together in the same place again.

We ordered fried pickles and jalepenos for the table when we were finally seated.

I had a sample of both. It was long run day and I pretty much give myself carte blanche after long runs.

I had a really hard time finding an appealing meatless option on the menu. There were plenty of things like cheese quesadillas, cheese nachos and black beans and rice but no veggies. I pieced together this quesadilla and while it was good I really wish they’d have had more substantial veggies.

Cheese quesadilla with peppers, onions and guacamole.

After dinner we headed to Turner Field to watch the Braves take on the Dodgers. Sadly, they lost but we still had a great time Tomahawk Chopping and chatting.

Graham and Cristen stayed with us Saturday night and we decided to grab a drink after the game  in East Atlanta Village so we could chat more. I was VERY upset to come back to my car and find that it had been broken into. My passenger window was smashed and my GPS was gone. It was my fault for leaving the GPS in plain sight but I was still so mad. There was glass everywhere. We filed a police report and went home. The boys taped up my window and I slept fretfully.

Today was quite an adventure between the window, breakfast and getting back to Charlotte. I’m going to have to do a separate post! So much breakfast delicousness to share involving my dad’s homemade waffles and dragon fruit.

Has your car ever been broken in to? I felt so weirded out by it and so mad!

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  • Alaina August 15, 2010, 10:12 pm

    Oh no! So sorry about your GPS.

    I’ve had my car broken into as well…on my honeymoon…and they stole my purse (my hubs and I were hiking). It was definitely an idiotic move on my part to leave my purse in plain sight. I’m cautious now! My mom had to FedEx me my passport just so I could get home.

    Looks like you had a great trip with friends!

    • Jen August 16, 2010, 9:49 am

      Alaina – oh no! I cannot believe that happened on your honeymoon. What a nightmare. I’m so glad your mom was able to get your passport to you so you could get home.

  • Amanda M. August 16, 2010, 9:15 am

    I’ve never had my car broken in to, but plenty of my friends while living in Atlanta weren’t as fortunate. I’m so sorry to hear about yours, but glad to know you were able to get it fixed before heading home.

    Question, was your first choice for dinner on Saturday Hal’s on Old Ivey??? It is right next door to the Tin Lizzy’s in Buckhead and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that place! Their creamed spinach is one of my favorite things to eat!

    • Jen August 16, 2010, 9:48 am

      Amanda – we went to Tin Lizzy’s Grant Park. We were going to go to Six Feet Under but the wait was ridiculous. They recently opened a Tin Lizzy’s next door so we just went there. I’ve never tried Hal’s!

  • Ashley August 16, 2010, 10:20 am

    So sad your weekend ended that way! But it does sound like you had a great one apart from that. Those babies are presh!

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