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Operation Storm Survival, Beach, Run and BEAUTIFUL!

Happy weekend from beautiful Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, South Carolina.

I braved extremely hazardous road conditions to get here…and I was by myself. Brandon left earlier in the week for the beach but I had to work so couldn’t leave until after work Friday. My solo road trip started off with a bang when the driver next to me almost merged into my car when their lane was ending. I guess I was in their blind spot. They were literally within inches of hitting me before I laid on my horn and they swerved over. So scary. Ugh.

Things got worse. Right after I drove through Columbia, South Carolina the skies opened up and lightening started bolting down. I was in a severe thunderstorm for two and a half hours traveling 25 miles per hour on the interstate. What’s usually a three hour trip took four and a half and I was almost in tears because there was no end to the storm in sight. I had to call my parents and they talked me off the ledge. Finally, just as I was arriving in Charleston, it stopped raining. Worst road trip ever.

Luckily my sweet husband was waiting for me at Poe’s (one of our all time favorite spots!) with a beer.

I managed to calm down a bit after a few sips of beer and some stretching in the middle of the restaurant. My IT band cramped up terribly from sitting so tensely in the car for so long.

Poe’s is known for their fish tacos and burgers. I ordered the Ahi Tuna Tacos.

Ahi tuna, pineapple salsa and cabbage. So good!

And Brandon got a burger and fries.

You better believe that I snacked off of this plate! 😉

After dinner we came back and crashed. I was completely wiped out from an early morning (I went to yoga before work Friday) and my horrendous drive. Also, I had plans to meet Meghan for a run early this morning.

Meghan is one of my closest friends but she lives in San Diego, California so we don’t get to see each other often. She just survived the California Bar Exam and happened to be vacationing in Isle of Palms with her parents this week. They’re leaving today but we were able to squeeze in a run before she flew out. Some of you also might remember that Meghan is my partner in crime for the Marine Corps Marathon. This was likely our one and only training run together before race day since we live so far apart.

This was a step back week in our training plan so we ran six easy miles that were filled with catching up. I so wish that Meghan was closer and we could run together more often. 🙁

After our run I stopped for coffee and came back to the house for breakfast.

I had half of a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter,  honey and banana. Sorry that I didn’t make the plate pretty – I should have wiped off the peanut butter but I was so hungry and just wanted to get a shot!

We rented a house in Wild Dunes with Brandon’s family. Back story….Brandon and I lived in Charleston for a year after college before he started law school. My very first job out of college was working at Wild Dunes Resort in their marketing department! I LOVE coming back to visit!

Our house is right on the boardwalk.

It’s pretty cloudy here this morning but I’m hoping that the sun peeks through so that I can get some beach time in. Really, really needing a relaxing day on the beach (and maybe a pina colada!?).

And I’m off to get bathing suited and sun blocked! My adorable nieces are here so expect some cute baby pictures later!

One last thing…remember the super secret Charlotte blogger mission I was on Thursday night? Here’s what we were doing…

(Image stolen from Emily)

Emily, Jen, Katie, Whitney and I met up for a craft night to decorate Caitlin’s house to welcome her back to Charlotte. She in New York and on the Today Show Thursday to talk about her new book, Operation Beautiful! Please check out Caitlin’s story and mission!!! Amazing and inspiring!

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  • laq1013 August 7, 2010, 3:28 pm

    I *heart* Charleston!!! One of my fave cities in the whole world. Definitely get some shrimp & grits while you’re there!

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