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One Word

This week I have been asking my yoga students and blog readers (via Facebook) to think of ONE word that describes how the want to feel in 2013. The responses have been phenomenal and so thought provoking.


I am the first to admit that it’s not really easy to pinpoint one perfect word. It’s kind of intimidating, actually. I am really struggling with it myself. Some of the first words that have come to my mind are…



When you identify something you want to feel you can choose to focus on that feeling. So instead of thinking about how broken you are, you think about feeling complete and whole. Instead of feeling like nothing you do is never enough and you aren’t making a difference in the world, you focus on being bright…a source of positive, uplifting inspiration for those around you. Instead of questioning every single decision you make, you are confident and certain in the direction that you are heading. Instead of feeling dead on the inside and shut off to the world, you enjoy feeling sunshine on your face, laughing with friends and all of the amazing experiences that you can say yes to…if you want to. Instead of feeling lost and aimless in your direction and that your goals are out of reach, you GO FOR IT AND TRUST IT.


So tell me…what is your one word?

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