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Friday I’m In Love, Volume 11

My girls both gave me minor heart attacks this week.


Sullie jumped off the couch on Sunday night (She’s allowed to come up and visit at the end of the night. She’s like clockwork. It’s so cute.) and must have landed funny because she started limping. Of course this led to a few tears on my part. She’ll be 10 in July and we’ve been SO lucky to avoid any joint problems. She still moves really well. She was putting weight on it so I was hopeful she’d just tweaked something. She’s continued to improve every day this week so I think we’re in the clear.

I nearly lost my mind with Zoey. I noticed she was being really quiet and wasn’t inside with the other two. This isn’t typical (she always wants to be right where you are) so I went outside and called for her. After a minute or two she came running from the side of the house and came in. I started some laundry and she went back out (we have a doggie door). At this point I’m thinking, there’s something she’s getting into. I go outside and around to the side of the house and find the gate open. My heart dropped. The lawn service came earlier today and DIDN’T SHUT THE GATE ALL THE WAY. I ran into the front yard and started calling her as calmly as possible. Luckily, not even 60 seconds later she came running up to me. I am so freaking lucky that she didn’t take off or get hit by a car. We live on a pretty busy street. I am frustrated with the lawn service (they know we have dogs) and I’ll definitely be letting them know about this.

Tell me how you do it moms with little ones, I don’t know if my heart can take it.

A few Friday favorites.


Raisins. Every since the Whole30 I have been eating raisins like crazy. I like to mix together golden and regular. I snack on them by the handful, add them to my chia pudding and sweet potato bowls and sprinkle them on bananas and apples with nut butter.


Ever since I upped my strength training I’ve been trying to incorporate more epsom salt baths into my self-care routine. My fiance surprised me with this set up after a particularly long day this week. It was much appreciated and I felt like a noodle after soaking in the salts. I have been using these salts (we got a ton of free samples at the studio) and they get two thumbs up from me!


Cherries in the grocery store!


I love browsing through the specialty food items at Home Goods and last Sunday I scored a few awesome finds. First, this Sonoma Harvest Fig Balsamic is so good. It’s only got two ingredients, balsamic vinegar and fig paste. I checked the company’s website and this flavor is no longer available but they have so many other good ones like Coconut White Balsamic, Prickly Pear White Balsamic and Strawberry Balsamic to name a few. Check it out. I am a sucker for flavored balsamics for dressing my salads.

I also got this Rosemary and Basil Seasoned Sea Salt and a Himalayan Pink Sea Salt that I failed to notice included moruga scorpion chile (I’ve never even heard of that!?) until I seasoned our entire dinner with it last night and wondered why the sweet potatoes and salmon were so spicy. It appears to be a seasonal/limited time flavor and not available online.


I have really been enjoying these colorful flowers blooming in our backyard. They’ve been in bloom for several weeks now. It’s relaxing to sit outside with the sound of the fountain and the flowers to look at. I am a huge proponent of spending as much time outdoors as possible.


Vanilla is my go-to candle scent. Every time I go candle shopping I always come home with at least one vanilla-ish candle. We really like DW Candles and their vanilla is very richly scented. This particular one is discontinued but this is one of their all-time best sellers.



I’ve been talking about the downfalls of comparison in my yoga classes this week. I read two amazing pieces on comparison this week from two of my favorite women. Check out Here’s Who to Compare Yourself to in a Yoga Class by Kathryn Budig and Comparison is a Killer by Danielle LaPorte.

And finally, if you haven’t heard JT’s new song…here you go! And you’re welcome! 🙂 It was just released last night. I played it in my yoga class this morning and my class LOVED it! So do I!

Now go enjoy the weekend and just dance, dance, dance!

Any favorites to share? 

Have you heard Justin Timberlake’s new song? Whatcha think? 

Are your dogs escape artists? 

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  • Sara May 6, 2016, 5:19 pm

    Ah I’m so glad you got zoey before she went further! My boston terrier got out one time and ended up at a neighbors birthday party. He was jumping on everyone and wouldn’t come when called, I was Sooo embarrassed!!

    • Jen DeCurtins May 7, 2016, 8:15 am

      I grew up with a Boston Terrier! 🙂 That is a funny story! Sullie used to go over to the neighbors house all the time when she was a puppy…like IN their house!

  • Jodie May 6, 2016, 5:32 pm

    Have to tell I just love your blog/posts! I look forward to them. It’s the best part of my day. Random question: got sunburnt on my forehead, been using ice and aloe any other recommendations? Did not wear sunblock like I normally do big mistake.

    • Jen DeCurtins May 7, 2016, 8:14 am

      Thank you so much for the kind words Jodie! 🙂 RE: the sunburn. Maybe try coconut oil to moisturize it after you aloe up?

  • r May 6, 2016, 6:41 pm

    Um thanks for sharing that song. We loved it, gets ya movin!!!

    • Jen DeCurtins May 7, 2016, 8:13 am

      I know! It’s so fun and happy! Have a great weekend!

  • Hilary May 6, 2016, 7:08 pm

    I have a golden retriever and luckily he has only escaped once in my apartment complex but luckily like Zoey he came running back as soon as I called him!

    • Jen DeCurtins May 7, 2016, 8:13 am

      Good pup! 🙂

  • JennyV May 6, 2016, 11:14 pm

    We live in the middle of town on a great cul de sac near a park. While we love to see tons of wildlife, I’ve had it with the deer. Our German shepherds have now chased them three times without returning right away. This has left us in the middle of winter after 11pm with flashlights yelling for our dogs as well as right before work this spring. We’re sad to have to get a fence because we love our open yard as is, but our girls are so much more important! It’s the worst sick to your stomach feeling when 20 minutes passes without a sighting at night! 😁 It nearly gives me anxiety just thinking about it. So glad she came back right away for you!!

    • Jen DeCurtins May 7, 2016, 8:12 am

      I’ve seen your yard on SnapChat and cannot IMAGINE the dogs running after deer and disappearing at night. I would go crazy too!

      • JennyV May 7, 2016, 10:58 pm

        Scariest thing ever! And when they come back I can hardly be angry I just want to snuggle them! 🙂

  • ACKTIVE LIFE May 7, 2016, 1:50 pm

    I have been craving ridiculous amounts of avocado and oranges! I think it is pretty amazing that coming out of this cleanse I am craving real healthy FATS and eats and my desire to chug 2-3 cups of coffee has seriously decreased. We’ll once this is over how long I last. Raisins sound delicious right now to me too!

    • Jen DeCurtins May 10, 2016, 4:46 pm

      haha, send me some of that coffee power!

  • Molly May 8, 2016, 7:35 am

    I live in Charlotte and have had the same issue w our lawn service too! I wonder if it’s the same person? 😉 I ended up sending an email explaining why it was important for them to shut it all the way and offering to show them myself if they were having issues. That seemed to solve the problem. They come at the same time every week, though, so I still go outside and check before I let my dog out since he could totally head butt the doors open if they aren’t latched properly. Dogs are exhausting!

    • Jen DeCurtins May 10, 2016, 4:45 pm

      Not sure but we talked to them and hopefully it doesn’t happen again. I also asked if they can be better about coming the same time every week as it’s been a little all over the place! Yes, exhausting for my nerves! 🙂

  • Ashley May 9, 2016, 7:02 am

    Oh my god! I’m staying at my boyfriend’s house (dogsitting his two pits & I have a pit & a Chow/Collie mix) while he is out of town for work. His lawn service guys left BOTH gates wide open when they left the other day. I heard my perfect little angel child (the Chow/Collie) barking non-stop…she was letting me know all three of the other dogs ran away! My boyfriend lives pretty far back on a dead end road but the highway is right behind the backyard. Needless to say I was a wreck. All three boys were found & felt super guilty haha. Time outs for everyone!

    • Jen DeCurtins May 10, 2016, 4:43 pm

      Okay, first your dog is a saint! What a good “cop” she was! I am so glad that you found them and everyone was okay!

  • Tara May 9, 2016, 1:43 pm

    i can really relate to the budig article. especially looking at someone else in an inversion that “seems to last for days”. LOL. so true. and she brings up an excellent point about comparing yourself to yourself (especially your younger self). so easy to forget that with that 20 year old perfect body also came that 20 year old inexperienced brain !

    • Jen DeCurtins May 10, 2016, 4:41 pm

      I loved that part so much too! I think it’s so important to look at how we treat ourselves just as much as the external stuff.

  • Julie May 9, 2016, 3:43 pm

    My daughter is 16 now (& driving… AACK!), but I can tell you nothing quite compares to seeing that open fence & knowing your precious fur babies are loose & possibly in danger. It’s just the worst feeling EVER! I’m grateful that I haven’t had an equally panicked moment w/ my daughter (although lots of prayers are said daily to keep her safe whilst driving)… our pups are def precious members of our family, too (& the ONLY ones that are always happy & never talk back). 😛 So glad Zoey came back safe & sound, but sorry you had the experience – it def adds a few grays.

    • Jen DeCurtins May 10, 2016, 4:34 pm

      Oh I feel you on the driving teenager. Sending you lots of love around that one. Yes, my heart definitely dropped and your mind goes crazy places in those moments. So thankful she was good!

  • Erin May 9, 2016, 8:09 pm

    Oh girl! We’ve got construction happening at our home & Sukie still comes with me to work everyday. She is a little Houdini & seems to find a way out of every barrier I make for her. Trust me…I know the feeling. I’ve had neighbors call me and tell me that they just saw a bulldog walking down Selwyn & I literally panic and my heart drops. It is the most horrible feeling!!!
    On a different note…love the song! Video was so fun to watch too!

    • Jen DeCurtins May 10, 2016, 4:30 pm

      Oh my gosh! Crazy Sukie! The construction would make me so nervous!

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