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Finding My Marathon Motivation

I know the name of this blog is Peanut Butter Runner but it shouldn’t come as surprise to most of you (if you know me in real life or if you have been reading for a while) that I have been feeling really over running for a while. I committed to running the Marine Corps Marathon back in April (you have to register right when it opens because the marathon fills quickly) and at the time October 31 seemed ages away. I kind of pushed the marathon to the back of my mind and didn’t do a great job base building before training started.

I procrastinated on starting official training for as long as I could before finally embarking on a 16-week training plan. My plan only requires me to run three days per week and I thought it would be a breeze. As it turned out, I kind of found myself dreading some of my runs. I don’t think that it helped that I started my training in July in the midst of a hot Southern summer. Also, as I’ve shared before, I have been feeling a little overcommitted and we’ve been traveling a ton. I’ve really been struggling to fit the runs in but I’m doing the best I can.

In the middle of my 12 mile long run in Atlanta I had an ephiphany. I was enjoying my long run and feeling like a runner again. And ever since then my runs have been getting better and better. I feel faster, stronger and more motivated. I actually want to be on the road again.

The past few days in Charlotte have been cooler and the humidity is down. It’s a great reminder of how much I love to run during the fall. I came home yesterday and today and changed right into my running clothes. I couldn’t get outside fast enough. Today wasn’t even a planned run on training schedule but I just had to run.

Last, our trip to DC was wonderful. I loved the city and running in the city. It made me so excited to return to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October! I’m looking forward to finishing out these last eight weeks of training strong!

Moving along to food…

I shot breakfast this morning because it was different! No oatmeal or overnight oats!

I was running super late this morning so I grabbed a muffin out of the freezer, some blueberries and a Chobani Pineapple. I have no idea what kind of muffin this is. My mom sent it home with me. All I know is that it was very crumbly. So much so that I ended up doing this.

I ended up just crumbling the muffin into my yogurt. It was a delicious mix!

Lunch today was unpictured because I was meeting new clients for the first time. I didn’t really think that whipping my camera out would really give me the most professional presentation. 😉 We had lunch at Terrace Cafe. I ordered the quiche of the day and it came with a great assortment of fresh fruit and mixed greens. Can’t wait to take Brandon back for brunch one weekend. I’ve heard it’s fabulous!

Since I didn’t take a picture of lunch today I will share my lunch on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday’s lunch was a desperation lunch because I had not been to the grocery yet. I made a plate of cheese, Kashi crackers, carrot sticks (the only vegetable in the fridge), almond butter, hummus and grapes.

Tuesday’s lunch was a veggie sandwich – light cream cheese, cucumbers, sundried tomatoes, spinach and carrots on an Arnold Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin. Leftover pine nut couscous, grapes and more carrots on the side. I drank a mocktail of Perrier, Northlands superfruit juice and lime.

Back to tonight…I went to a late yoga class tonight while Brandon was at bowling league. I wanted something simple for dinner when I got home.

Enter grilled cheese. One of my favorite foods of all time. Colby jack on Great Harvest Whole Wheat Sourdough. If you see the bread glistening and golden brown that would be thanks to the real butter I used to make this. I don’t mess around with grilled cheese. You do it right or not at all! Mixed greens salad on the side with carrots, cucumbers, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic and olive oil. I also had another mocktail with seltzer water, lime and Northlands superfruit juice.

If you drink a lot of water during the day, I highly recommend mocktails as a way to switch it up from time to time!

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  • Brittney August 26, 2010, 8:39 am

    I have a groupon for Terrace Cafe if you want to go back sometime together (with or without husbands) 🙂

  • Catherine August 26, 2010, 9:40 am

    Finding motivation to run is always so much easier when the weather starts to turn to fall! Glad to hear that the training is going so well! And I totally agree… real butter is a must for grilled cheese 🙂

  • kat August 26, 2010, 4:06 pm

    Yes, with this cooler weather, even I am finding motivation to run again and am enjoying it. Switching things up in general, actually…taking a break from my weights class and subbing in yoga, and adding running to my cycling for cardio…I stopped seeing/feeling progress, so I decided I needed to do something different! Always an adventure….

  • Melissa August 26, 2010, 4:16 pm

    I found your blog through Ashley’s at One Hot Mess, and I’ve enjoyed reading! My husband went to law school in Birmingham (Cumberland, I’m assuming that’s where yours went as well ?) and graduated in 2007. We’re huge UGA fans, though we went to Samford, and I love to run and practice yoga (well, really just prenatal yoga, but it counts, right?). We have a lot in common! I just had a baby a few months ago, and I am gearing up to start training for the Mercedes Half this year.

    I’m excited to read about your journey to marathon #2. It’s an inspiration!


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