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An Unconventional Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed family, friends and feasting. If you’re out braving Black Friday I am wishing you warmth and good luck! 🙂

My Thanksgiving was a bit unconventional this year.


One of my dearest friends is getting married this weekend in the Dominican Republic. She and her fiance are South American so the Thanksgiving holiday isn’t celebrated in their respective home countries. I actually didn’t realize the wedding weekend was Thanksgiving weekend until about 6 weeks ago even though I’ve been planning on going for 6 months!!! Thanksgiving was so late this year!

Getting to the wedding on time for all the events required a Thanksgiving day departure. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday because I love that it is focused on cooking, family and togetherness. I’m so glad I was at least able to spend Thanksgiving eve with my grandmother. I’ll see my parents at Christmas in just a few weeks!


I was up at 5:15 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning to get packed up and ready for the airport. I made overnight oats to eat in the car on the way there.


I flew out of Atlanta so that I could visit my grandmother. Also, the flights were so much cheaper than Charlotte. I was BLOWN AWAY to drive up to Hartsfield and discover that there is a new International Terminal with its own parking decks, shuttle services, check in and security. It was beautiful and my airport experience was so easy. This was NOT the Atlanta Airport of my childhood!


I had second breakfast in the form of pumpkin pie and coffee. It was a no brainer. I had to celebrate Thanksgiving! 🙂


Travel was flawless and I arrived at Zoetry Punta Cana around 5 p.m. I stayed here back in February for a yoga retreat and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be back. This resort is AMAZING. I will be writing a review after this trip now that I’ve been here twice.


Champagne was waiting in the room. Champagne and sunset on the beach to wrap up Thanksgiving…I’ll take it!


I got showered and ready to head out to the welcome dinner.


There was a casual beach barbecue and I laughed when I found they were serving turkey and dressing for the Americans…right next to some whole roasted fish! 🙂


So happy to be here with this sweet girl! Off to yoga…it was the bride’s request that we teach/practice while we’re here!

Have a great day!

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