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The Soreness Settles In

The breaking news for today is how freaking sore I am from yesterday’s workout. My low back is soooooo sore from the dead lifts. It requires major effort and groans to bend over today. I didn’t think the pushups were that bad when I was doing them but my chest is screaming at me now. Needless to say, it’s a rest day over here. I can’t even think about doing any kind of physical activity more than walking. It took an act of god for me to lift myself out of bed this morning!

I don’t remember the last time I was this sore. Call me crazy but I love it. 😛

Now, let’s catch up on some recent eats and workouts.

Lunch Tuesday was the leftover quinoa with black beans and chicken on top of spinach with pepper jack, salsa, sour cream and hot sauce. I will definitely be making this combination again. It was so good and filling.

I ended up running a speedy 3 miles on the treadmill before I left work yesterday. The full-on soreness had not set in at this point. I was naive about what I would wake up to in the morning.

I arrived home around 7:30 after teaching a quick yoga lesson and I was starving. I bought an eggplant at Trader Joe’s last week and needed to use it or it was going to have to be trashed. I love eggplant and didn’t want it to go to waste so I got creative with what I had on hand. I diced the eggplant and sautéed it in olive oil then served it over spinach cheese ravioli and topped it all with marinara and shredded parmesan. This dinner was ready in under 15 minutes. So easy!

I had to be at Metro at 6:30 this morning but ran home around 8 to make some oatmeal and check on Sullie (the joys of living 5 minutes from work!). I dumped my oatmeal in a jar to take back to eat at my desk. Banana oatmeal topped with peanut butter and Crofter’s.

I only made it two days with no open-faced sandwich. Hey, it’s improvement! My lunch featured the leftover eggplant with hummus, spinach and a mix of cheddar/gruyere and feta on top. The eggplant was a really nice change from my normal veggie burger/tofu/tempeh open-faced sandwich.

I’m off to walk the pup and then teaching yoga tonight at Y2.

When was the last time you were REALLY sore? 

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  • Alyssa @ Fit and Fun in Third March 7, 2012, 5:32 pm

    Right now! I went to Bodypump yesterday afternoon and I amped up my weights bigtime. Plus, I swear it was a really hard release… but it’s prob the extra weights I had tacked on there. Feels amazing!! 🙂

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:41 am

      it’s crazy how much even going up on weight a little can be so much harder!

  • Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More March 7, 2012, 5:33 pm

    Your eggplant sandwich looks so yummy! Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m starving and forgot my lunch at home today. Grrr!

    Currently my quads are sore from yesterdays workout, but I don’t mind. =)

  • Chris K March 7, 2012, 5:48 pm

    Crossfit last summer. 100 pull ups ruined me for 5 days and you raised hell at me!

    • jennyv March 7, 2012, 6:32 pm

      I just laughed out loud at this b/c my husband just completed the Crossfit workout “Angie” (below) last week and he FINALLY can move. I thought he was exaggerating… definitely wasn’t the case 🙂

      For time:
      100 Pull-ups
      100 Push-ups
      100 Sit-ups
      100 Squats

      • Chris K March 8, 2012, 6:21 am

        Poor guy! His pain is real, real progress! Give him an extra hug!

        • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:43 am

          chris – i did yell at you for that! you crushed your body.

          jenny – OMG that sounds so intense. your poor husband.

  • Mike March 7, 2012, 5:49 pm

    Welcome to Crossfit. I pretty much live my entire life sore….

    • Shannon March 8, 2012, 1:39 pm

      So true! Which is why I am taking a break from Crossfit so I can actually train for my upcoming half, let alone walk! I was going two days a week (in addition to three days of bootcamp) and never was able to shake the extreme amounts of soreness — not to mention blistered hands.

      Speaking of Crossfit, has anyone else acquired injuries from the workouts?

      • kat March 9, 2012, 7:13 am

        I have asked this question too…I had a friend go to the hospital from injuries resulting from Crossfit workouts. I have serious reservations about the safety of the program for the general public. I’d be curious to see any other replies to your question.

        • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:49 am

          i think that like any workout, crossfit is definitely not for everyone…just like how running a marathon is not for everyone but it’s become so commonplace/the thing to do.

          i think that crossfit can be safe when people are coached on proper form and adhere to form/manageable weight selection over killing themselves for time. i think it’s all about having good coaches and listening to your body over your ego. i do think a lot of the heavy overhead lifting/squating/ deadlifting in crossfit can be very dangerous when people are not in control of the weight they are selecting.

          i think that crossfit requires a pretty strong base fitness level and understanding of complex movements. i would totally agree with you that it is not the perfect fitness solution for the general public and needs to be done in a safe environment with proper equipment and knowledgeable coaches.

        • Mike March 9, 2012, 2:19 pm

          I’ve been doing Crossfit for about a year. Here are my injuries:

          * Ripped hands – I pretty much rip my hands every time we do pullups or Toes-to-bar/Knees-to-elbow. I’ve worn hand guards to protect my hands, but they don’t work very well. In the end, the crossfit old-timers say your hands will toughen up and will stop ripping. Still waiting for that day….
          * Rope burn – I’ve had some pretty gnarly looking rope burn from climbing the rope… You get better at it and then you’ll stop getting rope burn, but the first 5 or 6 times was painful.
          * Bruised knee – Was doing an olympic lifting movement wrong. Dropped the bar. Right on my knee. Out of action for about 2 weeks while strength returned.
          * Sore – Pretty much daily.

          Given that, I consider myself pretty lucky for not having more injuries. I was not in very good shape when I started, but focused on doing the movements correctly and slowly till I had them down. I think most injuries occur when you’re not performing the exercise correctly. So, slow down. Do it correctly. And listen to your body – it will tell you to slow down or stop.

  • Billiejean March 7, 2012, 5:51 pm

    Just this past Sunday and Monday! My endorphins were flowing and ignored the length of my workout, and just got too excited and kept going… Oops. Not only were my muscles sore, my joints, too!

  • Allison March 7, 2012, 5:55 pm

    Definitely after my last long run. I was so sore because I pushed myself really hard. And now I have a stress fracture and am stuck on the recumbent bike, so I haven’t been sore lately, unfortunately.

    Have a great night!

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:50 am

      oh no – i’m so sorry that you have a stress fracture! 🙁

  • Sierra @ Posh Meets Pavement March 7, 2012, 5:58 pm

    I love that you put your oats in glass jars too. Plastic can get scary with hot oatmeal and I rather play it safe. No chemicals required thankyouverymuch. Eggplant is great, cheap dinner option. It is also pretty “hearty” for vegetarian fare. I think its the texture that fools me.

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:51 am

      i agree – i’ve really tried to cut back/eliminate heating anything in plastic!

  • Lauren March 7, 2012, 6:14 pm

    believe it or not, i did a jillian michaels workout dvd last week and was sore for DAYS!

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:52 am

      i totally believe it! i’ve heard they are really hard!

  • jennyv March 7, 2012, 6:18 pm

    I am already from the partner workout I did today —
    Part I (12 minutes): Partner 1 does as many kettlebell swings squats while partner 2 runs a 400, switch when runner is complete. As many rounds as possible!
    Part II (continue for 12 more minutes): Partner 1 does as many of the following 10 ‘wave’ squats, 10 get up sit -ups w/ kettlebell, 5 kettlebell curl to press on each side while partner 2 runs a 400, switch… once again, as many rounds as possible!

    It was a DOOZIE to say the least. The gym is owned by a co-owner of the next door Crossfit gym… He likes to carry their philosophy over and I’m glad (when the workout is done!) that he does.

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:53 am

      that sounds like an awesome workout! i love partner work.

  • Matt @ The Athlete's Plate March 7, 2012, 6:26 pm

    Haha I totally thought about you when I had my open faced sandwich for lunch 😉

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:53 am

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Holly March 7, 2012, 7:00 pm

    I was sore for 2 full days after my Friday yoga class because it was so hardcore!

    I love it though. Being sore is good. Injured is not.

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:53 am

      i love yoga sore. and YES – injured is no good!

  • Tracy March 7, 2012, 7:30 pm

    LOL, I’m literally eating an open faced sandwich right now and thought of you when I put it under the broiler 🙂


  • Brooke @ sweats & sweets March 7, 2012, 7:37 pm

    Last month when I started Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred again. When you only run and then add a full body strengthening it shakes your body up. I was deathly sore for a day. I love it too, makes me feel like something was accomplished!

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:54 am

      yes, strength training makes me sore like no other!

  • Amy March 7, 2012, 8:02 pm

    I took Bodypump classes twice a week for months..then I stopped because I felt like I wasn’t seeing any results. I decided one day to give it another shot (because I missed the awesome workout it is!) and I was SO SORE. For days.

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:54 am

      if i even take a week off of bodypump it makes me sore when i go back! it is a great total body workout!

  • Kamailef March 7, 2012, 8:42 pm

    Yoga on Sunday & I’m still sore!

  • Lauren March 7, 2012, 9:41 pm

    I did the “Murph” crossfit workout last year and I was incredibly sore for days. It’s been a couple months since I have been sore and I am looking forward to getting back in the gym sometime soon! My husband said he met you last night at Metro…hope the new job is going well!

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 10:56 am

      yeah, that WOD is on our hero board and omg…it looks intense. i think i may start with a “half murph” when i try it for the first time.

      i have been seeing your husband around the gym! look forward to meeting you soon too. loving the new job!

  • Bridget March 7, 2012, 10:14 pm

    I went to a workshop taught by Brock and Krista Cahill a few months ago and was so sore the next day! Lots of long holds with tons of tiny alignment adjustments. I learned a TON, though – definitely take their class if they are ever in your area!

    Sometime I’d love to read a post more about your journey as a fitness instructor. I just finished yoga teacher training a couple months ago and am still getting my feet wet teaching. I don’t really feel like I “click” with the gym I’m teaching at now and am curious if you went through that and how you figured out the best fit for you? It seems like a balance between getting some experience but also going for where I really want to be…

    P.S. I’m new here and love your blog! Sorry for the novel comment, just jumping right in I guess 🙂

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 11:02 am

      bridget – welcome and thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

      thanks for the heads up on brock and krista. i love workshops – they always give me a little extra “fire” in my practice after.

      regarding teaching…it is definitely challenging at first to figure out what your teaching style is and where you fit. i have taught a few places that just weren’t the right fit but when you do figure it out, you know and really feel connected to the place and your students. i taught group fitness for years before starting to teach yoga. i found teaching yoga to be difficult at first because it did require making a connection with students and speaking authentically. it got easier with every class and i can see myself continue to grow as a teacher as time goes on.

  • Meghan March 7, 2012, 11:34 pm

    Hey! Love your blog…long-time reader, infrequent commenter 😉 I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t have lower back pain after doing deadlifts because that could mean your form is off…I’m always sore in my hamstrings and glutes afterward. As a fitness pro, could you tell me more about that? Thanks!

    • Jen March 8, 2012, 8:00 am

      hi meghan – thanks for reading and commenting! i definitely don’t have “pain” just soreness but you are correct in saying that dead lifts should not strain the low back. i had my coach watching my form and he even had a video camera ready to show me if i was rounding my back. maintaining proper form is the reason why i dropped my weight halfway through the WOD. i will ALWAYS put safety over potential injury!

  • Clara March 8, 2012, 7:45 am

    I love feeling sore, too! Though I’ve probably never felt as sore as you… haha.

  • Miriam @ Bellaspire March 8, 2012, 11:48 am

    I don’t know what it is about dead lifts but I am SOO ridiculously sore after I do them. I force myself to do them for this very reason at least once a week. I feel it in my hamstrings instead of my back!!

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 11:02 am

      i should feel it there too! 😉

  • Kerry @ Totes My Oats March 8, 2012, 12:15 pm

    The hip adduction machine makes me so sore!

  • Allison March 8, 2012, 12:15 pm

    I’ve been sore since October 1, the day I started Crossfit. My legs are especially sore today; I was in a walking boot for the last 6 weeks and this week was my first full legs workout since. Overhead lunges and deadlifts did me in….

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 11:04 am

      i’m glad you’re out of the boot. overhead lunges are killer!

  • Emily B. March 8, 2012, 12:46 pm

    My legs were sore this Sunday and Monday after running 12 miles for the first time. But my upper body hasn’t truly been sore in a while, I think my strength training is a little stale. After my first half marathon in a week and a half (!) I’m planning on upping my game in the strengthening area.

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 11:05 am

      good luck with your first half! so exciting! 🙂

      and yes, wait until after to change your strength routine. back off of it for the last little push before the race to let your muscles recover fully!

  • Tina @ happy pace March 8, 2012, 7:09 pm

    I absolutely LOVE days when I have that full body soreness and walk around like a grandma! I am talking about just muscle soreness, though, not pain that would indicate any kind of injury. I just love knowing that I worked really hard to get that sore and the soreness lets me know that my muscles are repairing themselves and getting STRONGER! 🙂

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 11:06 am

      agreed – sore and injured are two different things…general soreness is good! 🙂

  • Shelby March 8, 2012, 9:54 pm

    I definitely hear ya on the soreness front! It’s the second week of track which means tempo workouts and sprints… soo sore but it hurts so good!

    Love your quinoa bowls by the way, they totally inspire me try different spins on that stuff!

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 11:16 am

      thank you! they are random combinations but so good!

  • Trish March 9, 2012, 8:25 am

    My trainer sometimes throws a tabata workout at me – as many reps as possible for x number of seconds, rest, repeat for 8 rounds. Once when pushups were involved, my arms swelled and for a few days I had to use my opposite arm to hold my phone to my ear. For one of those days I spent a few hours with ice packs covering my arms.

    Once when I was staggering around with crossfit induced soreness my husband scoffed and said ‘what good is all this working out if you can’t do anything else?’

    I usually enjoy being sore, knowing that I have done my body some good, but when it gets to the point that I can’t really do much for a few days it is annoying. I am trying to pace myself better in those tabata workouts.

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 11:18 am

      trish – we program tabata style workouts for some of our classes and they are so intense. i am so sorry you were that sore – insane!!!

      i kind of agree that it is a little over the top when soreness makes it so that you can’t really function.

  • Rebekah March 9, 2012, 10:55 am

    I’ve been sore since my half (PR’d though, so WORTH IT!) last weekend and have been taking it easy to avoid injury. Lots of foam rolling, baby.

    New to your blog! Love it!

    • Jen March 9, 2012, 11:19 am

      congratulations on your PR!!! foam rolling is the best.

      thanks for checking out my blog and for commenting!

  • Kate March 9, 2012, 1:53 pm

    gah! i have been wanting to try cross fit….i’m such a wuss about changing up my workout routines.

  • Angie March 19, 2012, 10:03 pm

    I have been enjoying overnight oats, thank you for your recipe 🙂 Two questions for you: How do you cook your eggplant? and How do you cook your tofu? Thanks so much–Enjoy reading daily!!

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