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  • This Is How You Do A Monday


    Thanks for all the input on the paint. I realized that I was having a temporary bout of insanity when I considered painting the bedroom green. I don’t even like the color green. Why would I do that? Today has taken me in a whole new direction…currently considering Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray or Benjamin Moore [...]

  • Happy To Be Here


    Hello from Georgia! Sullie and I arrived at my grandmother’s house around 1 p.m. and she has been glued to Mema’s side ever since! Backing up…I made it out of bed around 6:45 this morning and promptly made breakfast and worked on some blog stuff. I have been on such a bagel kick lately. I [...]

  • Go Heavy!


    Happy Earth Day! I decided to join fellow blogger and BodyPump instructor Q (check out her fun blog) on her challenge to GO HEAVY on squat weights. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a second big plate for a couple of months now and tonight I decided to go for it! Luckily, it [...]