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  • So Much Worth Smiling For


    I finally came home from the beach today. I was originally supposed to return Tuesday. Then I stayed until Wednesday. Then Wednesday rolled around and I was still in my PJs working at 3 p.m. I decided it was a better plan to hit the beach for a few hours and have one last family dinner and then [...]

  • Late Visit To Lulu…After Wine…And the bright yellow pants that came home with me.


    Lately I’ve gotten into a really nice weekend groove where I’ve had plenty of time for running errands, farmers market trips, yoga practices and most importantly…being at home where I can get things done around the house, bake, cook and relax. There has been a ton of work done to my house and yard over [...]

  • Bald Head Island


    Hello from Bald Head Island! Bald Head Island is a barrier island located right off the North Carolina coast near Wilmington. It’s 5.8 square miles and they do not allow cars on the island – golf carts only. Sullie and I ferried over yesterday afternoon. It was Sullie’s first boat ride and she was so [...]

  • Sunsets


    My favorite time of day during our vacation in Jamaica was sunset. Unfortunately, the first day we arrived I missed sunset because I passed out cold on the beach in sheer exhaustion. But each day after that my favorite thing to do in the evenings was shower, change into comfy clothes and have a cocktail [...]