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  • Sunsets


    My favorite time of day during our vacation in Jamaica was sunset. Unfortunately, the first day we arrived I missed sunset because I passed out cold on the beach in sheer exhaustion. But each day after that my favorite thing to do in the evenings was shower, change into comfy clothes and have a cocktail [...]

  • Return to the Real World


    We’re home! Well, we are actually still in Atlanta at my parent’s house but at least we’ve made it back to the U.S. We started our trip home bright and early yesterday with a 6 a.m. wake up call for our 7 a.m. shuttle to the airport. It was about a 90 minute trip to [...]

  • Hi from Jamaica!!!


    Surprise! I’m popping in for a quick hello! Brandon and I knew that our resort offered free wifi before we came but agreed that I would not blog while we were here. We did come to a compromise that I would post one mid-week check in so here I am. :P So far our vacation [...]

  • PBR At Capacity


    I knew when I decided to commit to teacher training that my life was going to get even busier than it was before. I can honestly say that I have felt relatively in control of everything and still able to maintain my normal routine through the past two and a half months of training.  So [...]