Sweet Sullie + How Much Do You Value Yourself?

by isaac on September 19, 2014

Happy Friday!

Warning…this post is mostly going to consist of cute pictures of Sullie.


Exhibit 1.In her favorite “please rub my belly…look how cute I am…you know you want to” pose.


Exhibit 2. “I’m sorry I rolled in the mud. Please don’t give me a bath.”


Exhibit 3. “Why do you torture me like this mom?”

But she secretly loves it! :)


Exhibit 4: This is what Sullie thinks about 4:50 a.m. alarms. NO BUENO! (She requires an extra 3-4 hours of beauty rest before she deems it acceptable to start the day!)

Just for fun…


Let’s all buy this shirt. So fabulous. I love squats!

And ending on a serious note.


I’ve been talking about this thought in my yoga classes for the last couple of days. DEEP self-love, value and satisfaction must come first before we look to any other sources for happiness. So often we attach happiness to other people, careers, finances, etc. but we have to be 100% good with ourselves before these things can be truly fulfilling…or else there’s always that feeling that somethings missing. And you spend your life waiting for that thing. Alternatively, you spend your energy in negative space of doubt, fear, anxiety, judgement, comparison and negativity. When you’re in that head and heart space, there is no space for the good stuff to show up.

Value yourself. Love yourself. Speak to yourself kindly. Be gentle with your body. Fill up your heart with beautiful things. Nurture your spirit. Then all that amazing stuff that you want from life will come abundantly without having to force it.

I can’t wait to share another reading with you on the topic that I’ll be using in this weekend’s classes.

What do you value most about yourself? 


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