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Hi and happy Thursday! My day got off to a bit of an abrupt start when I woke up at 6:11 a.m. with the realization that my yoga class started at 6 a.m. My iPhone alarm was set…and going off…but not making any sound. WTF!? Luckily, one of my friends and fellow teachers was there so she covered for me. This is one of the worst things about teaching or training so early in the morning. It’s inevitable that something like this happens at least 1-2 times per year.

Since I was wide awake after that frantic start to the day, I got out of bed and got busy. I cleaned the house, did laundry and baked my friend a batch of granola to thank her for teaching for me.


I had a training client at the gym at 8 a.m. and got my day started and thankfully it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

A few random “loving lately” things to share with you.

This Indie Chill Spotify playlist.

I listen to music at my desk all day while I work and this playlist has been doing it for me today! So good.



One of my clients brought me these beautiful figs from her tree. They are insanely delicious. I put them on my salad at lunch yesterday, ate them for dessert last night, put them in my yogurt parfait for breakfast and had them with cheese and crackers for lunch. Can’t get enough!!!



Y’all…this girl. She’s almost 10 months old and has totally stolen my heart.


She’s so full of life and has such a sweet, adventurous and mischievous spirit!

Current favorites:

Barking. She loves to look out the window into the backyard or run outside into the yard and bark at things. My house backs up to woods so there’s a lot of wildlife for her to bark at. Sullie is NOT a barker so this is completely new for me. I’ve also discovered she’s afraid of the backyard at night and barks like a lunatic out there before quickly squatting and sprinting back inside.

Stealing. Today it was an apple out of my bag. I found her in the living room snacking away. You must watch the video on Instagram.

Sleeping under the bed. Zoey barely fits under the bed but she army crawls under there and will sleep there all night. I don’t know how it can possible be comfortable and it’s hysterical.

Sleeping under my desk.


This is how we work and I love it! The best company. One of the sweetest things about goldens is how much they want to be with you.

Destroying balls.


Remember how I shared that Zoey had this ball that she couldn’t live without? It went EVERYWHERE with her and we threw it to her at least 25 times a day. Well, she destroyed it. And then proceeded to destroy three more that we bought from her. (That were made by Kong!) So if anyone has suggestions for an indestructible ball, I’m all ears. Again, Sullie was never into destroying things so this is new territory.

Walks. I’ve been walking her a ton and she’s doing so good on the leash. It’s awesome. Next up will be running once she gets closer to a year in age. We can’t wait!



I posted this one on Instagram earlier this week and it was well loved by everyone.

“The comparison trap is real and based on fear and lack. There is enough beauty, opportunity and love for us all in this big world.”


Gotta love Melissa McCarthy. This quote couldn’t be more true.

You guys.


How can I thank you enough for all of your amazing NYC suggestions on the blog and Instagram? This time tomorrow I’ll be in the big city and we have enough recommendations for workouts, activities, things to see, places to eat, etc. to keep us there for months! Sadly, it will be three short days but we’re going to soak it up. I’m going to work on a post compiling all of the feedback I got because I think it would make for one AMAZING travel resource!

Have a great evening! What are you loving this week?


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