Labor Day Weekend in Photos

by Jen on September 1, 2014

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day Weekend. Mine was super low-key. I stayed here in Charlotte and managed a nice mix between productivity/work and relaxation/being social. The highlight of my weekend was being able to sleep in this morning until whenever I woke up without having to set an alarm to be somewhere. I turned my phone on airplane mode, turned on my sound machine app and passed out. I slept for 9 hours straight without waking up once. I felt like a new person this morning. In general I average 5-6 hours of sleep a night. While not ideal, I function well on it. I’ve never been one to need a solid 8 hours but that sleep last night was pretty amazing.

Also, thanks for the feedback on the weekly workouts. If you’re using them and they’re helping in any way, I will leave them be. I’m always open to feedback, questions and suggestions. Feedback is an important vehicle for growth as a teacher and a writer. Thank you all for reading! I write this blog for all of you and I want the content to be relevant and meaningful.

So here’s a quick look at Labor Day Weekend in photos.


I kicked it off on Thursday night with a “last dinner out” with a friend who’s due with her first this week. Sangria (for the non-pregnant), chips and guac!


Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter filling and marshmallow fluff buttercream. It tasted even BETTER than it sounds.


Sullie and I watched the Dawgs beat Clemson. SO EXCITED for Georgia football this year. Go Dawgs!


Saturday night sushi.


Sunday poolside with white fluffy clouds (and tequila).


Monday afternoon baking. This is my favorite brownie recipe of all time and I’ll share it with you soon.


I ended the weekend with a girl’s cookout. We decided to get really legit and abandon the gas grill in favor of charcoal. So much better! Who needs a guy to man the grill? ;)

What was the best thing you ate over Labor Day Weekend? As much as I love the brownies I baked, that cupcake wins.


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