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Hi and I hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend. I just got home from co-hosting a baby shower for a friend. I can’t wait to share all the details with you in Monday’s post but for now I’m going to recap last week’s meals. They were healthy, super simple and a little repetitive but very accessible and doable with a busy schedule. I hope that you get some inspiration from them to take into your week.


As I mentioned (whined about?) last week, it’s insanely hot and humid in Charlotte right now. Even at 7 a.m. you walk outside into a blanket of hot, humid air. The only breakfast that has sounded remotely appealing to me is a smoothie. I’ve been using coconut water instead of milk in my smoothies for the last month or so and it’s a great change for summer.

Exhibit B but with Cascadian Farm Cinnamon Crunch instead of granola because I ran out of granola. I’m not a cereal girl but this is hands-down my favorite cereal and it was delicious on top of a smoothie. I shared this on Instagram but if you missed it, here’s the recipe.

3 chunks of frozen banana
Handful each…frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, frozen cherries
1 pump SFH omega 3 oil
2 tablespoon collagen powder
Big spoonful peanut butter
Big handful of baby spinach
1 date
Coconut water (or milk of choice)
I also added dark chocolate cocoa powder a couple of mornings (you can see it makes the smoothie a little darker)


Kale and quinoa salad with avocado and leftover baked chicken thighs.

Baby spinach with canned wild Alaskan salmon, blueberries, tomatoes, dried cranberries, cucumbers, pistachios and avocado. Topped with tahini turmeric dressing and Be Runa garlic cayenne seed salt.

And again. The only change here is toasted pecans instead of pistachios. I also ate this same salad another day!

I ended the week with the most delicious tomato and avocado sandwich on homemade sourdough. I can’t even get over how tasty and flavorful the tomatoes are right now.


Dinner this week was all about chicken and veggies. Here’s steamed basmati rice, baked chicken thighs and roasted brussels sprouts. I cooked the chicken and brussels on the same pan at a temperature of 400. The chicken juices made the brussels sprouts extra yummy!

Monday night was sautéed Vidalia onions, zucchini and chicken sausage over baked parmesan polenta with sliced tomatoes. This was totally a “open the fridge and pantry and get creative” kind of dinner and it was surprisingly good!

Tuesday night was baked chicken thighs again but this time with roasted sweet potatoes and red cabbage. Again, all cooked at 400 on the same pan.

Dinner at Dorie’s for girl’s night. I cooked cilantro lime rice (<– obsessed with all things rice right now) and Dorie served a salad and rotisserie chicken breast. I also ate a ton of hummus and cheese and bagel chips.

And finally, Thursday night was another one pan baked chicken and veggies dinner. I took all the veggies I had in the fridge and chopped them up. I think we had carrots, parsnips, broccoli and kohlrabi in the mix. I plopped a chicken breast on top and baked it all together at 400. I swear, cooking the chicken with the veggies ups the deliciousness factor by about 100! Try it!

I am off to teach yoga and then to the gym. Enjoy your Sunday evening.

Favorite way to eat or cook chicken? 

What are you eating for breakfast this summer? 


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