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Hello. Today was operation “put on your big girl panties, stop procrastinating and get it done.” I tackled everything from finances to bills to taxes to thank you notes. Some of the things had been waking me up at night and looming over my head…it was time to do something about them!

And why is it that it’s never half as bad as you expect it to be? While I may or may not have shed a tear or two as I was reading my credit card number to pay off a medical bill, I wish I’d gotten this stuff off my plate sooner! I feel so much lighter and it wasn’t as painful as I thought, just tedious.

While I don’t feel super passionate about managing household expenses, I do feel passionate about the grocery shopping! :) Here is a peek into my (very full) shopping cart at Trader Joe’s this week.


Let’s start with the produce.

– Aurgula
– Cruciferous Crunch (must try this stuff…it’s good raw and cooked!)
– Baby portobellos
– Corn
– Sweet onions
– Peppers
– Heirloom cherry tomatoes
– Baby zucchini
– Avocados
– Carrots
– Baby Kale

The big bag of carrots and baby kale were purchased with hopes to start juicing again this week.


The fruits…

– Frozen figs (I use them in smoothies for those of you wondering)
– Lemons
– Bananas
– Plums
– Limes
– Pink Lady Apples
– Grapes
– Blueberries
– Nectarines


The meats…didn’t get to go to the market this week…boo

– Chicken breast
– Tofu
– Pork tenderloin


CHEESE!!! (I went a little crazy…I was starving when I was shopping!)

– Brie
– Fresh mozzarella
– Goat cheese
– White cheddar
– Gouda


Pantry items…

– Kalamata olives
– Coconut oil
– Olive oil spray
– Farro
– Peanut butter


Pretty things…

– Basil plant
– Watermelon
– Flowers

Grand total for all items pictured was $115.

Are you a procrastinator or a tackle it immediately kind of person?

Any new Trader Joe’s finds to share? I sampled some bacon flavored white cheddar popcorn in the store that was kind of ridiculous(ly good!)


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