A Saturday Survey…”Taking Stock”

by Jen on October 25, 2014

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday! My Saturdays are generally my “feel like a normal human” days. I teach yoga in the mornings and then do all the farmers market, house cleaning, working out, pampering, relaxing, friend kind of stuff.

My friend Terri shared a fun survey kind of post today so I thought I’d play along since I usually keep Saturday blog posts on the light side if I don’t take the day off from blogging.

Making: plans for yoga workshops I’ll be leading in the the next few months (I can’t believe 2015 is right around the corner)
Cooking: lots of fall roasted veggies. This week was beets, broccoli, carrots/parsnips/mushrooms and right now I have sweet potatoes in the oven.
Drinking: coffee, green smoothies, water and hot tea…the usual!
Reading: Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map. I loved The Fire Starter Sessions and reading The Desire Map at night before bed has been ah-mazing.

Wanting: to try Kalettes. I just saw this in Shape magazine today. What is it!? Has anyone tried it?
Looking: for connection.
Playing: NOT safe and getting out of my comfort zone.

Wasting: time watching Scandal. I just watched the episode “Like Father,  Like Daughter” episode last night and OMG! Olivia’s face here is kind of how I felt about it!
Sewing: seriously? No…there is no sewing happening here.
Wishing: I had a crystal ball…but loving the journey! :)
Enjoying: the amazing fall weather we’re having in Charlotte. It’s been an unbelievable fall.
Waiting: to put on my Uggs for the first time. I’m holding out as long as I can!

Liking: my new cut and color. It had been five months and it was long overdue! I feel like a new woman. I know you can’t really tell but I kept it long and added a lot of layers up front so I actually feel like I have some style.
Wondering: if I can pull off getting my 500-hour yoga teacher training certification in the next year. It would be seriously incredible if I could.

Loving: this song…and many others. I’ll post a playlist in the next couple of days. I downloaded tons of good new music this weekend.
Hoping: that my half marathon goes well. It’s less than three weeks away. It will be my first half in four years!
Marveling: over my bodies ability to run as happy and healthy as I have during this training cycle.


Needing: to practice more yoga. It’s my winter goal post-half marathon. I’d love to get back to daily practice.
Smelling: my house smells like fall and vanilla thanks to candles and Bath and Body Works Wallflowers.
Wearing: scarves. I don’t love cold weather but I do love a cozy scarf. I rarely take them off.

Following: my intuition and heart…which isn’t always the easiest thing to do even when it’s the right thing.
Noticing: how much better I feel since I’ve been getting in bed earlier and focusing on more rest.
Knowing: that’ I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.
Thinking: about how lucky I am to have such amazing friends and a great support system here in Charlotte.
Feeling: so freaking sore from the squat workout I did on Thursday. I am dying.
Bookmarking: pages in The Desire Map. Seriously y’all. It’s good.
Opening: a bag of pumpkin seed tortilla chips from ALDI. They even have a hint of cinnamon in them. Salty and slightly sweet. Yum!

Giggling: over this. Oh Pinterest.

Okay, your turn. Answer one, answer five, answer them all. Play along!


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