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  • Spinach, Mushroom and Black Bean Enchiladas


    September brings the arrival of so many fall things…apples, pumpkin, crisp mornings, changing leaves and FOOTBALL! I am a Georgia girl and one thing we don’t mess around with is our football! I spent every Friday night cheering on the field at home and away with my high school team. When I went off to [...]

  • Recent Eats: Lunch Bowls, Lots of Mexican, Pizza & Ranch


    Hi and happy Tuesday! It’s the most beautiful morning here in Charlotte. It’s 73 degrees, sunny and the humidity is low. It was like this yesterday too and I went for an awesome four mile sunset run to soak it all up…before it’s 97 degrees again on Friday. This is how we roll in the [...]

  • The Best Homemade Chicken Enchiladas


    The Best Homemade Chicken Enchiladas. Say goodbye to canned enchilada sauce and get ready to experience a whole new level of taste and flavor with homemade Mexican cuisine.! I have a chicken enchilada recipe for you that will change your life for the better. I first started making this recipe about five years ago after [...]

  • Saturday Stuff + Trader Joe’s Haul


    Some people in this house are having very productive Saturdays…early yoga, errands, grocery shopping, house cleaning and major reorganization. And then there are others who prefer to spend Saturday lying down and watching others work. I’m slightly jealous. ;) (Side note, I just had to re-educate myself on lay v. lie. :oops:) Let’s back up [...]

  • Avocado Overload


    Yesterday was a great day. Around 9 a.m. UPS delivered a big heavy box to my doorstep. I opened it to discover more avocados than I know what to do with. Heaven! Chiquita is moving their global headquarters to Charlotte and I am lucky enough to have blog reader in the Chiquita Avocados division. Last [...]

  • I’m At The Beach


    I’m at the beach! It feels so good to see the water. I haven’t been to a beach since late last summer and I think that may be a record for me…far too long! I’m in Hilton Head, South Carolina but not for a relaxing weekend of lounging beachside with drink in hand. Quite the [...]

  • Shaking


    I am happy to be sitting down right now. It’s 8 a.m. and I’ve already done 150 dead lifts and 150 pushups. I was shaking after the workout. Ashley, Shannon and Elizabeth from Lululemon joined me bright and early at Metro to do the CrossFit workout of the day. It was 10 rounds of 15 [...]

  • Construction Zone


    Well, things haven’t improved over here on the messy front…in fact, I think they’ve gotten worse! Our bedroom has now also fallen victim to furniture construction. :shock: (But check out the nightstands that went in last night – looking good!) So Brandon is in the midst of furniture making, night two and things have only [...]

  • Mexican Quinoa


    You request, I listen! Here is the recipe for the Mexican Quinoa. I think it’s apparent that quinoa is one of my new favorites. I discovered it during my 68 Days of Gourmet project on Bakin’ and Eggs. This recipe is responsible for the start of my obsession. I touched on the health benefits in [...]

  • Embracing the Taper


    Well, it’s been a long road but I’ve finally reached the point in marathon training that I’ve been working for the last 14 weeks – TAPER TIME. And as to be expected, I’m only two days into the taper and already losing my mind. Can’t I just squeeze one more long run in? Why can’t [...]

  • Down Dog Tired


    A little over 24 hours later – including 4.5 hours of yoga – and I’m back. I survived yoga bootcamp and even went back for more today. Yoga bootcamp was an awesome experience – as expected. There were 13 of us in the class. Celeste and Tanner lined us up in one long line and [...]