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  • What You’ll Find on My iPhone


    My iPhone is home to nearly 6,000 photos. You’ll find tons of dog pics, screen shots of things I found funny or wanted to remember, food, yoga and more. I recently upgraded my iPhone and got the phone with the most amount of storage possible because I used to live my life constantly having to [...]

  • Putting Down the iPhone


    If you haven’t read Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly, you are missing out. It was hands down THE most influential book that I read in 2013…to the point where it has created changes in my behavior in several aspects of my life. It’s all about embracing vulnerability and imperfection and living wholeheartedly in a world [...]

  • Weekend Part 1: iPhones & Handstands


    Hi there. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Here is a look at the first part of mine in photos. Somehow I lasted until 4 p.m. with NO COFFEE on Friday. I deserve a medal. I swung by Starbucks on my way to run errands and treated myself to a soy latte. First holiday cup [...]

  • Baby I Like It


    It only seems right to bring in the weekend with a post title courtesey of Enrique Iglesias. Haha. Although every time I hear that song it puts me in BodyPump mode because it’s a triceps track. I just want to yell out “singles.” Okay, so let’s actually discuss the relevancy of the title. This post [...]

  • Top Five


    Rather than try to update you on every single thing that’s happened the last couple of days, I think I’ll take the approach of giving you the top five highlights. Sound like a plan? 5. Leftovers for dinner…from an Italian family recipe! The last thing I felt like doing when I got home tonight was [...]