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ben & jerrys

  • Impulse Buys


    I have been pretty worthless today. I slept really late, ate a lot of sweets and blew off working out. It was perfect…and needed! I had a really low-key weekend, highlights being subbing some yoga classes, cleaning and moving furniture and restocking on the food front. I showed you my farmers market finds yesterday. Today [...]

  • Free Cone Day!


    Guess what today was? Free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s! Wahoo! Guess who went through the line twice? Round one was a scoop of Strawberry Cheesecake and round two was the most amazing peanut butter ice cream called “What A Cluster” – Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Caramel Cluster Pieces, Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Swirls. [...]