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  • Face Matters: Part Three – Beating Acne and My New Skincare Routine


    I received a request recently for an update on my skin. I first blogged about my skin struggles a little over two years ago. I was dealing with frequent acne flairs worse than I had ever experienced in my life. For some back story check out this post and I blogged about the amazing feedback/suggestions [...]

  • Face Matters: Part Two


    I am completely overwhelmed by your comments, advice and sympathy on last night’s post about dealing with skin issues. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a smart and supportive network of women. I have a lot to research and consider after reading all of your comments. There were so many helpful [...]

  • Face Matters


    Hi guys! How is your week going? I said this last week but it’s happening again…my week is flying by. I am really busy at work right now and have a ton of teaching commitments this week due to subbing. I’m not complaining though, it’s wonderful! Shocker…I did not get up for my Tuesday morning [...]