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  • Homemade Sourdough Bread: Must-Have and Nice-To-Have Tools


    In preparation for my upcoming sourdough bread tutorial (yes, it’s really happening and it’s going to be one epic post), I wanted to write a separate post about what you need to have on hand to successfully bake sourdough. This way, when I post the tutorial and you think, “I have got to make that [...]

  • Laundry Made Easier for Fitness Lovers + AMAZING LG Giveaway!


    I think I can safely say that my readers are a community of heavy laundry doers. Whether you like to work out and are always washing sweaty clothes or you have children (which from what I can tell takes laundry to a whole new level) or both (hats off to you!), laundry seems like a [...]

  • How I’m Enjoying More Mornings and Evenings Outside This Summer


    There are two types of people in this world. Those who can enjoy outdoor summer activities without getting a single mosquito bite and those who can’t walk outside without becoming a feast for mosquitoes. Unfortunately, I fall into the second camp. Tanner can be outside for hours doing yard work without getting a single bite while [...]

  • Life + Loving Lately…Party Edition (with a giveaway!)


    Hellllooo! It’s 72 degrees in Charlotte…on December 15…and it’s AMAZING. I mean, it’s a little weird to be getting ready for Christmas in flip flops and tank tops but I’ll take it. Apparently, we can thank a strong El Nino year for the 60 and 70 degree days that we’ve been enjoying all month. My [...]

  • My Kitchen Remodel + A Kitchen Tour


    This post has been a long time coming! I recently completed a six-month kitchen renovation project and survived to share the finished product with you! Let’s start with a picture of my pretty new kitchen before I get into details on everything. Some backstory…I purchased my home in 2010 under the first-time home buyers program. [...]

  • Adventures in Kitchen Renovations


    Good morning! I’m kind of about to lose my mind. Home ownership is testing the limits of my patience (and checkbook) right now. Seriously. My living room still looks like this. It’s been a month now. To say that this doesn’t feel very feng shui would be an understatement. Walking in my door every day [...]

  • Creating A Sanctuary at Home (In Progress)


    Remember how my living room looked like this a couple of weeks ago? Well, it still does. I have been living with the contents of my cabinets on the living room floor. To say that cooking has been a challenge would be an understatement but I’ve managed to make the best of it (along with [...]

  • Recent Eats & Renovations


    Good morning. First, this. The light of my life. Second, this. That would be my gutters, removed from the house, sitting in my front yard. What began as a small repair project has morphed into a whole new ball game. And what began with just replacing my kitchen counter tops has morphed into exterior work, [...]

  • A Surprise Weekend Visitor


    Happy weekend everyone! I was absolutely thrilled to learn that I was getting a surprise weekend visitor from Florida! My mom!!! She booked a last minute flight to spend my birthday weekend with me (it’s Monday) and I’m SO happy to have her here! She hasn’t visited Charlotte since I bought my house almost 5 [...]

  • Purge Part 2 + Rooster’s Reward Dinner


    I can’t say that this was a fun weekend but it was necessary. Other than a work happy hour on Friday, I had zero social engagements to distract me from the great purge of 2014. I fully own that I had a mini-meltdown last night while I was standing in the middle of the bedroom [...]

  • Scenes from the Purge


    Let me sum up my Saturday in one photo. I have been putting off a massive purge for months and it’s finally happening this weekend. My guest bedroom has been one of those, “keep the door closed and pretend like it’s not a disaster in there” kind of situations that was really hanging over me. [...]

  • Weekend Part One: My first home office, baking and workouts.


    Well, I didn’t get lost in the  madness that is Ikea. Actually, I totally recommend Friday night as an ideal time to visit Ikea. It was the least crazy I have ever seen the store. I did come home with a shiny new desk and chair and I have my first real home office ever! [...]

  • The time I fell in love with pressure washing + Hotshots 19 Workout


    Things have been a little crazy the past few days. The great home improvement mission has continued in full force. Things got really serious late Monday afternoon when I discovered the joys of pressure washing. Once I started I couldn’t stop. It’s one of those instantly gratifying things. I pressure washed my back patio for [...]

  • Jello Legs


    I’m currently stretched out on the couch with jello legs. Which I personally think is a great feeling. ;) My workout this afternoon put me in this state. I ran three hilly miles outside and then came in the gym to do a strength circuit involving 60 barbell back squats at 75 pounds…thus the jello [...]

  • Taking the Bitter with the Sweet


    I was talking to my sweet grandmother a few weeks ago and telling her all the things that I had going on. There might have been a bit of whining involved and I loved it when she totally called me out and said, “you have to take the bitter with the sweet.” So for the [...]

  • A Workout To Warm You Up


    Watch out. Apparently, snow is imminent. What our local weather celeb says is pretty much considered word of god around here and he’s on board with the snow forecast. I believe this because all of my friends in Alabama are posting snow pictures on Facebook. When it actually snow in Birmingham, there’s a good chance that [...]