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  • Life Lately: Recent Eats, Winners & Upcoming Events


    I hope it’s been a great Tuesday for everyone! This week is equal parts flying by and going slow…I feel like it should be Thursday because of how much I’ve already packed in. I’m taking it all in stride though. I have really improved my ability to give myself a break when I feel like [...]

  • Friday Career Thoughts + Blogiversary Giveaway Winners


    Good morning. I woke up early to get a few quiet moments in before my day starts. I just had a coconut water green smoothie a lemon chia seed muffin and now I’m drinking a cup of dandelion tea. Overall, I’m feeling good but there is a lot happening right now. The final draft of my [...]

  • Fired Up Squat + Upper Body Workout


    Welcome to Friday…the fired up edition! What am I so fired up about? First, squats! I LOVE SQUATS! My clients know they most likely won’t get through a workout with me without doing some type of squats and push ups. They are two of my favorite movements ever due to all of their awesome benefits. [...]

  • Weekend & Winners


    My weekend was nothing too exciting but perfect for me. I’ll give you one guess what the theme of it was… Yep, yoga. I am assisting with 200-hour teacher training this winter/spring and we had a teacher training weekend scheduled. (They complete the 200 hours over the course of eight weekends and assisting/observation work done [...]

  • Party Weekend + Winners


    Hi! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Today I want to share some weekend photos with you and then announce the winners of my most recent giveaway. Saturday night we had our holiday staff party for Y2 Yoga. I spent half the day at the mall making returns and checking out the after holiday [...]