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yoga practice

  • The Practice and How It’s Changed Me: International Yoga Day


    Guess what!? Today is the official International Day of Yoga and as I told my yoga class this morning, it’s not just one of those random “National Pancake/Ice Cream/Talk Like A Pirate/Cheese” days. (If you really want a good laugh, check out the National Day Calendar for June. Apparently, today is also National Handshake Day.) The United [...]

  • Practice Brings Change


    One of the things that I say over and over again in my yoga classes is that the practice of yoga is a journey. It’s about meeting yourself on your mat practice after practice and facing whatever is going on in your body, in your head and in your heart…becoming more aware of how you feel [...]

  • The Practice of Love


    I was having a discussion with someone last night about teaching yoga and explaining that when I teach I feel the most authentically myself. I have a tendency to detach and not to open up in my day-to-day life, even with some of my closest friends but I can sit down in front of a [...]

  • Going Through The Motions v. Being Really In It


    A few things to share… – My heart breaks for those facing devastation and loss in Oklahoma. Have you seen this touching live interview where a woman is reunited with her dog? – I updated the Workouts + Yoga page. So excited to continue to add to this. Maybe one day I can find a [...]